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  1. The California Guidelines for restarting production are supposed to be released on Monday (Memorial day)
  2. This is already being discussed in another thread under the Recording Direct to the computer Channel. See the thread "Amazing Nvidia RTX Voice noise reduction"
  3. I don't think it is going to replace technicians. They still need a sound mixer on set to handle the recording and management of files and mics and making sure the dialog is recorded. But look at it as a great boon. It may finally be the thing that keeps the Production Mixer from being the least respected person on the set. Just think you will no longer be reviled for having to say "Lets hold for the plane" or "I'm sorry those stilleto heels are ruining the track you will have to take them off". Or "Sorry there was some clothing noise on that line we have to do another one" or "I'm sorry we have to move craft service off the stage I can hear the refrigerator and coffee machine". or "I'm sorry the off-camera lines overlaped the star's close up". or "Is there anything we can wrap around the camera I can still hear the fan". So we can continue on to the next take with the confidence that all these things can be easily fixed in post or even in processing for dailies making us sound like the new hero's on the set.
  4. This particular software tool from Nvidia is just a reference example Beta to show what it can do. The API will be available for other software developers to use the technology for their specific software tools. This is only the bleeding edge of this technology. I'm sure we will see more sophisticated tools in the near future.
  5. Have you been living in a cave? Computers have been updating themselves and even checking programs installed before doing so for the last 5 years. All Macs and Windows 10 computers connected to the internet automatically apply updates every week or month. As do most of your connected appliances. Andrew, you seem to be assuming that Primetime TV and feature films do not have talented sound effects and dialogue editors working on them. Almost every commercial TV production or Feature production has dialog editors that clip out or noise-gate all the inappropriate background noise between lines and replace it with a consistent BG track or ambiance track that covers the edits in the scene. This tool will be useful for doing what they previously had to do with ADR and that is removing the annoying background noise from behind the actors lines while they are speaking. This should allow the laid in consistent background effects to be less obvious.
  6. Well I think what is doing is amazing and the quality of the recorded demos sound quite acceptable when you consider the INTENSE background noise like Sirens and Vacuum cleaners and even shouting children within a few feet of the mic.. And it is doing it in REAL TIME only with only a few milliseconds of delay.Imagine what a post workstation plug-in could do with 2 AI passes in non real time.
  7. Has anybody seen these demos of the NVidia RTX Voice AI noise reduction App? It seems to be a game changer for eliminating all types of background noise from a Microphone input. Sorry all you Mac fanatics, it currently needs an NVidia RTX video card and Windows 10 to work. It is in beta and free right now but check out these video demos.
  8. If you are wearing your respirator mask like you are supposed to it will now not be a problem right?😁
  9. When the Governor and local Mayors do authorize some type of lessening of the lock-down, the Entertainment and Film and TV production will have to drastically change. Imagine if just 1 of the actors in a sitcom or movie test positive the whole crew and cast has to go back into quarantine for at least 2 to 3 weeks. And insurance is not likely to cover work interruption from COVID-19. There is a good article here from Deadline about what may be necessary to re-start production https://deadline.com/2020/04/how-hollywood-reopens-coronavirus-shutdown-production-insurance-actors-crews-1202908471/ Time to look at early retirement. I did it 2 years ago. Most of you on this forum are not that lucky.
  10. RIP Mr. Daviau, I had the opportunity to work with Allen many times on high-profile commercials, music videos and while doing the BTS and second unit sound on "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" in the 80s and 90s. He was always the gentleman and never put his own ego above the craft. He was a perfectionist and would always fight for the time and money to do things right. I had many enlightening discussions with Allen where we were both interested in new technology and the upcoming transition to the digital age of photography and sound. He was always co-operative and would always do what he could to help out sound in the more challenging setups. He was always willing to share his talent and extensive knowledge with students and fledgling cinematographers. We will all miss him.
  11. I've finished my tax prep and sent it off to my Accountant who is working from home. Now I am working my way through 4.5 Billion DIY videos on YouTube. I'm now thinking on taking up Yak Shaving. 22 down and 4.498768 Billion to go. I wonder if I'll hit the Data Cap on my Spectrum Cable Internet.
  12. You know when I retired 4 years ago I took a few years to do the things I always wanted to do. With those things out of the way, I really started missing the work environment. Now I am totally bored. But now that we are all locked up in our homes and ALL out of work (Mostly). Everyone gets to feel what it is like to be retired and living lack-of-paycheck to lack-of-paycheck. Thank goodness for Social Security and meager Union Pension... What are all of you doing to entertain yourselves during this un-scheduled mandatory hiatus from work? And what have you come up with to make some cash on the side while restricted to our homes? All I am missing is the ankle bracelet.
  13. cmgoodin

    Jay Rose

    Truly sad news. I have always appreciated Jay's insights and vast knowledge when it came to Sound and Video engineering. I have been following his columns and various print pieces for decades. Sorry to hear of his sudden passing. We will all miss his frequent contributions to this site..
  14. Here is where to look on any official Cancellation of the show. Things are changing rapidly and Covid -19 Cases have been reported in Las Vegas. Today https://nabshow.com/2020/attend/onsite-services/coronavirus-update-and-resources/ SXSW show in Austin Just pulled the plug and cancelled the whole shebang. That's $300 Million down the tubes for that city. And the show was supposed to start Monday.
  15. I used to pick up electronic parts at the Radio Shack across the street on Fairfax (Now closed) and occasionally see Rock stars stumbling out in the morning after all night recording sessions. I knew where it was because I had done a few commercial recording sessions there. but if you didn't know what is was you would never had guessed there was a world class recording studio there. This is what it looks like now. They built an Apartments above and next to it. https://goo.gl/maps/Vth2xAcX7rW1x8zT7
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