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  1. When I started in TV in the mid 60s we always used an Electro Voice EV 642 shotgun on the Fisher and Mole Richardson Prembulator booms for most dialog pickup. They sounded great and even won an Academy award. These had a good reach and eliminated a lot of unwanted noise from the humming lights overhead. http://www.coutant.org/data/642.pdf
  2. I don't think there are many "Mini" recorders with 48 v phantom and XLR. Since most run off a couple of Penlight batteries the Up voltage conversion to 48v would make the battery life abysmal. If you are on a budget the Zoom F6 is a quality 32 bit Float recorder with 6 XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom and three ways to power them. They are not "Mini" but they can be mounted under a DSLR Camera on a tripod head and run a long time on Sony N950 LIon Batt with Internal penlights for automatic switchover. The penlight battery adaptor on the Mix Pre 3 will only last an hour o
  3. I've switched over to the TS-100. It looks puny but heats up fast and can flow solder on the biggest Gauge wire on XLR pins Very accurate temperature settings and can work off of 12V in a pinch. (Fastest at 24v DC). The dynamic digital temperature control built into the handle and the heating element and thermocouple at the very tip means it can tell when the item you are soldering is absorbing all the heat and applies more voltage to keep the tip at the desired temp. Accelerameter detects when you pick it up and set it down to go into standby or cool down mode. http
  4. Unfortunately the Pandemic has forced everyone to learn how to become experts at Skype, Zoom and other types of Video and Audio capture devices just to attend work meetings or remote school sessions. These streaming platforms can do quite an adequate job of acquiring broadcast "acceptable" audio and video. Also broadcast standards have dipped to allow cell phone captured video to be the major source of "breaking News" source material. Since almost everyone out in public now has the equivalent of an HD camcorder including digital audio in their hands ready to capture any event at a moments
  5. Thanks for the check-in NPZ. I haven't heard of any features or TV shows starting back up in Hollywood proper. Perhaps they are operating on the Down Low. When you say Crew of 3 or 4 I assume you are referring to your Sound Crew and not the total crew. It would be easy to slip under the radar with a total crew of 4 but only shows like Michael Moore documentary crews can get by with that small a crew. And with new record infections showing up today and rates trending upward, I am afraid we are headed back into complete lockdown.
  6. If you don't want to have your mics and cables smell like the floor of your local bar, I have been using Glissen Nu-Foamacide to disinfect equipment and cases. It is EPA registered to disinfect for COVID-19 and other RNA Viruses. It has a very light non-chemical scent and comes in a concentrate that is diluted in water . 1 Oz of Nu-Foamacide makes 36 Oz of disinfectant. Safe for Food surfaces etc. Got mine from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Glissen-Chemical-Nu-Foamicide-Disinfectant-Food-Contact/dp/B086339RQS
  7. Los Angeles County is officially now able to resume Film and TV Production. As long as they adhere to the guidelines put forth by the Health Dept. https://covid19.lacounty.gov/wp-content/uploads/HOO-Appendix-J-Reopening-Protocol-for-Music-Television-and-Film-Production.pdf Each worker will receive this checklist/instruction booklet to inform them of what their responsibilities are. Has anyone on this forum gotten a call back to work? Just wondering how fast any type of Studio production will resume considering COVID-19 infections are still rising and at an all
  8. Yeah, If productions follow all the rules laid out I can see that budgets will have to be modified to extend production to about 2 times the number of days used previously. Also while they are trying to minimize contact between humans, they are calling for a lot more work with all the sanitizing and isolation (crew distancing) which may require extensive additions to staffing requirements. Sound crews that use to have to fight for the 3rd person may have to employ 2 or 3 utility positions just to keep serial interaction between humans limited. (I.E. if you have to sanitize or wash your ha
  9. No, the 3 or later 2, mics were summed and fed to Press Box distro amps for the Media Pool Feeds. This has been done since the mid 60s. White house communications did this to prevent the forest of individual mics by all the media. And to provide backup in case there was a mic failure. That almost never happened since these mics are dynamic and have no power requirements or active components and the only failures came from broken cables or Rain damage. There are many manufacturers of Press Boxes now but Opamp Labs had been making them since the late 60s https://www.opampla
  10. A consortium of Studios and Producers Guilds and Unions have come up with a Covid 19 white paper for on set safety for the resumption of Film and Video Production. See Below: IWLMSC_Task_Force_White_Paper_6-1-20.pdf
  11. You know in the past (1982) they used to use 3 Shure SM57s in windscreens on the Presidential Lecturn (See Picture Below) Now they are down to 1. Is it budget cuts or are they just now comfortable that these dynamic mics never fail.
  12. White House Communications has been using Shure SM56 or SM57s with the A2WS foam windscreen for decades. It's ther Go-To mic. Only the Blowhard in front changes.
  13. Yeah Jim, I think you are right it was an EV Cardioid RE15. When you look at a better picture you can see the cardioid vent holes on side of the mic head that the 635A omni did not have. Looks like an EV 307 Spyder shockmount Here is a better picture with Mohamad Ali
  14. Looks a bit like an EV 635A Dynamic Cardioid. Can't see the shockmount though. Cavett used those on stands before they went to articulated booms. Probably the long-handle version of the 635A in a EV Spyder shockmount.. -----Courtney
  15. The California Guidelines for restarting production are supposed to be released on Monday (Memorial day)
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