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  1. On 12/17/2020 at 3:37 PM, Vincent R. said:

    Technically no real issues (Garageband  and other apps for phones are not new), I think it boils down to "dedication" of the hardware. The processor in the phone vs a recorder is about the same, if not, better in the phone. But FPGAs and (arm) processors in dedicated devices/recorders are tailor made for doing specific tasks very good, whilst a phone has to reserve things for other tasks as well. 
    Your phone is just a computer, so it comes down that the bottleneck the software/Operating system. TC could be solved with one audio input of an interface dedicated to LTC (and again, software that picks that up correctly, writes it to meta data, etc). 


    I would avoid feeding any LTC into an analog stereo Mic Preamp especially if you are sending mic level signals in the other inputs.  LTC time code is around 1 V and is a lot of square waves that have a tendency to crosstalk into other high gain preamps.  For less than the price of even a cheap Android phone you can buy a dedicated Digital Recorder that has pretty good balanced input mic preamps and supports broadcast wave files and will not be interrupted by incoming phone calls or multitasking operations on your phone like checking email and acquiring and maintaining a  cell signal.  Plus removable media is important.  What do you do when your phone's memory is full?  You have to copy the files off over USB or wifi network and then erase the original before you can record again. Meaning you won't have backups unless you make 2 copies.

  2. Well there was bad news today as Arclight cinemas and Pacific Theatre Group announced they would not be re-opening any of their theaters.

    This is the chain that runs the historic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood and several multiplexes in Los Angeles and other large cities.  These theatres were all luxury cinemas that had been charging premium rates for films and refreshments.  If they could not make it with their high ticket prices it doesn't bode well for those that worked on an even smaller profit margin.  So the chance to experience the latest Blockbuster in Full Dolby Atmos sound will be harder and harder to come by.  Maybe some Hedge fund company will swoop in and buy up the assets and re-open the theatres but I'm not holding my breath.  


  3. I don't think there are many "Mini" recorders with 48 v phantom and XLR.  Since most run off a couple of Penlight batteries

    the Up voltage conversion to 48v would make the battery life abysmal.  If you are on a budget the Zoom F6 is a quality 32 bit Float recorder

    with 6 XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom and three ways to power them. They are not "Mini" but they can be mounted under a DSLR Camera on a tripod head

    and run a long time on Sony N950 LIon Batt with Internal penlights for automatic switchover.   The penlight battery adaptor on the Mix Pre 3 will only

    last an hour or less.  The zoom has dual stage quiet Mic preamps and true 32bit float recording, an accurate internal Time Code generator and even

    Automix and limiters and buffer record.


    https://www.guitarcenter.com/Zoom/F6-Multitrack-Field-Recorder-1500000284478.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXML&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ADL] [GC] [LIA] [Curbside Pickup] - (Pro Audio - Recording Gear - Other) - {LQ}&utm_term=4578091576083952&utm_content=[LIA] Pro Audio - Recording Gear - Other (GC)&adlclid=ADL-daf8797b-ed6c-4b1b-ab19-570ec383877a

  4. I've switched over to the TS-100.  It looks puny but heats up fast and can flow solder on the biggest Gauge wire on XLR pins

    Very accurate temperature settings and can work off of 12V in a pinch. (Fastest at 24v DC).

    The dynamic digital temperature control built into the handle and the heating element and thermocouple at the very tip means

    it can tell when the item you are soldering is absorbing all the heat and applies more voltage to keep

    the tip at the desired temp.  Accelerameter detects when you pick it up and set it down to go into standby or cool down mode.



    Really great for the portable tool kit.





  5. Unfortunately the Pandemic has forced everyone to learn how to become experts at Skype, Zoom and other types of Video and Audio capture devices just to attend work meetings or remote school sessions.  These streaming platforms can do quite an adequate job of acquiring broadcast "acceptable" audio and video.  Also broadcast standards have dipped  to allow cell phone captured video to be the major source of "breaking News"  source material.  Since almost everyone out in public now has the equivalent of an HD camcorder including digital audio in their hands ready to capture any event at a moments notice, the need for an AV professional to be dispatched to a news story or to capture an interview has been reduced dramatically.

  6. 7 hours ago, NPZ said:

    Been working all month on, from what I understand to be one of only a few features approved to film — Lots of sanitizer masks and distance. All day-players tested before arriving and receiving a phone call for a follow up interview of compliance.
    Location in remote area with no confirmed cases. Crew of 3 or 4. 

    Thanks for the check-in NPZ.   I haven't heard of any features or TV shows starting back up in Hollywood proper. Perhaps they are operating on the Down Low.

    When you say Crew of 3 or 4 I assume you are referring to your Sound Crew and not the total crew.   It would be easy to slip under the radar with a total crew of 4 but only shows like Michael Moore documentary crews can get by with that small a crew.  And with new record infections showing up today and rates trending upward, I am afraid we are headed back into complete lockdown.

  7. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:


    Today I Learned:

    I need to buy stronger Vodka!

    If you don't want to have your mics and cables smell like the floor of your local bar,  I have been using Glissen Nu-Foamacide to disinfect equipment and cases.

    It is EPA registered to disinfect for COVID-19 and other RNA Viruses.  It has a very light non-chemical scent and comes in a concentrate

    that is diluted in water .  1 Oz of Nu-Foamacide makes 36 Oz of disinfectant.  Safe for Food surfaces etc.  Got mine from Amazon.



  8. Los Angeles County is officially now able to resume Film and TV Production.   As long as they adhere to the guidelines put forth by the Health Dept.



    Each worker will receive this checklist/instruction booklet to inform them of what their responsibilities are.


    Has anyone on this forum gotten a call back to work?   Just wondering how fast any type of Studio production will resume considering COVID-19 infections are still rising and at an all time high in Los Angeles County...  I understand Atlanta has already approved restarting in Georgia.



  9. On 6/8/2020 at 7:07 AM, Jeff Wexler said:

    Wow!! I read almost the whole document  ---  incredible amount of work went into this. If even half of these guidelines are put into practice, everything that we have been doing on sets will be dramatically affected. Many of the guidelines I believe will be impossible to implement. We're in for a wild ride I think when we cget back to work (well, not me actually since I'm, retired).

    Yeah,  If productions follow all the rules laid out I can see that budgets will have to be modified to extend production to about 2 times the number of days used previously.  Also while they are trying to minimize contact between humans,  they are calling for a lot more work with all the sanitizing and isolation (crew distancing) which may require extensive additions to staffing requirements.  Sound crews that use to have to fight for the 3rd person may have to employ 2 or 3 utility positions just to keep serial interaction between humans limited.  (I.E. if you have to sanitize or wash your hands between each contact with talent and change masks after you touch them to eat or drink you may have to double up on crew otherwise the productivity will drop by a large percentage. By the time you  get everyone wired it will be lunch.  They are also calling for shorter days which seems like it would not be possible especially shooting on location where you may not have access 24//7 and the sanitizing crew will have to work over the set before anyone gets there and starts work.


  10. 3 hours ago, EmRR said:


    It may have to do with the requirements of the press splits.  

    No, the 3 or later 2, mics were summed and fed to Press Box distro amps for the Media Pool Feeds.

    This has been done since the mid 60s.  White house communications did this to prevent the forest of individual mics by all the media.

    And to provide backup in case there was a mic failure.  That almost never happened since these mics are dynamic and have no power requirements or active components and the only failures came from broken cables or Rain damage.

    There are many manufacturers of Press Boxes now but Opamp Labs had been making them since the late 60s



  11. On 6/5/2020 at 2:05 PM, BAB414 said:

    What mic is this?


    Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.54.47 PM.png



    You know in the past (1982) they used to use 3 Shure SM57s in windscreens on the Presidential Lecturn (See Picture Below)  Now they are down to 1.

    Is it budget cuts or are they just now comfortable that these dynamic mics never fail.

    President Reagan's Press Briefing in the Rose Garden on May 6 ...

  12. 1 hour ago, Jim Rillie said:

    Maybe EV  cardioid RE15s/?  More reach than a 635, which was often used much closer than those overheads.

    Yeah Jim,

    I think you are right it was an EV Cardioid RE15.  When you look at a better picture you can see the cardioid vent holes on side

    of the mic head that the 635A omni did not have.  Looks like an EV 307 Spyder shockmount


    Here is a better picture with Mohamad Ali 





  13. 19 hours ago, Olle Sjostrom said:

    Let's hope! New tools are fun! But I still don't think it's gonna replace technicians.

    I don't think it is going to replace technicians.   They still need a sound mixer on set to handle 

    the recording and management of files and mics and making sure the dialog is recorded.     But look at it as a great boon.

    It may finally be the thing that keeps the Production Mixer from being the least respected person on the set.

    Just think you will no longer be reviled for having to say "Lets hold for the plane"  or "I'm sorry those stilleto heels

    are ruining the track you will have to take them off".   Or "Sorry there was some clothing noise on that line we have to do another one"  or 

    "I'm sorry we have to move craft service off the stage I can hear the refrigerator and coffee machine". or "I'm sorry the off-camera lines overlaped 

    the star's close up".  or "Is there anything we can wrap around the camera I can still hear the fan".  

    So we can continue on to the next take with the confidence that all these things can be easily fixed in post or even in processing for dailies making us sound like the new hero's on the set.


  14. 1 hour ago, Olle Sjostrom said:


    And I'm saying again that I think for this specific application, the sound and result is amazing. But for high end production sound, I think this developer has a long way to go. Nvidia will probably not venture into the world of pro audio with this. They make a lot more money selling graphic cards to kids than a few studios.. 


    This particular software tool from Nvidia is just a reference example Beta to show what it can do.  The API will be available for other software developers to use the technology for their specific software tools.   This is only the bleeding edge of this technology.  I'm sure we will see more sophisticated tools in the near future.


  15. 20 hours ago, Olle Sjostrom said:

    I wouldn't worry. Computers still can't update thermselves and make sure that all the other programs are compatible. And don't get me started on external hard drives and if you change letters or catalogs... Nah. Computers are still stupid, because we are (thankfully) still stupid.

    Have you been living in a cave?  Computers have been updating themselves and even checking programs installed before doing so for the last 5 years.

    All Macs and Windows 10 computers connected to the internet automatically apply updates every week or month.  As do most of your connected appliances.

    18 hours ago, Andrew From Deity said:

    It still requires good SNR in regards to your subject and background noises. It has a VERY unnatural silence to it which is fine if you are doing Twitch streaming and you have your gameplay as an audio bed underneath your voice (which is what it was designed for) but it sounds weird as a plugin on a podcast. It reminds me of the bad post processing they do on Bachelor in Paradise when the couples will walk along the sand and you hear the ocean waves go mute when no one is talking but magicly a loud ocean appears out of no where when someone talks. It's that bad.'


    RTX Voice is a fine tool... but not ready for Primetime TV or feature films... maybe decent for sports reporters using a directional dynamic mic or dynamic headset mics in a loud sports arena. I'd only "trust it" to fix my audio live or in post in those cases.

    Andrew, you seem to be assuming that Primetime TV and feature films do not have talented sound effects and dialogue editors working on them.  Almost every commercial TV production or Feature production has dialog editors that clip out or noise-gate all the inappropriate background noise between lines and replace it with a consistent BG track or ambiance track that covers the edits in the scene.  This tool will be useful for doing what they previously had to do with ADR and that is removing the annoying background noise from behind the actors lines while they are speaking.  This should allow the laid in consistent background effects to be less obvious.

  16. 2 hours ago, Olle Sjostrom said:

    Chances are this will never make it to set or even post, due to several limitations, one being we often require much higher sound quality than these gaming services do. I mean the bandwidth of these streaming services are under 64kbit, if even that. Imagine being in post having a line that sounds fine and this is applied, it still sounds good and clean, but there's artifacts that make it just that little bit unusable. 

    I still think it's faster to adr or find another line and edit that in. 

    I really wish though that this will be great and can reproduce high quality sound. That'd be awesome.. But I'm not so sure. 


    Well I think what is doing is amazing and the quality of the recorded demos sound quite acceptable when you consider the INTENSE background noise like Sirens and Vacuum cleaners and even shouting children within a few feet of the mic.. And it is doing it in REAL TIME only with only a few milliseconds of delay.Imagine what a post workstation plug-in could do with 2 AI passes in non real time.

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