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  1. staudio

    Show me your bag

    My Petrol was showing its age so just switched to the Orca 32....will use it for first time tomorrow and see how it goes. Went with the 32 over the 30 for more room since I still use the 552 every once in a while, and may switch to a 644/688 in near future.
  2. staudio


    I have a weak spot for just about all the beers from Lagunitas....
  3. staudio


    last week waiting for flight home at Minneapolis airport...
  4. staudio

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    well I was vague....just trying to find out batter life of NP's when powering a 663 and a couple 411's.
  5. staudio

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    currently using a 552, use IDX Lithium Ion to power mixer and usually 2 or 3 411's. This set up works well for my needs. for those of you using NP's batteries to power the 663, is that working out well? For simplicity and cost reasons, I would like just to continue to use NP's for both packages rather than have to purchase the B2 batteries for use with the 663...
  6. staudio

    Shooting in Dubai

    off topic a little bit but I thought I would toss it in....... wish I could find the article, I'll keep looking. I was suppose to be on a corporate shoot in Dubai that ended up being cancelled. apparently they have strict guidelines on what you can and can not shoot there. Some government and religious buildings are off limits but there are no signs posted that say you're not suppose to shoot them...also...best to keep camera pointed away from women and children when out in public...
  7. staudio

    Micing a beard

    Leland Sklar ?
  8. staudio

    NFL Refs_ to use wireless units to communicate?

    I thought guys/gals who mic players for NFL films use a zaxcom unit that can be turned on and off remotely....were the motorola units you used put on players/coaches during the game?
  9. staudio

    Countryman B6s

    As will I..... Most the time I use Sanken's but always have B6's standing by...at times the "hiding in plane sight" factor is a plus...and depending on situation have Sonotrim's and a few Tram's just in case. Rarely use the B6's outside....even when using rycote undercovers they don't handle wind well at all imo.
  10. staudio

    Olympics crew

    i know a couple of freelancers that have shot olympics for nbc….they had very little time to do anything other than work/sleep/eat and if you go as a production assistant….forget about the eat/sleep part….its all work !
  11. staudio

    UHF frequencies available in New York City?

    for what it's worth.....I just spent a few days working at the Javits convention center using Block 21 and 25 and had no issues....
  12. staudio

    Peter Engh Omnigoose Mic for Lectro

    I use to cover a lot of trials for a news magazine show....used Peter's goose neck mic's often. As with all his stuff top notch quality
  13. staudio

    Winter Boots

    stay away from the columbia titanium series.....i bought of pair, and while they do keep my feet dry....even though they claim they are for cold weather, my feet freeze in them.....I've tried various types of socks and no improvement when it comes to warmth...and my columbia titanium jacket isn't so good either when it comes to warmth, even with the liner in... i now looking to get some Sorels....
  14. staudio

    Sound Department T-Shirts

    If my headphones are on I can't hear you just about every time I'm working at a public/news event (usually for network news ) someone walks up to me (the only person with headphones on in the group) and ask "what station you guys with?" and then tries to have a conversation with me.......it ceases to amaze me....
  15. London......I love the pubs/beer/EPL football