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  1. I have one of their time code cables for Red cameras. Lemo to BNC. Sure, it was inexpensive and seems to be a little bit delicate but I'm ok with that. I would probably look at their other cables if I ever have a need for something else.
  2. So I went to the Arclight in Burbank. They have the Dolby Atmos system there and Blade Runner sounded awesome. Looked great too. Not sure if the Arclight in Hollywood has Atmos. I'm sure someone that lives/works here would know about that more than I.
  3. Hey all. I am in LA for the week and wanted to go see the new Blade Runner movie in the best sounding theatre possible. Anyone in LA care to weigh in on what the best place to go might be? thanks Tom Backus
  4. https://www.audioease.com/index.php I just watched the demo of this new Audio Ease INdoor plugin for post audio. I already use Speakerphone and AltiVerb, and this new INdoor plugin looks very nice. Lots of features and capabilities for people like me that need a fast way to worldize their sound effects in a mix. Tom Backus CAS
  5. The new Izotope RX4 has what is called "Ambiance match" in it. I have used it before and it works very well. It is kinda like using ProTools Strip Silence only backwards. It pulls out all the dialog and strings together the ambiance in between the words. You might have to make a few small adjustments afterwards but it does a great job creating a room tone from a line of dialog.
  6. Hi Andy I'm here in Rochester right now shooting all over town on a five week movie, using blocks 20 and 24. It's been ok so far, had a little trouble with block 24 on day one while shooting right near downtown Rochester. Hope this helps you out. Tom
  7. I have it. Had to watch some YouTube videos to understand how it works differently than RX3, but once that was figured out, no problem going to and from ProTools. It does have some great new features that are pretty cool. Ambiance match and EQ match are actually pretty sweet. I work on a lot of bad TV audio from all over and Izotope RX4 is a great tool to have. Money well spent.
  8. There is a company called Quantum5x that makes wireless systems for just this purpose. They make a small compact transmitter for sports that is waterproofed and rugged enough. Just search the net for Quantum5x.
  9. http://gajitz.com/high-tech-window-cling-is-like-a-volume-knob-for-real-life/ An interesting idea for sure, not sure how well it will work for location sound though. TB
  10. Hey gang I have a 416 that came back from a shoot missing the set screw that holds the inner elements in. Apart from sending the microphone off to be repaired, anybody know how I might get a hold of one of these set screws? Thanks Tom Backus
  11. Hi guys, I'm in LA all this week (March 12 - 18) doing some boring post production facility work and was wondering about the possibility of checking out some production that might be happening. If anyone can help me out, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks, Tom Backus CAS Knoxville, TN
  12. Hi I've got the Zaxcom TRX900 with stereo adapter. I'm using the Remote Audio power cable to supply power to this unit from my BDS. Why does the connector not seat all the way down into the dc input on the SA? to where I can secure it with the collar screw. I have several of these type cables and all are the same way. This makes for a precarious situation. Is there another cable out there that would work better? Thanks Tom Backus
  13. I'm looking for opinions on what everyone is using on talent ankles these days. Thanks Tom Backus
  14. Jupiter Entertainment has a shoot coming up in the Denver area for a reality pilot. Looking for a Denver based audio mixer with gear (wireless ,744t or 788t, camera hops, etc.) Shoot dates are early Oct. Please don't contact me asking for more details, I am only trying to get some names to pass along to the production manager, she will follow up and make contact. thanks Tom Backus CAS
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