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  1. I introduced sound blankets to the UK in 1991 and since then have sold over 3,000 all over Europe including Berlin and Zurich.) The Chinese manufacturers are a fickle lot and have dropped the black ones in favour of the original blue ones which are well known in the US and Canada as they claim that they sell more blue than they ever did with the black ones. (They even had a spate of only supplying green.) I stock the blue ones and will gladly get a shipping cost to Berlin if I can get the quantity required.
  2. That's interesting Mike, the HMI high level noise on the larger lamps used in the Uk is always14kHz
  3. A quick email to Matt Adams at Wendy's Broadcast will reveal all as they make the leads up and carry stock of the two pin Lemo.
  4. Mike, Kris Jaroz might be able to help. He is ex Richmond Film Services and one of the UK's leading repairer. His email is chrisaudiosevices@gmail.com
  5. Definately put in the correct place IMHO John!
  6. Kyle your interpretation is bang on and as far as the post guy is concerned a little knowledge I'd dangerous.
  7. If my memory serves me correctly there was a Nagra.111 in shot on The Ipcress File which was completed in 1964/5.
  8. Wasn't it just a case of having a different set of tails if the camera didn't have XLR inputs?. Must admit that That when I used one of these boxes thirty years ago all cameras were XLR.
  9. Is it possible to delete notifications I have received and no longer want?
  10. Unfortunately Mike the Ravenscourt solution is no more as John Pearson who owned the company closed it down about three years ago and moved to France.
  11. At one point the BBC insisted that all FX to be used on any documentary had to be recorded in MS. The consensus of opinion from a lot of the 150+ recordists at BBC Ealing was that this was a total waste of time and effort and had been dreamt up by some desk pilot at Wood Norton. It was never in vogue at ITV.
  12. There are a few Uk dealers for these products so I would contact Everything Audio at Elstree who no doubt will stock the new ones when they become available.
  13. Years ago there was a huge debate on here about MS and some wise old mixer summed it up with the words MS has no part of film making.
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