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  1. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    That's interesting Mike, the HMI high level noise on the larger lamps used in the Uk is always14kHz
  2. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Which Lemo Power Plug for Timecode Buddy Wave

    A quick email to Matt Adams at Wendy's Broadcast will reveal all as they make the leads up and carry stock of the two pin Lemo.
  3. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Mike, Kris Jaroz might be able to help. He is ex Richmond Film Services and one of the UK's leading repairer. His email is chrisaudiosevices@gmail.com
  4. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    rescued from the dumpster

    Definately put in the correct place IMHO John!
  5. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Defending your Work

    Kyle your interpretation is bang on and as far as the post guy is concerned a little knowledge I'd dangerous.
  6. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Deleting old notifications

  7. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Deleting old notifications

    Is it possible to delete notifications I have received and no longer want?
  8. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    If my memory serves me correctly there was a Nagra.111 in shot on The Ipcress File which was completed in 1964/5.
  9. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    DIY camera snake?

    Wasn't it just a case of having a different set of tails if the camera didn't have XLR inputs?. Must admit that That when I used one of these boxes thirty years ago all cameras were XLR.
  10. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    + 1 from me as well.
  11. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    DIY camera snake?

    Unfortunately Mike the Ravenscourt solution is no more as John Pearson who owned the company closed it down about three years ago and moved to France.
  12. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    A question on MS recording for film

    At one point the BBC insisted that all FX to be used on any documentary had to be recorded in MS. The consensus of opinion from a lot of the 150+ recordists at BBC Ealing was that this was a total waste of time and effort and had been dreamt up by some desk pilot at Wood Norton. It was never in vogue at ITV.
  13. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Vampire clips in the UK?

    There are a few Uk dealers for these products so I would contact Everything Audio at Elstree who no doubt will stock the new ones when they become available.
  14. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    A question on MS recording for film

    Years ago there was a huge debate on here about MS and some wise old mixer summed it up with the words MS has no part of film making.
  15. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    New audiophile (?) portable reel-to-reel recorder coming?

    One of the snags with this machine is going to be the cost of the tape. A 10 1/2 inch reel of tape is currently 48 UK Pounds (60 US Dollars)
  16. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Signing out comteks

    John, I have used a "Whose got what" sheet for many years with complete success.
  17. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Sennheiser G3 with cos 11D

    Mike, isn't the TL-40 more like the Cos-11 in appearance than a Tram or am I mistaking it for something else?
  18. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    Nah Douglas, He just looks old. It's me and Mr. Toline who are old. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS
  19. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    SQN 5S / 4S Bags

    SQN bags with a frame are scarcer than dragon poo. Your best plan would be to talk to Ian Fraser at KT systems. He makes bags for virtually any piece of gear.
  20. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Speedy Recovery

    Jeff, I'm sure I speak for all of us in the UK that you have a speedy recovery.
  21. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    Constantin! walk away & leave them to it.
  22. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    The cart that Phillip referred to with the canvas bag was indeed the Samuelson one. I still have one of these bags somewhere.
  23. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    It may come as a bit of a surprise but in the UK in the 60/70's there wasn't any such think as a cart per se. Most mixers used a fold up picnic table. It was quite a revelation when in the early 70's the Samuelson company brought out a folding stand that just held a Nagra plus a small mixer. It still had to be carried as it wasn't fitted with castors or wheels. The first real cart was made by Stuart Ebbs a close friend of Simon Bishop. His company was the Ursta Engineering Company and was the only company making carts for the film industry. When Stuart semi retired we took over the manufacture of his cart and until Mathew Bacon started manufacture of his range of carts. We had the UK monopoly on carts and have made nearly 200 to date. A couple have managed to find their was across the pond. Stuart and Simon are collaborating on some very interesting cart projects photos of which appear here from time to time.
  24. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    The Sining

    Following the question as to the Nagra used on The Shining I contacted Ivan Sharrock who was the mixer at the start of the film and he sent this back. Hi Malcolm We used Stanley's Nagra IV-S. The other Mixer was Richard Daniel who took over from me in December after we had been filming for 30 weeks. I left, with my Boom Op/ 1st Asst - Ken Weston, as Stanley would only give us two days off at Christmas!! The principle photography carried on for another 24 weeks ……… (original schedule was 17weeks)!
  25. Malcolm Davies Amps CAS

    For the Whisky drinkers

    80% & 100%. Wow! My wife bought me membership to the Whisky Society some years ago and we are offered bottles of rare malt whiskey. The strongest I've ever seen was 68%. The 40% which is the standard UK strength must be a bit of a let down for you Robert.