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  1. Another question is whether you can read cards instead of directly from a recorder. CF and SD or a card reader via usb.
  2. I think a great feature would be able to batch edit metadata.. in other words, to be able to select multiple files and change for eg. the name of a channel.
  3. Hi Trey Did you manage to find out what was causing the hiss? I am currently testing a ZMT Phamton 2 and even with no cable connected the hiss is really loud. Are you using the transmitter's expansion to combat this?
  4. thanks for all the help! Will be testing out this setup soon.
  5. Thanks for this. Difficult to hear the noise floor with water, but it sounds great. Yea, I figured there will be a small loss of quality because of the diaphragm size.
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has successfully used DPA 6060's to record AB stereo ambiences? I know that a lot of people have had good experiences using the 4060's and was wondering if I can hit two birds with one stone and purchase 2x 6060's for laving purposes as well as additionally being able to record ambiences every so often. thanks for the help! Julian
  7. 4017 does well in humidity. Been in the rain with it many times as well as in Cambodia in very humid conditions. I also use it a lot with an HMa and you just need to crank up the gain. I chose the C preamp for the size which is amazing. I sometimes find it a bit sensitive on the boom with regards to handling noise with the included rycote basket. I've eventually got some harder lyres which seem to help a lot. Might consider an inline cut for more run and gun stuff. 4017 also has surprisingly good reach and sounds great indoors. Great for interviews. However it's still a shotgun mic, so indoors on a wide shot I'd still prefer a super cardiod like the MKH50 etc.
  8. Thanks for the help and info everyone!
  9. Ouch, ok... I'll make sure I take some butter with. Thanks, I saved your number. Will defo get in touch if need be.
  10. Hi All, I have an upcoming shoot in Miami, and wanted to know which freq blocks you guys/gals suggest? I did some searching around on JW and didn't find concrete info other than Miami being a nightmare in terms of RF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Ps. On Freq finder, it seems 470 to 668Mhz is all noise!
  11. I have both 4017c and MKH50. Did a series all indoors and we tried the 4017 a few times on wide shots and found that it often picked up more reflections than the mkh50. Which makes sense since it's a shotgun. For closer framing it sounds amazing and it's a perfect interview mic for talking heads indoors and outdoors. Outdoors I was surprised at how much reach the 4017 has.
  12. Thanks for the replies so far... Yeah, its a tricky one.. I live in a small city and rent in extras from a few local guys, but again its always tough especially if they suddenly need to use the item themselves. But it usually works out fine with enough notice, and of course if the source is reliable. I do also sometimes think it would be good for my gear to also earn a bit of extra money on the side instead of lying around in a drawer when not needed, coz face it.. we don't always have every piece of kit that we own on every job that we do.
  13. So I was wondering… where do you guys rent your gear from? and do you rent out your personal gear to other people in your area? I know that places like LA, London etc. have large rental house as well as most sound recordists have their own kit (myself included). But if you need something extra, say, extra wireless channels for a specific job or extra IFB’s etc. Where do you usually rent from? From a local SR or from a rental house? I’ve always preferred to rent in extra bits from a local sound recordist, but always been reluctant to rent out my own gear to people I don’t know. feedback and thoughts appreciated…
  14. Check out the audioroot 49wh batteries as an alternative. They are robust and very light. I usually need 2 a day, (3 with overtime) to power a 633, 2X SR and a G3 for scratch.
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