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  1. efksound

    Zaxnet 2.0

    Zaxnet Audition and Re-record are finally available for Nomad on firmware v8.01
  2. efksound

    Audio Root Distro to DNS-2: DC cable gauge

    I started using DIY Right angle XLRs to power my DNS2 , but finally found it took to much space as well , opened the unit and soldered a flying lead with a hirose connector at the end...
  3. efksound

    Cedar DNS 2 Digital I/O

    I made two for my DNS2 and Nomad, AES in and AES out, my Nomad AES snake is TA3 ( I use TA5 to TA3 adapters for my QRXs) XLR F to TA3 and XLR M to TA3, used regular balanced cable as well since with very short lengths there aren't any issues
  4. efksound

    Barcelona Rental

  5. efksound

    Zaxcom Slate

    The closet thing right now would be using the Zaxcom Touch app + Areitec Bluetouch bluetooth dongle
  6. efksound

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Any updates on this issue ?
  7. efksound

    UltraSync right angle connectors - Europe

    I would contact Henry Smith @Henry the RFS Wireman henry@henrysmithaudio.com http://henrysmithaudio.com/
  8. efksound

    Smart Slate Preference

  9. efksound

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    My 2 Sync-E do auto detect frame rate , if I jam them at 23.976FPS turn them off change Nomad TC to 25FPS turn the tentacles on again and jam them again they change to 25 FPS automatically On the olders ones you had to select or change manually the FPS on the app everytime you needed to change the frame rate.
  10. efksound

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Thanks Matthias ! Will try to get some How do you solder it pin wise ?
  11. efksound

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Is this Is this choke available to source somewhere ?
  12. efksound

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    I haven't sent any email to Tentacle complaining since being in Europe we normally just use 25 (sometimes 24 or 23.976) and these all work, But the option to turn off the Auto frame rate detection would be a good compromise I think
  13. efksound

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Probably the old tentacle units are not affected because they didn't have the auto detect frame rate feature that the new Sync E has
  14. efksound

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Tried as well Sync-E & Nomad and confirm it doesn't work at 29.97 (29.97DF either) Other frames rates jam OK EDIT : Tried Sync-E with Zoom F8 and jams OK 29.97 Tried Sync-E with Fusion and same problem with 29.97 Nomad & Betso TCX-2 jams fine at 29.97
  15. efksound

    Zoom F8n.

    I'd bet anything that, the supposed F8n inside the display cabinet , (that probably no one was allowed to touch during NAB) is just a normal F8 with some different firmware loaded, and displaying some fancy new screen :-)
  16. efksound

    Nomad Zaxnet issue

    Have you tried to contact Areitec, Zaxcom's distributor in France, I think they can do some repairs http://areitec.fr/support/
  17. efksound

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    Have you tried using the headphone output ?
  18. efksound

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    From Zaxcom's FB group
  19. efksound

    Molle Radio Pouch for QRX/Micplexer

    The ammo ones could work as well if you remove the flap and do something at the bottom for cable management
  20. efksound

    Show me your bag

    Nice and big bag :-) Question : your DNS2 seems quite close to RX and bag I suppose you must be using really low profile XLRs I guess ? But even so it still looks quite close and from the pic it's hard to see :-) My XLRs even if low profile are taking too much bag space Would be nice if CEDAR could make a more bag friendly version as well
  21. efksound

    Show me your bag

    Switched the Porta Brace AO 1.5 silent. as well , Got it fully packed now :-)
  22. the MKH8060 has a hotter output as well (63mV/Pa) vs MKH416 (25 mV/Pa) So you will need to apply less gain from the 8060 to get to the same level as the 416 At the same gain settings MKH416 Equivalent noise level 13 dB MKH8060 Equivalent noise level 11 dB
  23. efksound

    Zaxnet Slate

    Ok If now all these 3 manufacturers could kind of "work" together to bring a more elegant solution to this
  24. efksound

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    New firmware released, to make it compatible with movie slate app