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  1. I just 3D printed them using TPU filament, and put some Joe's sicky stuff the hold them in the corners
  2. Mine are standard nextel gray Sent the noisier one back to the dealer and was repaired under warranty by Schoeps , got it back after a few weeks and now both have the same low noise floor
  3. I sold my two CMC6u bodies a few weeks ago and got a pair of CMC-1u to replace them. After doing some tests with both and exchanging both MK41 capsules between the 2 bodies , one of the CMC1 is noisier than the other, Will contact my dealer to see if I can get it replaced. maybe your CMC1 has this problem as well
  4. https://www.lectrosonics.com/lectrosonics-introduces-the-next-generation-ifbr1b-miniature-ifb-receiver-and-chsifbr1b-companion-dock-charging-system.html
  5. Got a similar Condor bag from Amazon , since the Condor is a bit more difficult to buy in Europe Had to do the described mods as well , it seems maybe a bit smaller don't know than the original Condor, but found out that it has this useful flap at the back that can hold an esmart battery perfectly :-)
  6. wrap them with heatshrink tubing ?
  7. Courtney , thanks for keeping updating BWFWidget ! 👍
  8. But please, try to come up with something that doesn't need so much space that could be used for other useful info on the screen Something maybe like the picture or something like you have on the D24 is more than enough to have battery info on the screen
  9. Fostex had a very small 1ch one , but unfortunately they decided to discontinue it, maybe on the second hand market ? https://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/archive_products/AR501.shtml Sennheiser also has a 1ch preamp Sennheiser MZA14P48U , these are quite easy to find on ebay https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/mza-14-p-48-u
  10. @Geluidloopt Is the custom ring available to buy somewhere?
  11. Zaxnet Audition and Re-record are finally available for Nomad on firmware v8.01
  12. I started using DIY Right angle XLRs to power my DNS2 , but finally found it took to much space as well , opened the unit and soldered a flying lead with a hirose connector at the end...
  13. I made two for my DNS2 and Nomad, AES in and AES out, my Nomad AES snake is TA3 ( I use TA5 to TA3 adapters for my QRXs) XLR F to TA3 and XLR M to TA3, used regular balanced cable as well since with very short lengths there aren't any issues
  14. http://www.llogueraudiovisual.cat/es/
  15. The closet thing right now would be using the Zaxcom Touch app + Areitec Bluetouch bluetooth dongle
  16. I would contact Henry Smith @Henry the RFS Wireman henry@henrysmithaudio.com http://henrysmithaudio.com/
  17. My 2 Sync-E do auto detect frame rate , if I jam them at 23.976FPS turn them off change Nomad TC to 25FPS turn the tentacles on again and jam them again they change to 25 FPS automatically On the olders ones you had to select or change manually the FPS on the app everytime you needed to change the frame rate.
  18. Thanks Matthias ! Will try to get some How do you solder it pin wise ?
  19. Is this Is this choke available to source somewhere ?
  20. I haven't sent any email to Tentacle complaining since being in Europe we normally just use 25 (sometimes 24 or 23.976) and these all work, But the option to turn off the Auto frame rate detection would be a good compromise I think
  21. Probably the old tentacle units are not affected because they didn't have the auto detect frame rate feature that the new Sync E has
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