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    Tentacle Sync - Red Epic-W

    In addition, both devices need to be set to the same frame rate before jamming. As Red Epic 23.98fps, Tentacle set 23.98fps etc, etc .....
  2. hiro nakamura

    Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    Hi Martin, sorry for my late responds... just read the thread. A test might show the difference. But we rarely worked under those weather conditions. After that in-sync incident happened, I was always getting the sync from my tentacle from other mixers'SD, then sync back from my Nomad. In the real world, I guess I had no chance to test again for that. I am on SD633 for most of time.
  3. hiro nakamura

    Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    I wrote on another thread on my Nomad was 1 or 2 sec behind from a 664 and a 633, we jammed at the same time for a joint production. After lunch we simply read out the TC, which I was behind. No shut down or power off. It was -40 degree celsius, which was freezing cold tho. Hiro
  4. hiro nakamura

    Zaxcom Nomad length of sync and display, your thoughts

    I thought there is an internal battery keeping the timecode clock up the speed. I don't the on and off does everything to the timecode not sync... I might be wrong.
  5. Hi guys, I am new for the denecke TS-C slate. I took a few pictures during the shooting for my sound bag and the slate. I found out that the slate TC is 3-4 frames faster than my nomad tc. Is that normal or I did something wrong. We were shooting 29'97. I have read the "error 30" issue. My slate setting is 1 My nomad is 29.97 Than I did a test on 25 for check with cable connected to the slate. But still 3 frames... I sent an email to denecke just now. But I just also want to hear from you guys. Appreciate your guidance. Hiro
  6. hiro nakamura

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    hahaha, sorry guys! I thought it was a latest thread. My bad....
  7. hiro nakamura

    Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    Did you get the cos11d as secondhand or brand new from respectful sound seller? I had one long time ago... it was secondhand. The cable was really sensitive, it was almost impossible to keep it quiet. It seemed its electric static with the cable, noise generated even I touch the cable. It happened the seller changed the cable by himself, sold to me.... I think the soldiering was wrong. If that is the case, the 11d might be faulty. If it's brand new...you better compare to others.. there still might be a soldiering problem I assume. If you could upload a 10 sec wav file .... Hiro
  8. hiro nakamura

    Lectrosonics LT & SRC vs Wisycom MTP40S & MCR-42S

    Just did an small EGame indoor arena shoot. I tried two Wisycom MCR42s in the bag. Range was amazing. It's about 50-100m, almost covered the whole place. Apart from the players went to toilet. The signal strength in the screen were not very good as shown, 3-2 bars signal. But they just maintain stable. My friends 411 showing better signal strength I think. But I rather pack my 4 channels in two receivers, rather than 4. Hiro
  9. hiro nakamura

    Shirt noise

    In addition, the cable makes more noise than the Lav head. Extra loop could help to reduce the cable noise. Good luck
  10. hiro nakamura

    Bad Squelch

    I got a DP changed Sony FS7 's audio setting to camera mic without asking me. End up with I was explaining to the post team why the audio was like that....
  11. hiro nakamura

    Wisycom compander modes upgrade

    Sad, I thought we could do it ourselves. Never used other transmitters, apart from Wisycom ones.
  12. hiro nakamura

    The 8060 grounding problem - whern did you 1st notice it

    shake a bit, my one showed when I ran and gunned a scene, quite a run..... Boom went up and down to get the audio....
  13. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    not easy to find out these days. I went to a second hand market, bought one 32G Kingston with written 4, but the seller only has one left. That made me still put a unverified card in the second slot.
  14. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    I was helping a friend purchasing the SD cards for a F8. I just realized that all the cards are slow speed cards... It's really difficult to find in the market...
  15. hiro nakamura

    SRb antenna switching sound

    with one transmitter, set to Ratio for single receiving mode. It might help a bit for range. Try different power source, and try scan clean RF.
  16. hiro nakamura

    Crossjam Tentacle Sync

    What do you mean by cross jam?
  17. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    Thought of it. Too much hustle for me. Each time I am in the states only for short period of time. I would rather enjoy my trip than go back and forth to a police station. Anyways... Thanks guys. Hiro
  18. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    Yep, the person who sent it (audio shop) and my friend's relatives were the one received the delivery. And they didn't open it for two weeks, until I found out it's empty when I went to their place to pick it up.
  19. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    I wish I could....
  20. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    It sounded like electric or like when I was using my SD302, the return button was dirty inside. When I turned the nod, it generated noisy.... That kind, but more electric. I don't own a F8, I rented, I will keep note next time. I bought a F8, but UPS sent me a empty box, no one like to be responsible for it. So I have a empty f8 box... No machine. Sometimes shxt happens....
  21. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    I was on a job recording 5.1 surround sound with a F8. After two days, the trim pot start making noise when I try to trim.... Like electric buzz... If I stopes turning ... The noise disappear.... Dont know why...
  22. 5D 24 for sure is 23.98. Fucked it up twice, it's all from DP s mouths, "24! No problem !" Then got problem! 23.98
  23. hiro nakamura

    Zoom F8

    wild guess, the main card is more critical than the mirror card slot.... Anyways , technically should be the same result. Hiro
  24. hiro nakamura

    SRc leaked on Dutch site