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    Can 5DMarkIII handle ERX2TCD

    Yes, the scratch track is only for transcribing and reference, they will sync all my recorded track in post. Thanks Josefrias Hiro
  2. hiro nakamura

    Can 5DMarkIII handle ERX2TCD

    Thanks guys for your valuable inputs. Just wanna share with you, I did a workflow test with the crew. It worked fine on the test on both audio feed and timecode level. I set my ERX2TCD to -20 audio and timecode volts to 0.63...I can't remember the exact number, but leveled the -12 mark on the 5D audio inputs. I tested on a pair of HD26...sounded great! Thanks Hiro
  3. hiro nakamura

    Oktava MK-012 any thoughts or comments on it

    I guess the Oktava is not RF proof mics. My Oktava got some statics or interference if I put near my sound bag or just don't know where... Currently got wet a bit... It sounds a bit thin to me.
  4. hiro nakamura

    First experience with Zaxcom qrx200 wide band RX

    I got the almost same result comparing my QRX100 old modulation and updated one.
  5. hiro nakamura

    633 vs MAXX- Yet again

    I just kind of sold my Maxx, pending sale. But no problem with the CF cards or data transfer. I have a laptop in my run bag all the time, I normally keep a copy before I hand over my CF card to DIT or the person download the files overnight.
  6. hiro nakamura

    Zaxcom TRX Series Transmitter - Connector issue?

    My LAs with Sanken Cos11D also had the problem. It sounded exactly like what you described. At the beginning, I thought it was the screw with the pins bad connection, but in the end, it was the last part of the lemo tube, where it was hidden in the black plastic shell, the place where they lock the cable for pulling...not inside the lemo, it's the place where before you can see the actual cable, there is a mental tube...it made the cable too tight...if you press hard on it, it makes the noisy ... (Sorry about my English, hopefully someone understands it ) Hiro
  7. hiro nakamura

    New Zaxcom TX and RX

    Can QRX200 or 235 combine with old LAs get the exact same performance (distance wise) or both side (Rx and Tx) have to be new products to get the best performance?
  8. hiro nakamura

    New Zaxcom TX and RX

    You might not take the advantage of the new modulation tho!
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the valuable inputs. My Freq set to 558.5 and 566.5, due to lower range didn't have available space. (is that too near to each other???) You are right Rich, I was recording doc style, run and gun at that moment. Whips all the time. Does PSC multi RF help with the signal, I think it only distribute the signal? I don't think it's Zaxcom's wireless tech problem, more to do with the condition of the environment I guess. I did a test yesterday on an empty street, facing the QRX100, it was about 60 meters. In my pocket, it 's about 30- 40meters.. which I am happy about it. I think the best way is to get my Sanken re-wired and upgrade all my units for next time. Thanks again guys for your inputs! Appreciate Hiro
  10. Hi guys, Just curious on the performance of my QRX100s + two LAs. I have drop off less than 10 meters away, BUT the condition is like this: 1. A big gathering, about 500 people in a 400 meter square courtyard. It''s like two subjects on LAs were 10 meters away, IN between there might be 5-10 people cross in and out. 2. One of my Sanken Cos-11D 's lemo head was broken, so I found someone fixed it with a new lemo head, even though I instructed how the soldering should be wired, but I didn't see how he did it. (kind of his secret maybe, to not let me see it. Charged 50USD, with a Chinese knock off lemo... I know... I am just not capable of doing soldering ;( ). 3. Both QRX100 were block 21, I have a block 24 wireless hop TRX900, at the beginning, I didn't put the filter antenna up, but after the drop out occurs, I put the filter antenna. However, didn't make it any better. (The reason I didn't put the filter antenna was, one of the filter antenna cable was broken, I have one for backup, I would like to save it for the last, the cable is very hard, easy to break IMO. What might be the major factor, maybe all of them. cos that major reason might make me sell my block24 for another block wireless hop... or re-wire the cos-11D or do nothing at all, and push people away for the shoot:) Of course, with the new modulation, this problem might not be happening, but still, I want to figure out why... Thanks for your value inputs Hiro
  11. Hi Rich, Thanks for the reply. I didn't switch off my block24's wireless hop. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it with camera rolling all the time. The RF signal just flips all the time, lots of drop outs... However, I do noticed with less people between me and the subjects, the RF signal did getting lots of better, I might get 20-30 meters without drop out. I got two LAs on two QRX100, technically, if one of the Sanken lemo didn't wired correctly, the drop out signal only on that LA, rather than two of them, right? I will try to do more test myself and talk to Sanken ...see what they say. Thanks a lot Hiro
  12. hiro nakamura

    TRX 900AA Batteries

    One of my TRX900LAs only takes eneloop2400 one (White tube), my other LAs takes 2400mah, and the 2750mah (black eneloop with X XX as packaging wrap). I think there was another post while back talking about it. It's something to do with the size of the battery compartment. I ended up with using all the 2400mah.
  13. Hi guys, Need your valuable advise on what mics or any do's and don'ts on recording fireworks. I have a job coming up. It's a documentary about Lunar New Year in China. In the New Year eve, there would be massive fireworks. Presenter might want to have conversation with locals while they are playing fireworks. My microphones are clearly not for this situation. Sanken Cs3e and Oktava 012 with -10 pad Backup mic: Rode NTG3 My concern is because I have never record fireworks using shotgun mic, I think it might break the microphone because it's gonna be too much overload for shotguns. Should I grab a Shure SM57 for the fireworks? My plan is to use Oktava012 with -10pad for the talks ( I have all the wind protections from rycote) Save the CS3e in the bag Oh by the way, I have TRX900LA with Sanken Cos 11d on the presenter. Any suggestion and advices Thanks in advance Hiro
  14. hiro nakamura

    Recording fireworks during Lunar New Year!

    Thanks guys for the value inputs! Hiro
  15. hiro nakamura

    Y cable for mic to record 2 channels

    Recorders nowadays, could route an input to two separate channels. Why taking a risk on a Y cable? Hiro
  16. hiro nakamura

    From stereo hops to talent wireless (Zaxcom)

    Is your QRX100 with zaxnet function? You need to turn that off. And if it's possible to turn the Zaxnet on the transmitter off too, just to check if that cause the problem. Hiro
  17. hiro nakamura

    Early MAXX recorders need power modification

    I got my Maxx blackout on a shoot... End up took a overnight train to another city to grab another nomad for the shoot. Now, my Maxx just sits in my bagpack as a backup mixer/recorder. At the first place I would like to shrink my bag from nomad to Maxx. After the blackout, I am more confident to marry a nomad instead. After repairing, Maxx still have some problem on the power (starter button) if I press to shut down the Maxx, sometimes it just re boot the system... I have to try 2 and 3 times re booting, then it turn off... Wired. But I can't be bothered! As a field mixer, I would like to have more concentration on how the audio sound, than everyday worrying when my gear is burned or broken for no particular reason. Hiro
  18. hiro nakamura

    Early MAXX recorders need power modification

    I am the first few Maxx users, who experienced Maxx blackout on location. My case was the first thing in the morning, when the interviewee was about to arrive. Turned on Maxx, only few LED lights lighted, repeated lots of times... Almost lost the job;( Now, no matter what situation, Nomad is the main recorder, and Maxx is in my pelican for in case situation. Hiro
  19. I have noticed the two sides of the bag are zip, instead of velcro or elastic tights. Where do all the cables come in or out of the bag. Zip half way, leave a gap in between ? or there is a special place to put out the cables. Let's say a boom cable plug to a SD 633 input. Thanks Hiro
  20. How much would this bag roughly cost?
  21. hiro nakamura

    Bags for a Maxx

    Hey guys, Just wondering where or what type of XLR they are using to fit the Maxx into the bag. I got the 607bag fit the MAXX and two receivers perfectly, but I have to use L shape XLR for the MAXX, which I need to give space at the bottom. At the moment, I am on my Portabrace AO Thanks!
  22. hiro nakamura

    How important is antenna length?

    There was a period of time, my QRX100 returned from Zaxcom without the antennas, I used my block24 antennas on a block21 QRX100. I found some occasion, the reception did flip more often than before. But luckily I was not that far from the transmitter. Hiro
  23. hiro nakamura

    3 pins Lemo Lav wired for Sennheiser can be used on Zaxcom ...?

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate your inputs! Now I need to open the 3 pin lemo! Thanks again Hiro
  24. hiro nakamura

    QRX100Q "RF Tune Failed" message

    I got the same problem too! Sent back for repairing now. The unit screwed up right in front of an important interview! Sign.... God helps me! Hiro
  25. hiro nakamura

    Mounting Camera Hops

    I got this one http://www.idx-europe.co.uk/?p=products&id=A-MWR for my RX900S or QRX100 hop on big camera like SONY PMW500 etc. Sennheiser G3 for small camera like C300, 5D.