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  1. I used to be a fan of Tapatalk a few years ago but gave up on its unreliability. Just kept getting worse and worse. To much additional stiff that made things slower.
  2. Does the screen flip depending on the orientation of the Rx. On the website it looks like the display info is upside down.
  3. How are people securing the Deva 24 in a bag?
  4. Ambient QX565 internally cabled. Always a joy to use.
  5. With the complete disabling of Tapatalk support this site feels very snappy
  6. Looks like it's fixed and feels quicker then before.
  7. Blame the Tapatalk world
  8. Tapatalk used to be good. Fast and simple made using forums really easy and convenient but has slowly gone downhill.
  9. I had been using Tapatalk for a couple other forms but has been nothing but problems. Incredibly buggy. . Uninstalled Just ditch the Tapatalk efforts.
  10. General MS recording works with the TX. Many have done it.
  11. My bad I thought OP was referring to the original Me 2 that was included not the Mke 2 . The Mke2 is very nice
  12. Think of the included lav mic as a gift to make the kit complete
  13. Can existing mzf800s be modified in any way?? Is the 18db different physically?
  14. They had a barrel version of this for a while. Not sure if it's any better.
  15. Says right on their website under discontinued products.
  16. Return after using?. This ain't Walmart
  17. RIP. Little fella.. Such a useful tool
  18. If it's a good deal then snap. If not then wait.
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