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  1. Good news!!!! After getting really indignant with the AVID rep and basically showing my complete displeasure (in what I could only describe as the equivalent of yelling via email), they've decided to allow me to reinstate for the lower "renewal" price instead of having to pay full freight! Crisis averted. Persistence pays off! My suggestion, for anyone in a similar predicament is to stand your ground and perhaps the same will happen for you. :-)
  2. Thanks for the offer. I'm going to wait and see what they do. I sent an email in protest and we'll see if I get any traction before going full-nuclear on them.
  3. I'm seriously thinking about ditching PT updates and support plan and just freezing my system as is. I rarely if never use the support part of the plan. I can just buy the plugin's outright I guess.
  4. Who's Marianna? Do you have a contact for her?
  5. So apparently my system's upgrade and support renewal didn't go through in September. Never received an email or anything about the card being declined. I'm just now finding out about this 6 months later when I opened an old mix project to re-mix it into another format and the pro-expander/compressor wouldn't load.. Now AVID says because I didn't update in a timely fashion (wihtin 30 days) I have to pay the full price for reinstatement (an extra 500 bucks). You'd think they'd have some customer loyalty since I've been using their software since PT7. Beware corporate greed. Disgraceful.
  6. Ha! Thanks Dalton. Yeah, I know how the smart tool works. I use Pro Tools every day at work. My question is specifically about the grabber tool switching to this little sideways cupped hand. I wanted to know how to toggle it off, and also what it's for. I think this might be a new addition to the tool set because I don't remember seeing it before (I've been using PT since v7).
  7. Hey Everyone! So I noticed recently that when in Smart Tool mode, some times the Grabber tool (which is normally a 5 fingers outstretched hand) switches to what looks like a angled cupped hand? Does anyone know what this does AND ALSO how to turn it on/off? (mostly off). I noticed that when I click with that tool mode it draws a yellow line down into the region. I tried looking it up in the manual, and in online and can't seem to find anything related to it. Thanks! John
  8. Hello All, I am attempting to encode a 5.1 source track into a 5.1 AC3 surround matrix using Neyrinck's Dolby Digital 2 plugin in Protools. I am creating a blu-ray for festival submissions. I seem to have everything in the right place (I've tested it in Dolby Digital 2's preview and all the correct channels are playing back in the assigned channel). However, when I take it over to my home theater system which is 7.1, I've noticed that the surround channels (Ls/Rs) are playing out of the mid-room surrounds and NOT the back speakers as would just a 5.1 configuration. When I play a consumer surround disk, they seem to play back properly, just my disk seems to be wonky. I tried re-exporting with the EX bit extension but the disk still plays the same way. My question is this: Is there something in the encoding that I need to configure that might affect the distribution of the encoded channels? How do I get the disk to map the Ls/Rs to the rear channels? Thanks for any guidance you can give me! John
  9. I do have vocalign but have had mixed results. Also it’s not really designed for the search and replace function I was hoping for Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Thanks Phillip, I agree it's gonna suck either way I slice it. All I really have to go on is the original name of the file. This was done properly and consistently so finding the actual ISO isn't an issue. It's the relentless searching I need to do in order to achieve this.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm working on an environmental documentary mix and the editor/director did not include all the audio feeds into the timeline edit and resulting AAF. So I am trying to reconstruct the edited version of audio and replace the Lav Feed with the Boom. So I have all the original source RAW interviews that were recorded on location copied onto Temp tracks in the project. Is there any way to "match" by waveforms in Pro Tools 12HD? This would be similar to the way PluralEyes and Premiere Pro matches audio by analyzing waveforms. Ideally, I'd like to pull up some sort of plugin window, select my "Source" sample, and then Select the 1 hour long "Target" and hit a FIND button and it would search through and highlight the matching waveform from that long interview so I could copy and paste into the timeline. Is there any function in ProTools that does this or am I wishing for something that doesn't exist? Thank you, John
  12. I did this to mine. Now, I can plug in any straight 3.5mm stereo cable into it. I use a 3.5mm/1/4" adapter. John
  13. 23.98 is just a rounded up. It's shorthand for 23.976
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