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  1. piero

    Bias tee and Betso Sharkie

    Yes I know the difference between bias power and RF gain, so I misunderstood the Shure specifications... Yes, I know the difference between bias power and RF gain, I think I misunderstood the Shure specifications... I understood that an amplification was necessary to compensate the loss of the "bias voltage" for longer cables, the voltage necessary to power the antenna! Anyway I can't understand why the Uabiast is able to feed the antenna through a 30 feet coaxial cable but not with a 100 feet cable. I'll check again the bnc connections. Thank for your answer!
  2. piero

    Bias tee and Betso Sharkie

    Hi folks, I'd like to find a proper bias tee to feed a Betso Shatkie, using a 100 feet coaxial cable (an Aircell 7). I've bought a Shure Uabiast but I just realize that for cable runs exceeding 25 feet an in line amplifier may be required to compensate for signal loss...damn! I hope there is a more powerful one on the market. Maybe the lectrosonics Bias T?Unfortunately on the specifications there is no mention of the maximum cable lenght. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  3. piero


    I'd like to add some DPA SLIM at my zaxcom LA2.6's.I'm very happy with my 4063, but there isn't a low voltage SLIM version.Which version of DPA SLIM is reccomended for Zaxcom TRXLA : 4060 (Hi sens.) or 4061 (Low sens.)?
  4. piero

    Stereo ifb

    But using a G2/G3 beltpack transmitter (mono) you have to turn off the pilot tone on your IEM300 . The stereo systems work on a different pilot-tone frequency.
  5. piero

    Zoom F8

    Hi Gabriel, yes, at the moment I'm using two LEXAR 32GB 633x SDHC Class 10 without problems (they are not included on the recommended SD cards list but they passed the full test), and they are not too expensive.
  6. Now everything is clear, thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, is there any "psc triple play" user out there? I'm a little bit confused about how the 3 inputs work together. For example: what happens if I have on the input 1 an ac power supply, on the input 2 one SLA battery and on the input 3 one NP battery? By what criterion the unit chooses to feed from input 1, 2 or 3? Maybe according to the voltage of each input? Or does it simply take the power from 3 inputs at the same time? Thanks in advance !
  8. piero

    Zoom F8

    I've just bought two cards included in the list of recommended cards on the Zoom website (kingston SD4/32GB). Running the "quick" card test in my recorder the result was positive but running the "full" test the result was negative. Has anyone else experienced the same problem with the same or another recommended card?
  9. piero

    Zaxcom issues

    I received support by TEDES in Italy for replacing the FUSION's power supply board or the front panel of a TRX, but (in my experience) if a zaxcom wireless or recorder stops working or simply needs to be recalibrated it will have to be shipped to NJ. Maybe one day Zaxcom will provide FULL technical support in Europe?
  10. piero

    My First Cart (v.1)

    Really nice work valentino! Hope to see your prototype soon. A presto!
  11. piero


    Good to know, thanks!
  12. Hi all, I just bought an RF MULTI SMA and I'd like to know if I can power it with a IDX NP-L7S through my PSC POWERSTAR MINI. I know that the RF MULTI SMA accepts a dc source between 10 and 15Vdc, but my NP-L7S fully charged is on 16V, or more. Powering the RF MULTI with the NP-L7S could damage it? Can I solve the problem without having to buy another battery? Thanks! Piero.
  13. piero

    LEMO connectors

    Thank you John for your exhaustive explanation. Really helpful!
  14. piero

    LEMO connectors

    Hi John, could you explain the best way to connect the cable shield to the shell?Do you have to solder or you simply lock the cable shield in the shell? Thanks!
  15. Just finished the first day of filming:setting the output at 2V seems to work fine. Thanks to all!