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  1. I've posted my setup a number of times in the past. But I feel it's worth sharing for those who haven't seen it. IT is not the smallest, or lightest battery solution, I admit. But I'll be damned if you find a better price/performance ratio for this setup. I have been using it for over 2 years with 0 issues. Paul C buff vagabond lithium ion battery, 130 wh http://www.paulcbuff.com/vmb88a.php $90! Charger is under $30! http://www.paulcbuff.com/vmc3a.php Fits well in the back pocket of my orca or-32 with my nomad. Will run nomad, 2 qrx100's continuously for over 12 hours. If you power up/down responsibly I've gone 2 full days on one charge. Charges to 16.4v and runs nomad until about 11.5. I run it through a bdsv4u. And you can still take them onto the plane! Have fun, Chase Yeremian
  2. All i can say is my Powerex batteries after a year of use or so, no longer can boot my trx900LA unless i take them directly off the charger (sometimes they still wont) I use the Powerex in the ERX2 now, easily last 10+ hours on continuous use. In my TRX I now use the black Eneloops. They are substantially better then the powerex in my experience for this purpose.
  3. I was looking for more opinions for headphones and thought this video made a pretty good case for the MDR 7506's. Do you think he gave them an pretty accurate description?
  4. Hello everyone! I need to rent an additional Zaxcom ERX in Oaklahoma City for the next 3 weeks. If you know of anyone locally who wants to rent one please let me know! Thank you, Chase Yeremian
  5. Good evening! I have had the pleasure of beta testing a new microphone from Hasbro. Attached is the first look at this exceptional new microphone.
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for your input! I had talked to production about it and I am going to have it replaced with a new one regardless if it seems to work or not. Its not worth the potential time bomb ticking within. And i'm pretty sure the rule "if you don't use it, you lose it" applies to insurance, and we all must follow the rules! Either way, I will update you Monday when I attempt to power it on as to what happens. Thanks, Chase
  7. Greetings! So one of my TRX900LA transmitters fell into the toilet. It went full submersion for 5 seconds or so (according to the story). It was powered off when it happened, had battteries removed immediately after, and was placed in a tupperwear filled with rice shortly after. A few questions for the more experienced in this situation. I have had a G2 take a full dunk and the rice fix ended up fixing the issue. In this case, it is still in the rice and will be for at least 48 hours until Monday when I return to set. In the case it turns on and seems to work, should I ask production to cover the cost to send it in to have it looked at by the mothership? Or should I fight to have it replaced? My worry is down the road something was damaged that is not immediately apparent and the unit will breakdown sooner than it otherwise would have had it not taken a dunk. obviously if it doesn't work come Monday, I will ask to have it replaced. Just looking for personal experiences and opinions. Have a great weekend! Chase
  8. Thanks for the input. Just to clarify, the purpose of the live show is for filming and not for the actual performance, so sound quality of the PA is only important to the point of being playback, but the recording will be the important part. So acoustics and the sound of the band to the attendees is not of any real importance.
  9. Hi all, I have a project coming up that is similar to a late night show with a live band. We are in need of a dedicated Live Sound engineer w/ PA equipment for a up to two days in LA (January 30/31 2015). The show will take place in a Loft in Los Angeles. There will need to be appropriate equipment to mic/mix/playback a (up to) 5 person rock band 2 GTR, Bass, Drums, Vocalist. Ability to either send a stereo mix for recording, or record a stereo mix yourself is required. The rock bands live performance will be recorded and used in the show, I will be handling the production sound equipment and services. Please send me a PM with questions/rates. Thanks, Chase Y
  10. Hey everyone! I'm tired of Turbo Tax and I am looking for a CPA or tax professional that specializes in working with people in our industry. If you don't want to keep them a secret, do share! LA area is preferred! Thanks, Chase
  11. For reference if i output tone at -20 from Nomad, I set my ERX to 4dB fixed gain on the red epic, and the epic level is at -30 (Which is the lowest). That gives me proper levels on the red.
  12. You can actually use a threaded 1/8" jack on the ERX and it will screw on, I do it all the time!
  13. If it was me, based on the information you gave. I would bring a DAW (Pro tools, audacity, or just about any NLE DAW) and have a TC audio track at the proper framerate (you will need to request this). Line up 01:00:00:00 with the beginning of the song so that any time you playback the song, the relative TC will playback on a seperate track. I would send the TC track to a transmitter (Or via cable preferably) to the motion control system. You may want to ask for a earlier call to do workflow tests. You probably don't know, what exactly that motion control device needs to see from a TC output to work properly i.e. what level the TC needs to be at. This also allows you to chop up the song into verse chorus etc (while cutting up the TC track in the same spots) to allow you to easily cue up certain segments of the song. Usually you would get these points ahead of time, but it is very fast and easy to do it in a DAW on the spot. Good luck.
  14. Thanks guys for the input. Mark, we did exactly that. We did some test shots and handed them to DIT. Synd'd audio solely from TC and it was Dead on. Did another check a few hours into the jam, and still dead on. -Chase
  15. Hey all, Does the touch monitor for the epic have an inherent 2 frame delay? While jamming the camera, I noticed the slate was reaching the next second slightly before the TC display on camera, while the jam cable was in. So I took a picture of the slate and the TC on the display, and sure enough the Epic was 2 frames behind the even while the jam cable was plugged in. This is the first day of the show so I can not yet check any footage afterwards to see if the sync is off. And if all else fails and there is a delay, then I'll just write a note explaining it needs to be moved 2 frames. Camera and production knows, and it's not really an issue, it's more for my education and peace of mind. Thanks!
  16. I have also used mkh-50's on driver and passenger with great results while the windows were open. In fact, if the situation allows, it is my preferred method. But of course in some cases a cub, or even a cos11 rigged in the car have sounded better. Do as many things as you can in the time you have and try to sort it out in rehearsals (Assuming you can't do some tests beforehand).
  17. I'm not sure why AES 1/2 is disabled in that situation anyways. Since it is beneficial to run a full Zaxcom setup and a full digital chain, you would think that AES 1/2 would be enabled. It does cause some headaches.
  18. Yeah, It is just tough when you have some gear in block 20 and some in 26, but don't want to buy different distro solutions for each piece of hardware. Though from a technical standpoint the information you had from Glenn is undoubtedly correct, in the field I never had an issue with two PSC RF Multi's for my QRX100's (Block 20, and 26) being fed by Zaxcom Blue sharkfins. Though my experience was somewhat limited - the performance was exceptional.
  19. Which RF Venue antenna are you using, The diversity fin antennae? And which Zaxcom RX are you using? Which Lectro RX? That antennae is designed to take both inputs of a diversity RX, so if you are using a QRX 100, you could route the QRX100 antennae inputs to each output of the antennae, if you are using a single RF multi on only one output of the diversity fin antennae, and a whip on the other antennae input of the QRX100, then you aren't using the antennae how it was intended. This is why I had 2 RF multi's so I could have true diversity and each antennae was using the same chain.
  20. Have you updated the Firmware to the new modulation? It has VASTLY improved range. The few times I used antenna distro with Zaxcom Blue sharkfins, my range was increased, and I was able to successfully get signal through 4 walls over 50ft no problem. YMMV. -Chase
  21. You can try some type of insulator between her back and TX, I imagine if you stuck moleskin forst to the skin, then on the back of that put spaceblanket type material (insulated foil) then the TX. I imagine that would stop any passage of direct heat. Ive never tried it, but hey, who knows.
  22. For the people here who commonly do this work. How do you structure pricing for "fixing" audio files. If a client gave you X minute long file that needed EQ, Denoising, and repair of some clipping, do you charge them for software, file duration, your time etc? My goal is to not drive rates into the ground and to be reasonable. Thanks!
  23. I use Nomad but maybe the information I have will be usefull. From my experience, once you format your card to MARF format and you check the capacity on it, the card should actually appear to be full (my 32gb cards will say 31.xxxgb used even if there is no audio on them) I am not sure how this is on the maxx. I once had an experience where DIT made a booboo, long story short I formatted my primary card and just after was told a mistake was made when copying. I was able to grab all of the formatted audio off the card no problem using a tool zaxcom made Link: http://www.zaxcom.com/downloads/ZaxFile%20Deva%20Recovery%20Utility%20v5.05.zip Hopefully you can run this and get your audio back. -Chase
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