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  1. I recently sold an entire Sound Kit to a Soundie in Melbourne Australia, with the agreement he could pay it off. unfortunately he has done a runner and I am concerned he may sell the kit off. So I am putting a list up here with as many serial Numbers I have....the rest I have receipts for purchasing.. If you would like more details please contact me, for his name and contact details Sennheiser 416-PU3 Shotgun Mic. S/N 1480133271 Sennheiser 416-PU3 Shotgun Mic S/N 1310131608 Lectrosonic IFB Reciever Block 24 S/N 20477 Lectrosonic IFB Reciever Block 24 S/N 20487 Lectrosonic IFB Reciever Block 24 S/N. 20493 Lectrosonic LMAAU Transmitter Blk 24 for IFB S/N 315 Lectrosonic SMDA AU Transmitter Blk 25. S/N 582 Lectrosonic SMDA AU Transmitter Blk 25. S/N 583 Lectrosonic SRA AU RECEIVER Blk 25 S/N. 100956 Lectrosonic SRA Reciever Block 24 S/N. 101123 Lectrosonic SR plate with 6’ tail x 2 Lectrosonic UM400A Transmitter Blk 24 S/N 864 Lectrosonic UM400A Transmitter Blk 24 S/N. 865 Lectrosonic UCR401 Receiver Blk 26. S/N. 4378 Lectrosonic UCR401 Receiver Blk 26. S/N. 4379 Lectrosonic SMA AU Transmitter Blk 26 S/N. 229 Lectrosonic SMDAAU Transmitter Blk 26 S/N. 477 Lectrosonic UM400A Transmitter Blk 27. S/N. 565 Lectrosonic UCR411A AU Reciever Block 27 S/N. 15742 Lectrosonic UH400A Transmitter Blk 27 Butt Plug S/N. 212 3FXLR to TA5F Mic Level Lectro Sound Devices 5 Channel Mixer 552 S/N. HY0610287006 Cable Snake 7.0M FOR 552 Cable Breakaway w/ RASMJ 55cm Sound Devices 788SSD 8 Track Recorder. S/N JC0210272004 Sound Devices CL-9 Fader Control S/N. JJ0210125002 Sanken COS11D Lapel Mic BLACK. S/N. 131298 Sanken COS11D Lapel Mic BLACK S/N. 131300 Sanken COS11D Lapel Mic Beige S/N. 120809 Sanken COS11D Lapel Mic Beige. S/N. 120807 ENDURA IDX 2Ch Sequential Charger. S/N K1-15999 Endura IDX V LOC battery 68WH 14.8V 6.3AH S/N. DX 06399 Endura IDX V LOC battery 68WH 14.8V 6.3AH S/N. DX 06393 Endura IDX V LOC battery 93WH 14.8V 6.3AH S/N. CX. 05689 Endura IDX Power Adaptor x 2 Power Distribution Box 4-OUTPUT Hirose Power Distribution Box 4-OUTPUT Hirose Sound Devices CL-WiFi Shure VP64A Hand Mic x 2 Rode NT4 Stereo Mic Sanken CS-3e Shot Gun Mic with grip and wind sock Sennheiser G3 ENG Set Trans & Rec Sennheiser G3 ENG Set Trans & Rec K TEC Boom Pole K-102 .6m-2.68m K TEC Boom Pole KE-69 .75m-1.81m Petrol Bag for Mixer Large PS602 Petrol Bag for Mixer Small PEGZ Rastorder Foldup Cart CART # 39 Pelican Case 1630 with dividers BLACK Pelican case 1610 with foam not Pluck BLACK x 2 Pelican case 1600 with dividers and lid insert BLACK Pelican case 1510 with foam YELLOW Pelican case 1450 with foam BLACK Pelican case 1400 with foam BLACK Pelican case 1300 with foam TAN x 2 Pelican case 1200 with foam ORANGE TA3F -2FXLR x 2pairs Rycote 4KIT Windshield Kit for 416 x 2 There are a number of adaptor cables for the 788SSD too many to list now 788 Breakout cable Sound Devices Timecode XLR M/F 4M Hirose to 4F Hirose 80CM 4M Hirose to TWIN RA 2.1 DC NONLOC x 2 3MXLR to TA3F 744/788 OUTPUT Y BNC / 3MXLR to LEMO 5 T/C I/O 4 MXLR to 4M Hirose 80CM Various rechargeable batteries 9 volt & AA Multiple adaptors and cables
  2. Keeping eye contact with the Director or AD is a good thing. Although I have recently worked with a couple of DOPs that actually give me the eye when they hear a noise. Nice to think that Camera and Sound can work together. Then again I worked on a TVC last week and everyone got a Coffee except the sound Dept. (Oh the Pain !!)
  3. I have 2 x 416 and have used them for years. Last week I got a Sanken CS-3e. Have to say I love it for indoors. And "Yes" each ounce on the end of the pole makes a difference
  4. Many years ago I was Audio Director for the Australian Open Tennis. I received a phone call from our Master Control telling me they were having complaints from viewers about my putting in tennis ball effects. After scratching my head for a while I switched my monitoring from the output of the OB van to On Air. Someone had put a DBX unit on the output of the station Audio. So every time a ball was hit the DBX Pushed the ball to ZERO VU. One of the reasons Network/Broadcaster audio sound so different is they go through more processes.
  5. Have you tried Ultimate Ears? You can also get special molds made to hold them in. Expensive,
  6. In Aus it seems to be becoming a everyday event. No Pay/Deferred. Goesn't matter if they're high end or Student Productions. Where do these people think the money comes from to buy the gear in the first place? The Film Schools are the worst when it comes to No Pay/Deferred and yet they charge their students to do the course. Maybe they should do the course for nothing so the Students can pay their crew!! At the end of the day you get what you pay for. My two cents!!
  7. I recently worked on a feature with the 788SSD and found using the CL-WiFi and a iPad I could give post all the info they needed... At the end of the day transferred all to Wave Agent and printed the sound sheets. Scene, Shot, Take and Timecode
  8. Need some hand cream........
  9. Use VMware and get the best of both worlds!!!!
  10. Basically anything over Blk 27 will be useless?? Is that right?
  11. That's because they become BALD!!! Then you have to get a replant or a rug!!!
  12. One word. "PROFESSIONALISM!!!" They go to University to learn.....They should print their Diplomas on a ROLL......I'd use it!!!
  13. The older you get the more range you loose. It is just part of getting older. The worry is, that with Ipods and other MP players, kids today play them so loud into their heads that by the time they're 40 most will be deaf. Good part about that is, us old folk will still be able to hear and keep working.!!!!
  14. Even better when they yell "Tail Slate!!"..........and your not even recording
  15. My listing is so wrong I don't even try......I've done a lot of acting though!!! And I play the Sax....not sure when I learned that. Oh and I wear a cowboy hat!!!
  16. Try some WD40 in it and give it a good shake and dry out!!! Worked for me.....ONCE!!
  17. How about an IFB app for the iPhone? or Android
  18. Everything takes time.........I'm sure that SD will add more options. But I do like it . I hope !!!!!!
  19. What he said Degradation of magnetic tape: binder oxidation studies References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article. M. Edgea, N.S. Allen[img alt=Corresponding Author Contact Information]http://www.sciencedirect.com/scidirimg/entities/REcor.gif, a, W. Chen†, a and C.V. Horie‡, a aCentre for Archival Polymeric Materials, Chemistry Department, Manchester Metropolitan University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD, England AbstractCommercial videotapes have been artificially aged to quantify extent of binder degradation. Analysis by attenuated total reflectance FTIR shows evidence for the growth of absorptions in the C---O stretching region. It is due to oxidative degradation of the various binders which occurs rapidly, with the magnetic ferric oxide playing a major role in inducing the growth and decomposition of active hydroperoxides. Initial concentrations of hydroperoxides in the binder layers were found to vary significantly with the manufacturing operation. Hydroperoxide decomposition rates increased with increasing humidity levels and temperature giving rise to concurrent increases in the rates of increase of C---O absorption in the i.r. at 1170 cm−1. Although increasing humidity levels may instigate hydrolysis, for oxidation moisture may be serving as a plasticizer. Arrhenius plots are given for the binder layer using a measure of the C---O absorption as the criterion of deterioration. Linear relationships were not obtained suggesting parallel degradation mechanisms. [img alt=Corresponding Author Contact Information]http://www.sciencedirect.com/scidirimg/entities/REcor.gifTo whom all correspondence should be addressed. †Visiting Research Fellow from CICCA, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  20. Yes..... The oxide is actually removed by the heads.
  21. The reason they (DATS or any other Tape Format) won't play first time is they oxidize. By playing them over a few times the heads of the machine actually polish the tape. Not so good for the machine heads, but that is what works. Make sure you clean the heads after each pass. All formats of OXIDEE tapes will have this problem after time. The dryer the storage conditions the better. In the good old days we baked tapes to rejuvenate them. Thanks for the input JP
  22. As the SENATOR says. Use the Quick Start Guide and all will follow. Difference between 744 and 552..............Chalk and cheese..........
  23. I remember when DVDs first came out and they cost $15.00+. Now they cost $ .50c-. Something has to give and I can't see how they are going to last 100 Years. Having watched them delaminate in tests!! The issue is, is it really cost effective if you have to clone every so often and what do you lose by cloning??
  24. OK I see a lot of discussions of how wonderful the new digital age is with Compact Flash Cards, SD Cards, Hard Drives and many more formats for recording audio vs cost of Tape Formats, Analogue tapes that were recorded 50 years ago still survive and yes they have lost a little oxide and need to be rejuvenated. But at the end of the day they still are usable. CDs and DVDs that are recordable have a shelf life of ?? Hard Drives if left on the shelf will fail after 5 to 10 years unless fired up and run every 6 months or so. We work in an industry that spend Millions of $ on production and complain about the cost of the most important part, the recording media!! When you buy a recorder, do you buy the cheapest?? When you buy Radio Mics do you buy the cheapest?? So why buy Media that is cheap? Like buying cheap tyres for your expensive car. If it doesn't stay on the road it really doesn't matter how good the car is. Quality costs. If the media fails does that not cost the production? In the good old days did we do backups of backups to be sure we wouldn't lose our recording?? We get more files on the new media. So we can lose more if they fail. My question,who knows how long these Digital formats will survive? And is it really as good as tape?? Is it worth the cost ??
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