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  1. With the USB recording, will the BP-TRX work as USB host device? As far as I know the M2D2 will only send or receive audio as a USB slave, if they're both slaves it won't work
  2. Simon Bishop's successfully been using KMR-81Ds on booms for some time with a DMI-2 and Zaxcom wireless
  3. Here's a bit of an overview of the current Sonosax preamp design which incorporates post (dual) ADC gain and has an option to record 32bit files: http://rtsound.net/no-gain-no-pain-sonosax-r4-and-ad8-gain-structure/ I've asked Sonosax a couple of questions about this since this discussion about the F6 has started, whether recording in 32bit produces float or integer files, and whether they can 'save' any overmodulated tracks
  4. I've run 4x MCR42 and an audio ltd RF DA from the DC output quite happily. Digital receivers are another story...
  5. The timecode systems app (or paired movieslate) has had this for years, since the master. It also works with the wave and pulse- useful for the odd thing where you need to put TC in front of a gopro or something, but doesn't really replace a proper slate
  6. Yes, and the R4+ (which has some new ambisonic decoding firmware on the way soon)
  7. 606-614MHz is good in the UK (in fact the only range we can reasonably use without a fixed site license), and up to 700MHz works with a fixed site license
  8. Only just seen this- as a note I've not really used any of the computer setups in anger. I am working on something, though...
  9. Thank you Jacques, I was wondering if it was possible to use the ambeo option card and the XLR microphone inputs at the same time, and if other analogue sources could be sent to the ambeo connector?
  10. Didn't see the option card- would this give additional analogue inputs alongside the 4 XLR inputs or would they be switched? I know a few people interested in the R4+ but would need additional analogue inputs and the AD8+ is more than they need
  11. It's usually at least £100 of kit on top of that. For a number of reasons our kit rental rates seem to be considerably lower than those I've seen charged in the US. You may need to hire radio mics in locally, there are quite specific license requirements here. Actually with the kit quoted I'd be charging over £500 with that for a 10hr day
  12. I didn’t measure it, but it has a similar footprint to an iphone 6
  13. I’d look at it as a nicer sounding 302 with more functionality (direct outs and AES3), rather than any kind of alternative to the 688. I’ve still got mine- it sounds lovely still, but the R4+ preamps are up a notch on these I’d say The SX-M2D2 looks like it’s pretty much exactly what you’re after (it’s also *tiny*), but still in development and I doubt it’ll be available before the end of the year. I’ve attached some photos of the prototype casing, but it may well change (they were looking at changing the controls and putting them on the shorter side)
  14. They should share the same pinout as superslot receivers so audio and power should work in the octopack. There's a picture of one in a SL6 in the IBC video https://youtu.be/AIfsZPAT7w4
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