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  1. I would use the 702t as channel 9 & 10 as an extra wireless recorder if needed. But its main purpose is a back up in case of a corrupt file from the 788t. I would have at least a back up of the mix upto the 788t crash. Which the 702t saved me a couple of times. Plus, it allows me to send 2 additional outs for bts crews, playback crews, or etc. without loosing my additional outs of the 788t because I'm using AES from the 788t.
  2. Hello JWsounf People, Weird experience I'm having with one of my CMIT-5U and my 2 Lectro UH400a's. Problem: When ever I power my CMIT-5U with my plug ons. The CMIT-5U doesn't power all the way up. The LEDs on the shotgun stay dim red and aren't switchable. Both my UH400's are set at 48V, phantom on. The plug ons work with all of my other phantom power mics. When I hard wire my CMIT-5U straight to my recorder it works perfectly fine. Now here is the weird part. When I switch my plug ons to 15v they power my CMIT-5U perfectly and I'm able to switch the 15v to 48v and both volt settings sound the same and the mic is working. I sent the plug ons to lectro and they are up to date and received a tune up. Lectro told me phantom mics can very on mic from 12v to 50v to work. And that 15v won't damage the mic or plug on. If anything my batteries will last longer. My other CMIT-5U works fine at 48v with both plug ons and as well at 15v. I really don't want to send the non 48v working mic to Germany to get repaired. I guess I'll use that schoeps at 15v with my uh400a. Has anyone heard or experience this?
  3. I also use this on my cart too. Maha PowerEx MH-C204W 1-Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger (Batteries Not Included) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0053E0FEE/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_t2Skvb1GH8F6Y https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0053E0FEE/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_t2Skvb1GH8F6Y
  4. My charging station on my follow cart
  5. I've seen main recorders go down and the back up saved the day a month later. I rather be safe than sorry.
  6. Yeah Back Up 2 channel recorder. I have an FR2 with tC but it's too big for the spot I want it.
  7. Just need to replace the cl8 with a 702t
  8. I'll take a photo of the undercarriage maybe sometime this weekend. I was thinking about going to a local welder here in Brooklyn to see if he or she can make me a better and stronger axle and custom front and rear handles...
  9. New wheels (made the axle myself). Still and always be a work in progress. Check it out! Just need to get handles made!!!
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