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  1. A friend of mine told me a great life hack. She said to poke the Allen key through an elastic band or a condom while inserting it into the set screw. I tried the trick on one of set screws on my 688. It works like a hot damn. Less wobble.
  2. Okay I measured the key that I use and it’s a 1/16. It’s a bit on the loose side but it’s the only key that fits.
  3. I thought the size is .050, but if you tried 1/16 .063 and that’s too small, then I’ll pull out the micrometer and measure the key I use.
  4. I've been using a Craftsman rotary tool that's a rebranded Dremel for about 15 years. Accessories that I have are the flexible remote shaft system and the drill press for pc boards. The only problem that I've encountered are the brushes wore out and they were easily replaceable. Peter
  5. I've been using the maha c-800s for years. Slow charge the batteries when they get used and once in awhile I use the reconditioner charge mode. Batteries and charger are cheap and easy to get Peter
  6. Hi Everyone This was the kit that I used on my last project. 8 411 systems, 664 & a CL6, home made power distro and 130wh battery. My chiropractor loved it.
  7. Hers a short list of mics with some attributes 416 will last forever. Bp4073 on a budget Cs3e great problem solver Scheops cmit simply awesome. Good luck
  8. Hi gearhead917 In the srb menus there's a phase option. Check that first. Peter
  9. I've replaced the switch. Bought them from Lectrosonics 1-2 dollars a piece. You'll need patience, a soldering iron, solder wick and a sucker. Take pictures as you take it apart, mark the screw locations and go slow. Good luck
  10. I've bought coax with Sma ends in computer shops before. You have to be careful sometimes the connector has the reverse sma on it, meaning no centre pin in the connector. Also I've used paper clips. Good luck to your buddy
  11. Check the Lectrosonics website servo bias wiring. Frequently asked questions #70. Hope that helps Peter
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