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    Work at Sound Devices in Reedsburg, WI. Technical Marketing Specialist, most of my duties involve creating videos for web, generating other marketing materials and staying right on top of new product development. Formerly a member of the Sound Devices Tech Support team, I have developed a deep understanding of field production and sound for picture. Outside of work I'm heavily involved in local and indie video and audio productions.

    Previously a touring audio tech/boomer, I had the pleasure of touring the US with high-profile music artists such as Pearl Jam, Linkin Park and Natasha Bedingfield to name a few. Most everything I have worked on professionally in the world of AV creation has been high-end audio/video material for web.

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  1. Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 Select “File” > “Send to” > “Compressor” Once Compressor is open select “Apple” > “Formats” > (For Example) “ProRes” > Select desired ProRes Codec and drag it to the sequence that will be exported within compressor Navigate to the “Inspector” > “Audio Settings” > Select “5.0” or “5.1” audio format. Select desired “destination” Click “Submit” This method will export the 6 channels of audio through a single stream (still 6 isolated tracks within the single stream) and the video on a single stream leaving only 2 independent streams within the QT file. Exporting video directly out of FCP 7 (without Compressor) will export each audio track over their own stream and one for the video stream. This would give you a total of 7 streams within the QT file. I know there are some programs that have problems playing back QT files with too many streams i.e. more than two. This is something you can try to get a QT file with everything you need but with only using two streams. Will this solve the problem? I don't know but it's worth a shot if nothing else is working. I have ran into a similar problem before and this was the solution. Good luck. EDIT: You can verify that the file is a 5.1 file by using VLC. Import the file to VLC > Right click > Select "Media Information". In the popup window, select the "Codec Details" tab. You will see the stream information. "Stream 0" will be the video/codec information and "Stream 1" will be the audio information. There you should see the audio channel assignments for that stream. If you see more than 2 streams, it means something was not done properly.
  2. You can always contact the Sound Devices support department, support@sounddevices.com or (608) 524-0625, and get information on the service history of the 744T (or any SD product). We can tell you how old the unit is, if it has been info for service before and its update history... Kind of like the recorder's equivalent of a medical record. All very valuable information when purchasing a previously loved SD recorder. 744T Product Page is a good place to start too. From here you can check to see in your firmware is up to date and the tech notes on the page offer some great info one many surrounding elements of the 744T (Like how to change the Time Code battery and so on...) Hope this helps!
  3. Ahh, that right! I was completely assuming that the start TC values start on the 00 frame. This, however, is not always the case.
  4. As long as you're moving from one non-integer frame rate to another non-Integer frame rate, the start TC stamps will remain the same, which is the important part. You can use Wave Agent to change the timecode frame rate stamps to 29.97 and that will solve the problem without adding additional problems. EDIT - If post needs to change the TC frame rate of the video files, that's as easy as changing the TC FR field for the video files in post. Any NLE should be able to do this. As long as DF and integer frame rates were not used at any point during the recording process, everything will sync up fine when all the timecode frame rate stamps have been properly matched. Again, the start TC stamps should already be identical between 29.97 and 23.976 stamped files even with the different frame rate stamps.
  5. Take an in-depth look at Mix Assist, an available feature on the 788T that improves audio quality in environments with multiple open microphones
  6. Mike, I recommend contacting the Sound Devices support department at support@sounddevices.com as soon as possible. That would be the best place to start before you go and send it to Shure and possibly back to the US. - Jesse
  7. Rick, I would recommend contacting the Sound Devices Support Team at support@sounddevices.com and arranging for a return authorization for inspection and possible repair. If the batteries are corroded to the point that the cap is sealed shut, it's probably worth it to have one of our tech evaluate the rest of the unit for damage that could be caused by acid leaking into the unit itself. Jesse Parker
  8. Menu > Inputs > Input Mode > 12 Channel
  9. Robert, The mp3 files created by the 744T are stamped with timecode and I have yet to hear from a transcription house that has had a problem seeing these stamps. You should be just fine delivering the 744T mp3's. I would not rely on Audacity when it comes to anything in the world of metadata. - Jesse [EDIT] - And with the 744T/788T combo you'll have full transport control of the 744T by using either the 788T's C.Link or Free Run - Auto Output Mute mode (If the 744T is in External TC - Auto Record mode).
  10. +1 - No harm in putting yourself out there and diving into something that interests you.
  11. Have those audio files ever been imported into Wave Agent or another metadata editing application? Is it at all possible that the sample rate stamp could have been accidentally changed? 2 seconds over 10 minutes is surprisingly similar to the drift you would get when playing a file stamped at 48.048k in a 48k environment. 598/600 = .99 (number of seconds in 10 minutes dividing two seconds less than 10 minutes) 48/48.048 = .99. Maybe the files have been mistakenly altered and the files are now stamped as another sample rate. I remember a post here not long ago had the exact same issue. It may be worth checking if nothing else is working. A simple change in the metadata fixed the issue without having to TC/E anything the last time something like this happened. A re-stamp and reimport may be the answer. Good luck with this one!
  12. http://www.sounddevices.com/notes/mixers/oscillation-xfmr-inputs/ Are you referring to this? That won't be an issue with the 664.
  13. I got to see Willie at Bonnaroo in 08'. Fantastic show, incredible musician!
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