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  1. On 15/11/2017 at 12:21 PM, Ohrenzeuge said:


    Just talked to my distributer here in Germany and Wisycom is working on the Problem and will have new PSC custom flanges within the next 6 weeks. They will not charge you an extra for the new one, you just have to send them your old.


    As I mentioned above, Wisycom was completely unaware of the PSC design change until we told them back in September. ;)

  2. 1 hour ago, John Ronnerblad said:

    Thanks! Could you please do me a favor and compare the screws on the bottoms of the old and new? 


    I have this mount and wonders if it would fit the new six pack as well:





    I try to do it when I'll be back in the office on Monday, I'm not sure we have some "old" model in the warehouse now -they may be all out for rent.


    Also, I'm trying to figure out if this "new" model is made just for Sennheiser EK6042 and the "old" one will still be available eventually or is the only one on the market from now on.

  3. 2 hours ago, John Ronnerblad said:

    Would you mind show more photos to compare the old/new six pack. 


    I would like to see all sides and underneath it  as I havnt found any pictures of the new one. I have the old one attached with Tim Whites hinge mount to my X3. So screwholes must match to fit the new six pack. 


    you're welcome. No db37 door, size is 31,5cm (33,5 for the outer metal cover)x 12cm (14.5cm for the outer metal cover) x 4cm




  4. 3 hours ago, thope said:

    I've done that through the supplier, it was a major pain for me, as I'd already had cables made up. The other problem was that the unit has been made wider, so it didn't fit in the bag that I had just had custom made!


    another issue is that the RF cables are at a shorter distance now so Wisycom PSC custom flanges can't be used anymore. We addressed the issue today to Wisycom as they were unaware of that. Check the picture: the old model is the one with the MCR42 receivers and the metal flanges are perfect for it while as you can see they can't be used with the new model.


  5. Sorry but I have not expressed well

    This modify is his creation and if you want, there is a cost. He don't works free...as like all...I hope!

    in Italy, until 1st January , we've been working with these frequencies, now the 4G has occupied this band .... very bad for us!

    For what I know, In USA there isn't power limit and there are certainly free frequencies. Here is a jungle .... you hope to work well with wireless microphones. With 200mw not enough to stay calm !


    Thank you Italian state  ^_^


  6. I'm sorry but I can not tell you what to do, it's not my patent and certainly would not know where to start, I just know that it is a work of advanced electronics.
    Ours was only a successful test.
    If you are interested, you can buy from me one used portable system G2 so that, with D-band (786-822 MHz).
    In all cases it is a system that you can use only outside the European community.
  7. Which would you choose between SK 2000 and SK 500 G3 if they have the same RF power?

    I think that Lemo3 connector is inconvenient and expensive and if the sound is equal, or very similar, certainly choose an evolution!

    what do you think?

    I have one SK 100 G3 modified to more then 100mw....it is grate!!

  8. I know that you used the band of astronomers, in that band you never have problems right? 50 mw are comfortable.

    Frequencies from 790 to 863MHz now use for 4G; there isn't a dedicated bandwidth but we worked fairly well! Now we can only enhance transmitters to get those 20-30 meters of hope!!

  9. We can choose frequencies ranging from 550MHz to 790MHz, but we are never sure that our choice is correct, depends on the region, on the city, the area or district of a city ...we never quite to work well with the wireless microphones, We don't have a politician who help us in this, we have only Berlusconi! ^_^

    Richard, where you work?

  10. Dear users,

    we are the biggest rental of professional audio in italy and we would to sell 2 unit of 744T with this configuration :

    N.1 Recorder 744T with HHD 160 GB (new)

    N.1 Power supply / battery charger

    N.1 Battery of 4400mha (1 mount of life)

    N.2 Cables of 50 cm TA3F - XLRM (line output)

    N.2 Cables of 50 cm TA3F - XLRF (line input)

    We have olso a big service center where our machines are regularly checked and tested.

    In italy, the price list of new 744T is € 3900,00 + VAT (actualy 21%).

    We sell them at 2500,00 + VAT, free shipment in EU.

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