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  1. If it's able to jam Timecode, I'd rub that magic lamp a little harder and get it to also output Timecode. That would be perfect for mounting on a DSLR or similar small camera with the flexibility to input audio from a smaller electret Mic and inputting both into camera for two methods of sync, waveform and Timecode. While at it, double the battery life if possible!
  2. I seem to recall on that model having to run the L/R masters at -10 below full to maintain correct headroom.
  3. I've found this solution to be quite effective car to car, suction cup mounted SNA dipole for wireless transmitters. I'm not sure if the wireless theory is correct here, but it worked for me!
  4. Nice work Matt, You would think that adapting a control surface wouldn't be rocket science...but at least it works! Please also see this thread as a follow up to my progress with another control surface:
  5. Thanks for this response Jacob, Please see this thread for the updated info http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/26807-x-touch-compact-from-behringer/
  6. Some of you may know I am on the hunt to couple a midi mixer with my NagraVI since the release of the latest software from Nagra in 2015. The X-Touch compact is the latest device I have tested and by far the most workable. I've had to wait for it's release for about 6 months, though the ridiculously low price makes up for it. For those of you out there in the market, here's the scoop: The NagraVI is programmed to receive midi CC messages, but only with values 00 to 30. This is function is facilitated with a custom cable connecting Midi+, Midi-, and shield/ground into a 9pin din extension connector on the right side of the recorder. This connector is very busy handling wordclock in and out as well as two AES direct output pairs of analog inputs 1-4. The midi map tool in the menu of the NagraVI facilitates assignment of input gain of mic/line inputs 1-4 and line inputs 5&6, for Iso channel levels. It also maps linear faders that control the six inputs to the mix bus, six pan controls, one master level for the mix bus, one output level adjustment, transport control for skip back, skip forward, rewind, fast forward, stop, play, record, false take record(though I have yet to make this function work without creating an additional file). The NagraVI functions will all respond to the X-Touch hardware controls via midi. I have had success in using the X-Touch remapping tool, a separate software program downloaded from Behringer, while connected via USB to a computer. I had to change the way the control surface behaved out of the box due to the limitations of the NagraVI only being able to understand midi values CC00-CC30. I also had to set transport controls within the X-Touch to "Toggle" mode instead of "Momentary" otherwise the control surface would send both "note on" and "note off" messages and the NagraVI interprets these double messages and creates two files on record, or skips two files for skip back/skip forward, etc. The X-Touch Compact is built as rugged as the Mackie MCU Pro, but at a much smaller size. I also did not have success with the MCU Pro due to not being able to remap it's midi messages Currently, the X-Touch will not work with ProTools as it does not act as a HUI controller yet (there may be an update in the future but Behringer makes no promises), the bigger brother X-Touch does use HUI though. Tom V. helped me figure out the Toggle/Momentary problem, along with a couple of quickly returned support emails to/from Behringer. I hope this info helps folks interested in doing more with their NagraVI units, I'm looking forward to a lighter and more compact rig for those independent shoots that pop up here and there. Good Luck! Eric The beginnings of my compact cart. SD552 for additional preamps, routing, and potentially a two channel timecode backup. Updates to follow.
  7. Quick question for those of you who know midi language, when programming the X-Touch for transport control of my NagraVI I'm getting a midi message twice to the recorder. This means I record two files, skip two tracks, etc with a single button press. Message that is being for record sent is CC28, min value 0, max value 127, set to momentary. all controls functioning well, faders and encoders. Thank you, Eric
  8. Anyone have the exterior dimensions on the CL-12? Thank you, Eric
  9. After sending off an email to Kirk at Renegade Labs regarding the possibility of powering from 12v DC, his reply: "The mixer can be powered on 12V DC. Probably want to keep it within +/- 0.25V. The DC connector we use is from Kycon, part number: KPPX-4P. We purchase them from Mouser Electronics." Nice to have such a prompt response. Eric
  10. Constantin Yes, with any of our modern recorders they have top quality Mic preamp and often direct out digital. This works for my personal setup for booms and plants, wireless receivers would go analog into the 328 directly. The 328 mixers have 4/6/8 analog input cards also and could be configured to be the primary analog input device, though there isn't input gain trims dedicated for every input channel. The beauty of this board however is that it is primarily a digital device. Mirror: I agree BNC connectors are not ideal, though they are functional.
  11. In the search for a new product that has the potential to handle the various forms of digital and analog audio on our modern recording carts, I ran across the Renegade 328 mixers, Blue and Grey. Obviously this is a broadcast quality product with features unrelated to our location audio needs. Blue|328: http://www.renegadelabs.com/products/blue328.html Grey|328: http://www.renegadelabs.com/products/gray328.html Expansion Cards: http://www.renegadelabs.com/products/328io.html With the right configuration of modules and using an outboard mic preamp such as a main recorder, I believe this unit shows some practical use potential. Any thoughts? Eric
  12. Christian, Thanks man. I'm thinking it will be useful for many folks. This back from Mackie today: "HUI is a proprietary protocol shared between Mackie and Avid so we are unable to disclose any MIDI mapping specs. Since HUI has been around for nearly 20 years, you may have some luck searching online for some information regarding the protocol." Looks like what's in the box is an industry secret, and likely a bit of a proprietary racket, meeting the HUI spec just enough to claim that it supports the protocol. I'll look to useability of the Command8 and the Behringer X-touch Compact. Eric
  13. This reply from Mackie: Unfortunately there is no way of turning off the return MIDI information on the MCU Pro. The MCU Pro has never been tested or supported with a standalone recording device. The MCU Pro is only designed to be connected to a Mac or PC computer and used with a standard DAW that supports the HUI, Mackie Control, or Logic Control MIDI protocols. - I figured I'd keep the thread updated for future users. Also, I've found a problem where the MCU Pro panel is sending the same midi message for all transport functions, ie stop, play, record, ff, rw. I'm wondering if it's possible to reconfigure the midi map in the MCU Pro in HUI mode? I've also asked Mackie directly. Eric
  14. After some experimentation, the solution for the MCU Pro panel in HUI mode with the Nagra VI is to use a midi thru box inline to split the midi signal. The secondary output of the midi thru box returns back to the MCU Pro and provides confirmation. I'm still on the fence as to the usability of the MIDI Pro to externally control the Nagra VI as it does not have rotary encoders for pan functions and it appears that transport control messages all appear as a single midi function wether I'm mapping start/stop/ff/rw. Eric
  15. Today I'm experimenting with a couple of control surfaces in use with my NagraVI and the latest software version 3.2. I'm using a custom Midi cable from each control surface to the EXT connector on the NagraVI. First test was with a Command8, I had one laying around and I figured I'd experiment. The Command8 is set to "Stand Alone" mode. After setting each knob and fader function within the NagraVI, I'm seeing positive results with input gain and mix gain. Obviously the scribble strips are blank and also there's no way to control pan. Transport functions also do not seem to be sending the NagraVI correct midi info as they won't identify within the NagraVI even though the VI shows midi information is being received. Next control surface is the Mackie MCU Pro. After setting it to HUI mode (holding select on ch 1+2 at initial power up and pressing input 4 V-Pot) and performing the same identification within the NagraVI as I outlined above the control surface is working to control the NagraVI as expected. There is one problem that is unresolved right now for this setup, I am wanting to turn off the midi handshake(return confirmation) for the MCU Pro as the NagraVI does not have the ability to return fader move midi control information. This means that every time I make a fader move on the MCU Pro, the recorder receives the midi control information, and the MCU returns it's fader to Infinity (off) as the recorder does not return a confirmation. I've sent of an email to Mackie and I will post their response if it's helpful. Any Thoughts? Eric
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