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  1. Holding off this purchase. These early reviews and comments have been helpful. Thank You.
  2. Funny enough, I used the CEDAR at an actual Trump Rally this past week. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the CEDAR, it could not SUPPRESS his BIAS. 😜 I've had really great results with CEDAR in various scenarios over the last year or so, this was the fist time using in an "event" with high SPL levels. It did a good job of cutting through the event noise floor during our reporters live shot using a Sennheiser MD 42. I experienced some strange CEDAR noise gate/pumping with a DPA lav on the reporter in the same spot, same attenuation, etc.
  3. Jobo

    Lectro PDR Users?

    Used as primary talent mics on a Roller Coaster/Bungee Jump/Zipline/Adventure Show. The ability to send output to Lectro Transmitter is nice, but not as elegant as Zaxcom units. The PDR REMOTE app is handy for locking/unlocking them. Solid Safety (oh sh*t scenario) device. Saved me a few times. As a bonus it’s Jurassic Proof, it says so on the box.
  4. Looks good Rob! Can't wait to see one loaded up.
  5. has anyone tired the newer version of the sunhans amp? 2.5W for $38 on amazon. I use ERXs for cam hops outdoors form time to time, would love more punch, especially outdoors. I remote the antenna up to my shoulder but range is always just so so.
  6. The snorkle can work well but is susceptible to breath pops as mentioned above. I've tried the concealer in a number of configurations, I like its sound less than the snorkel. A lot of the time I find they pick up more clothing rustle than a COS11 in a RM mount since the Slim is more sensitive and delicate. I've had good results with the Slim in a similar rubber mount with a windscreen inside. The fit is snug enough to keep it in place in most situations. A well designed vampire clip for the Slim would be would be a welcomed addition to the tackle box.
  7. Jobo

    My New Sound Cart

    Great write-up, any idea what it weighs?
  8. Mike Paul @ Location Sound is the best tech guru I've dealt with. Although he's not a sales rep, he was a good resource when I had my X2 & easy to talk to. He also knows his Sonosax stuff. If you're most concerned about post purchase tech support, that would be my vote.
  9. I found that I had to turn the gain past 30 with a lectro SMV and the lo-sens model to get a decent level. The high-sens model gain matched a Sanken cos11 much closer, the DPA being only slightly more sensitive. If you are working with stage performers, singers, or in loud environments, I'd say go for the lo-sens. If you do more talking heads and normal speaking voice levels, I'd go for the high-sens. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Jeff, were these Lo-Sens or Hi-Sens version of the Slim in your test?
  11. Nomad has more features, is smaller & lighter which ia a bonus for bag work. SD file structure/Metadata editing is much more thought out and simple in my opinion. A lot of broadcast shows tend to ask for a SD recorder although I've never had anyone refuse my Nomad though, after "educating" the client.
  12. One of the quickest way is to know a shooter that works on one and gets to hire his own audio tech. That's how I get hired for intl work frequently. But this kind of opportunity doesn't present itself often and it's cyclical. So when your set finally comes in, know the travel won't last forever, and be ready to ride those few waves.
  13. Dave, any idea what that bag weighs as it appears? Just curious
  14. Just picked up a 4pack of the panasonic black pros off Amazon after reading this thread. First use yesterday with a SMQV, zero issues, batteries look strong after 6hrs.
  15. I did ask for a refund, the next business day. If you had read my previous posts you would have discovered that. Zaxcom, it's owner, and it's sales department have ignored my request for "help" in this matter. Which brings us full circle! BEWARE ZAXCOM SHIPPING COSTS. (Unedited Title)
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