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  1. For the record, I agree with Peter - he jumped in quick and it reads like a telemarketing rebuttal. I wasn't surprised to see it and I have belief the world continues to spin! Now back to this Useful Spectraband AND A20 details on it's guts.
  2. For normal talking heads, 6060 is the jam. For coaches/athletes on the field or loud environments, 6061 is the jam. I grab the 6060 most days.
  3. I believe it is a board upgrade. I just took delivery of a V2 that now has Vector Diversity mode with latest firmware. V1 originally had ratio diversity but no vector. I’m sure Karl or Larry can confirm.
  4. I have both. I didn’t have to “purchase” both. I also have used the DNS 2 frequently. I also work in the quick turn, deadline driven workflows. IMO there are very subtle differences between the cedar and SD plug-ins. The cedar has the better algorithm & offers slightly more clarity, especially when pushed stronger into more NR. To be fair the SD noise assist also does a good job cleaning up HVAC and genny rumble. In light use, you likely won’t notice too much difference between the two.
  5. Love that mini-stack design. Very slick. Would love to see the cable runs on the backside!
  6. What is the difference if any in DSQD V2 and V1? When did V2 drop onto market? Wondering if Brian ever got his HMa issue resolved ? The thread kind of went away from DSQD reviews for a sec
  7. Thanks for the details Karl. I was finally able to connect the DCR822 to WD using a Mac this morning. It turns out, not all micro USB cables work the same. I tried half a dozen different micro USB cables and had no luck connecting to the computer, but the last cable this morning actually worked. There must be a specific spec needed for the micro USB cable in order for the laptop to recognize as a USB device?
  8. They must’ve just released that update. Thank you Lectro! Will test out the new firmware tomorrow. I was able to get DSQD connected via Network again. It took a couple of connect requests, but it finally latched. Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to run a DSQD and a couple of 822s at the same time in WD?
  9. Reviving this thread. Any Updates on the DCR822 WD functionality? Here we are 6 months later.... I had a lot of difficulty yesterday connecting a DSQD to a Macbook Pro with the latest version of WD. The DCHP auto config network setting on the DSQD doesn't sync up with mac book IP address. I was able to get it working one time by manually setting the IP on the DSQD at home, but when I get to the studio and tried to pickup where I left off it would not connect again. I tried multiple network combinations on the DSQD and the Mac, no luck on set. Any tips for for quick connect via network? Macbook is using Thunderbolt>Ethernet adapter. Mac OS 10.15.7
  10. 822 is on par with 411 in NA Hybrid mode. Handles dropouts differently. 822 in D2 mode can present inconsistent results in my day to day. Audio output will get muddy or garble words frequently when RF becomes just a little unstable. Always playing with power output and location of belt pack for signal stability. Lack of usable spectrum in congested metro areas can make it difficult for solid D2 performance.
  11. I've had solid results the RF-Venue CP Beam 2.4 for a long time as a Zaxnet antenna. In fact, I got a loaner from them to test out years ago, and I liked it so much I bought. It is a soft version of the current molded ABS version. They make good stuff, I own a Diversity-Fin too. The cheaper $8 yagi board is worth a look, on cost alone.
  12. Any updates for a camera link release in the 941 block? I'd heard it was in FCC approval purgatory about a year ago. I would love to update my now defunct BLK 26 camera link, to something other than the overcrowded UHF band it is currently offered in.
  13. I just took inventory on a pair as well, CMC1cut6041 combo, and have the same issue. One of the mics has higher noise floor and doesn’t “line up” with my 4 other Schoeps. It’s a noticeable difference. Did you end up going the warranty route? I’ve been told that Redding has sold out of the limited run of the baby blues, so it’s either a refund or warranty claim to deal with.
  14. Holding off this purchase. These early reviews and comments have been helpful. Thank You.
  15. Funny enough, I used the CEDAR at an actual Trump Rally this past week. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the CEDAR, it could not SUPPRESS his BIAS. 😜 I've had really great results with CEDAR in various scenarios over the last year or so, this was the fist time using in an "event" with high SPL levels. It did a good job of cutting through the event noise floor during our reporters live shot using a Sennheiser MD 42. I experienced some strange CEDAR noise gate/pumping with a DPA lav on the reporter in the same spot, same attenuation, etc.
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