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  1. What kind of Spectrum analyzer do you use that has this ability to export/import to IAS?
  2. Hi Jürg I have just tested my Comtek 216 receivers with the EDGE cellphone interference in Europe. I compared the PR216 with the older ProListener and the PR72 receivers. The PR216 came out best of the lot - the others are even worse!
  3. The choice has to be made when you buy this unit as it is fixed. The EQ version is not user selectable AFAIK. That is why they have different product codes. The thing that is user selectable is whether you use the wide band channels or not. What I was hoping to find out was if the Pro Audio EQ with the wide band sounds much better than the standard EQ with the wide band.
  4. The Comtek BST 75-216 has different EQ options: Pro Audio EQ or Communication. Does anyone have experience of what these actually sound like? One of the Communications EQ versions allows you to use it to drive a Phonak Invisity earwig which would be handy but I wouldn't want to sacrifice too much of the listening experience when using the PR216 to listen to program sound. all the best SW
  5. Hi Malcolm It is on page 27 of the manual for the Venue wideband receiver. http://www.lectrosonics.com/category/15-receivers Stuart thanks a lot Rich this looks just the job. Stuart
  6. I've seen plans for Block 24 and 25 but not for 606. If you've had any success in finding a good inter mod free plan since you posted this Matt, I'd be very interested to see it. regards Stuart
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