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  1. I'd like to see Neverclip in the +48v version if it means it's at the expense of the Zaxnet transmit function i.e.: it can still RX tc and gain control but loses the ERX monitor function. How much space those two functions take up respectfully / if that's even possible I have no idea, but I personally would find the unit more attractive that way.
  2. It also kind of looks like the custom RED that Fincher got made for 'MindHunter' https://www.cinema5d.com/david-finchers-custom-red-xenomorph-for-netflixs-mindhunter/
  3. Will the new menu structure come over to the older 'non-ZHD' transmitters as well? Does it matter if you have the OLED screen or not?
  4. Glenn can you link to the Zaxcom front end plot? I'd like to see it
  5. Others may do it differently. Here's my method. Use a small piece of blu-tac to cover the foam 'spring' from the hot glue. Or, just be more accurate with how you pump it in there - let it dry in sections. I notch out all the small connectors (TA3, TA5, 3.5mm etc), it's EXTREMELY difficult to solder through a hole.
  6. They're low-profile USB connectors, similar to the ones Apple uses. You buy the pinset and the cover/grommet separately. Ive taken the 'lock' out, which is what stops the pinset going this far back into the cover. I've then drilled the right angle exit (the cable should come out of the back, and connected using Zaxlan wiring, and sealed the connector up.
  7. And now for something a little bit different: Not XLRs, but custom low profile RA USB for Zaxnet serial connection. Normal USB connectors end up with bent cable exits from hitting the bottom of the bag.
  8. Loaded up alright. I assume the 'two bolts' are in the bottom rear bar, and this is also what stops that section falling down? I really like the folding design. You may have another customer.
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