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  1. I had very nice time with Micheal and Crew. Learned a lot about Disc Golf that I didn't know going in. This is definitely the sport for me, just gotta work on my throw now!
  2. " Don't just do something, stand there "
  3. This is a plastic dolly made by 'Milwaukee' I bought at home depot, the shelves are plastic peg board, reinforced with thin angled aluminum.
  4. A Face in the Crowd, No Time For Sargents, Great movies he did!
  5. I am going to add another Sanken COS-11 to my kit, all the ones I have are black. So I"m thinking about a white or tan one. Any thoughts?
  6. The 13th is better for me, Oak Grove, early, yeah?
  7. Sat 7/14 works for me. Think I prefer the cooler/less hot venues...
  8. Friday the 13th will work for me, so far. Oak Grove ( I googled 'disc golf' ) looks good, but I am open. Robert, carpool, yeah?
  9. There is a course in Santa Clarita ( Saugas) at Central Park.... Played years ago with the Whammo types, but now I have the modern kind, and kinda novice at it though. Love to come along. Kevin
  10. The only thing that is obviously real, is the mindlessness of the hacks who do this kind of crap.......
  11. Totally not funny, only morons would find this amusing.
  12. Sound is the Primordial substance from which our whole Reality is made, and from which our Universe originated. Whether you consult the Sanskrit Vedas, or the Bible, it is still Sound which is considered the heart of all existence. "In the beginning was the Word," and only afterwards was proclaimed, "Let there be light." Sound preceded all that we see. So powerful and all-pervasive, and yet we pay very little attention to it, and so often confuse it with noise.
  13. What they need to "know", can't be known until they get a enough experience. So first you crawl, then you walk, then run. And then, only when you know all the "rules", will you be able to break them and, reinvent the craft for your generation. You take any 10 year period TV & films i.e. 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's etc. will always reflect the consciousness and technologies of that particular era.
  14. Bob Dylans' theme time radio hour! Many thanks to Mr. Dylan for this really neat production & Happy 71st! On Sirius/XM satellite radio.
  15. I have always loved this version by Mick & Co. Its from the "Stripped" tour I believe. Thanks. Jack White, yea I can go with that...
  16. Someone say "Rolling Stone"? This song has lyrics profound enough to stand along side any of Bob Dylans'. Whom kind of set the bar for such things. This band looks like they are in search of a younger band to pass the torch on to. So far no takers :~( http://youtu.be/iLddJ1WceHQ
  17. Hey Tom, I messed this post up. Go to Current NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS and check out " Disney Ranch to add sound stages"
  18. Very interesting wind protection for the mic. Looks like a "Micky Mouse" insignia on it, This was a Disney show after all.
  19. Golden Oak Ranch ( Walt Disney Co. / May 22, 2012 ) Walt Disney first leased a horse ranch in Placerita Canyon in the 1950s for filming episodes of "The Adventures of Spin and Marty" that were aired during "The Mickey Mouse Club."
  20. This is truly beautiful. I love seeing the microphones interact with the with the performers. It becomes part of the singing and dancing, quite organic as stated above. This micing technique is a lost art form in its self, that was ahead of its time.
  21. For more info about, Disney / ABC Ranch Studio, check this out. http://studiosattheranch.com/tour
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