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  1. I like the apple idea. I love when an actor does some sort of vocal exorcise's and/or works on a tongue twister like " toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat " etc.
  2. Mike hamilton and Bernie Gewissler booming an intense single ,12 min. shot (shoulder mounted walking backwards) on a very windy california desert dry lakebed. As it turned out, mike had never really boomed before but he did an exellent job , as he had to jump over "dead " bodies and work bothsides of the camera, running around backwards and bending over backwards like keanu reeves in the matrix, for the 180 degree whip pans. He saved the day for sound. Turns out that he teaches ballet to kids!
  3. The opening shot of " Catch 22" is brillant. I also like the slingle, steady cam scene in " The Atonement " at the beach.
  4. "The foam-filled 10" wheels are a MUST for location work " Accually I have been using them on this upright cart and found that I don't like them. They are to hard and to rough over the pits, cables, potholes, etc. Causing the cart to want to catch and do a header. Going back to quality pneumatic tires. They act as suspension for the equipment.
  5. Yea Jeff, I used some plastic peg-board. It comes in 24in or 18in squares. Don't remember for sure. Its a pretty strong material. I cut the pieces with a table saw. Then used angled aluminium 1&1/4" @ 16th" thick. The shelf is supported only on two sides, at the dolly frame. Everything is held together and attached to the plastic dolly frame with 3/16th" and/or 1/8th" pop-rivets. Anyone interested in this dolly should know that it comes with terribly cheep wheels, so factor in buying some decent one's that will hold air. ~Kevin
  6. Hey Rob~ I'm looking foward to gettting a Rastoder cart someday myself! In the mean time I am useing a Milwalkee hand truck/dolly. I hope these pictures will convey the moduar motif that by nessesity had to be invented or copied :~) This set up will go from an insert car tray, to the back seat of an SUV, to this dolly, a box, your lap, you get the idea. Ethan~ I only hope this will inspire a creative solution(s) to your situation. Kevin
  7. Thanks for the kind words Dan. Cats have amazing listening abilities also. Hearing is an important part of a cat's ability to hunt and fulfill his design as nature's perfect predator. It all begins with the cat's outer ear, or pinna, which sits on top of the cat's head. The outer ear is controlled by about 30 different muscles, which enable the cat to independently rotate each ear180 degrees, and position one ear or both facing any sound the cat detects. The shape of the ear is designed to funnel sound down to the middle ear, where the tympanic membrane and three small bones called auditory ossicles transmit vibrations into the inner ear. The middle ear also contains a canal called the eustachian tube that helps to equalize pressure in the ear. Within the inner ear is a curved bone, the cochlea, where the actual hearing mechanism is located -- called the organ of Corti. It is here that small, sensitive hairs pick up sound vibrations and send them through the auditory nerve to the brain. Each part of a cat's ear, working together, gives the cat superb high-frequency hearing. Humans can hear frequencies from about 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, dogs from about 20 hertz to 40 kilohertz, and cats from about 30 hertz to 60 kilohertz. "Cats are capable of hearing the very high pitch of high-frequency sounds that you or I can't detect," says Eric Christensen DVM, a consultant with the Cornell Feline Health Center. "The classic example of that would be noises from kittens or noises that a prey species like a mouse or another small mammal might make." Cats also have an incredible ability to localize sounds. They can hear and differentiate sounds three feet away whose sources are only three inches apart. Hearing is a large part of a cat's life, and Christensen says it is important to try to shield cats from loud, high-pitch noises such as sirens, which can greatly disturb them. It is also important to take sound into account when playing with cats. There are several toys on the market that mimic the sound of prey species to entice cats to play with them. Sophie Sorensen, below.
  8. Dancing on a tightrope...... The answer is both..... Now get over your selves, geeze.
  9. This stuff sure seems to be much more sticky than Joes sticky stuff. Double faced carpet tape.
  10. Presley and Cash kind of strike me as ordinary humans with exordinary gifts. They showed the world a little bit of heaven while they were here on earth. bty, Odettas verison of the song is simply haunting, it gives me goose bumps. And Tom Jones has done this song on his new cd. I recomend giving it a listen also. Kevin
  11. Elvis Presley Run On Come on everybody get yer Gospel on!
  12. This is the song Moby made popular, some even think he actually sings it.
  13. Hey Crew, Your VW Eurovan just needs a little TLC now and then. I think its a beautiful ride & a keeper too, imho. Kevin
  14. This one dates me ......." Ready when you are CB " .......
  15. Those are 'Three hour breath saver' containers , plastic and modified somewhat.
  16. I needed to improve the storage of my transmitters also and this thread has givin me the motivation to do something, even if its wrong. Foam-core board is used here along with a hot glue gun an gaffers tape. Should hold six Lectro SM's , two without belt clips.
  17. Seriously, why woundn't one of these work?
  18. I have been thinking about getting one of these. A Carvin Stagemate, s400. For a Director PA. system. Listing at $429 now. Sorry for going off the subject, but it is related at least. www.carvin.com/s400
  19. The Home Depot, plumbing section. 2" ABS pipe, fittings & glue. Its a DIY project. Pop-rivited to an aluminium plate. A cap, nipple and a cleanout ( one end is threaded female ) w/a male screw in cap. A piece of aluminium is attached to the screw in cap and acts as a hook. ~Kevin
  20. This system for my duplex cables, is nicer than cable hooks. Probably a little bit of a time saver to. They are recessed into the cart for a slimmer profile. ~Kevin
  21. It may have been discussed, but when one is seeking clarity on this issue or others, a search seems to just turn up more confusion. Puttin all the bits and fragments of different views and expreiances of the posts together, one can only come up with a frankenstienian understanding, but its all beautiful sorta, but not...... Kevin Sorensen
  22. Ok, so how does a Deneke or Ambiant Lockit box come into play here? or does it? Kevin Sorensen
  23. A wall mount, for a MagLight flashlight, works pretty well for a fishpole holder. Rig up up a small bungy cord or velcro strap, and it is secure. Getting creative with PVC & ABS pipe, could be a whole other topic. Kevin
  24. Rich, I will try that. Thanks Jimmy t. You have really peaked ( no pun intended ) my interest in the Peak sound editing program. I'm Looking at the LE version. Kevin
  25. I will contact Felt Tip, Thanks. The format is MP3 or 4, whatever itunes is?...... I'm kinda new at this. Kevin
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