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  1. Philip, I am have OS X 10.4.11 on a Power Book G4. The trouble started when I was trying to import a song from my iTunes library. Kevin
  2. My Sound Studio program makes a horrible sounding noise when I try to use it lately, so I had to remove it untill I can find out what's wrong with it. Kevin
  3. Is anyone using or know about Peak Pro and/or Peak le for music playback? Ive never read anything about here, but i am interested in this audio editing software. ~Kevin
  4. Dale Manquen, can help you out if you are looking for these. 1694 Calle Zocallo Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 Ph# 805-529-2496 email: dmanquen.net www.manquen.net
  5. A magnetic bar makes an execelent tool holder. Both of my carts are held together with pop-rivets, so the pop-rivet tool is indispensable.
  6. PD 606 Mix & ISO's, sometimes PD 204 2 Trk. Mix I use these two in a "master / slave " configuration. The PD 204 gets scene/take data and rolled from the PD 606. I bring this set up to all 2nd unit episodic dayplaying jobs, as I believe I am expected to. Most all 1st unit mixers are running two recorders. Usally there is a "film break" at the mid-day point, where I reload both machines and bring the the disks to the film loader/ downloader, who hands off to transpo. Hand in two disks at wrap also. Hate to say it, but I don't what becomes of them after that, specificly, other than telecine and post. There has never been an issue with the disks that has ever been brought to my attention. PS. This is working in Southern CA.
  7. This what I use. I found an inexpencive fishpole on e-bay, so that the bat wing can be raised fairly high. The dia-pole is on a flex arm w/clamp. Kevin
  8. Well, I worked for Geoff for most of the first two seasons of Deadwood as 2nd boom op / utility. Like many Sound Mixers here, he was insistent that he had, 1: a very good and experienced boom op. 2: a good and experienced boom op. who would pick up the " utility " bits when he/she wasn't on a fishpole. So its the three "'archers " that combine to make a good recording, not just one. Microphone placement, wether on wardrobe or from the end of a fishpole is the real key to this thing. FWIW. Geoff uses a duplex cable for the booms. Hardly like almost never used an 81 shotgun. Once and while he would use a 416 just for change of the sonic landscape. His cart resembles a magliner but is in fact a custom design, made of boxed aluminium (tubing) and is one of the sturdiest carts I have ever worked with. I copied his a little bit. And yes one the best mentors I ever had...... Thanks Goeff :~) Kevin
  9. Here's another thought. Use a Sanken COS-11 in an RM-11 or transpor tape and place the mic mid way between the 'V' of the costume and the collar. Or closer to the collar ( get it up out of the bra ). A folded piece of topstick, double face sticks the RM-11 to the material. Then I would try topsticking a flat piece of makeup foam to the back of the flat round listening part. That might dull or deaden the thumping sound. You could also try splitting a black Hushlav an stick that to various sections of the stethoscope. Kevin
  10. Gorrilla Glue! Just kidding. So does the stethoscope rub or bounce near a lavaliere mounted on an actor? On a TV show called "Srubbs" they use to mount a COS11 in/on the stethoscope itself. Basically had it hidden in plane sight. Right around the Y or yoke area of said prop. Kevin
  11. I have a damaged P&G fader on my Cooper 208 and I would like to replace it myself but, I am having trouble trying to remove the channel. Has anyone here had any experience pulling out the channel? I have removed the top and bottom screws, but it still feels like it is anchored in the chassis. Also would anyone know the P&G fader model number? Many Thanks, Kevin
  12. What a great find Crew, thank you very much. Just bought the Ooks version on i-tunes. "Take only what you need from it"......... Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw that says--- "Live simply so that others may simply live"
  13. This was the coolest song in the early 60's and then, along came those brits :~)
  14. I will second what Ken Mantlo said. I just used my Rode Blimp with a sennheiser MKH 60 in the Mojave desert CA. In gale force winds ( a dry lake bed ). The sound quality (dialog )was truly excellent. Did have to use the windjammer though. The weight was not an issue for my boom op. But the wind, was trying to pull the pole out of his hands. And as far as weight goes, at least it is not as heavy as an 816 in a Rycote. And that used to be the favorite mic for a lot Mixers back when I was booming. One thing I do is give the o-rings a twist or two, and that seems to firm them up enough to keep the mic from moving around to much.
  15. This lady has a lot of songs on my radio ! Kevin
  16. Or you could just buy them already made by the Garfield Co. " Hush Lavs " they call em . They come in black or white :~) Kevin
  17. All good words of wisdom here Dan. I would just add that making friends with the best boy grip and/or best boy electrician can be of great value to you if you want or need the scoop on your next location. Its been said that working on an episodic is like running a marathon, so pace yourself :~) Kevin
  18. One thing (of many) to consider when putting the microphone in the knot of the tie, is beard stubble at the neck area. When the actor turns his head the stubble rubs against the collar, like a small wire brush, transmitting the noise directly to your mic-rig. You could put mole skin on the inside of the collar, or request the make up dept. to keep his neck shaved if this is the culprit. You my not have the same difficulty when working with the actual actor. Kevin
  19. Not for the faint of heart. This is WFO to me, as in a full throttle Adrenalin fix.
  20. Um.... yea...............WTF?
  21. Hey Andy, I saw some PVC pipe extensions pieces at a Lowes home improvement store. They are 2ft in length, the largest was 6 inch ID and 4 inch ID (interior dimension) 5 inch ID pipe, I don't believe exists. Keep in mind, that with plumbing pipe, the diameter is the inside measurement. fwiw they are not "risers". kks
  22. I have the Tascam DR-100, comes with two XLR inputs and 48v phantom power. Paid $300 new because it had a small blemish. A very nice little digital recorder.
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