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  1. Not distracting at all Tom. Can you PM me what you're asking for the camera. Thanks
  2. I'm looking to get into some docu-style film making for my hobbies and other endeavors. I'm not too savvy on cameras these days so I was seeing what ya'll recommended. Are 7d's and 5d's still hard to beat? I'd prefer something that was: 1. Easy to move around with and conceal 2. interchangeable lenses 3. Priced at no more then $1500 4. Sensors that are great in low/no light. Any info/tips are appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  3. I have a CMIT-5U and it seems to do a decent job. It's great and removing sound from behind the mic.
  4. Sending you the same good vibes you sent me when I lost my Pop in 2014. Life has never been the same since then. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. He was the world to me. All I can do now is reflect on how he influenced my life and strive to make him proud through my actions since ultimately his legacy lives on through me. With that said, your Dad did good. Thank you Jeff for all you have done for us. I hope your family is able to begin the healing process and become closer then before.
  5. must be a photo from one of those "no budget film making courses"
  6. I'm wondering if ya'll all being so nice cause she's a female. Normally when a dude comes on to the site asking these questions they get ripped a new butt hole. Just saying. Anyways, we need more women in this field. I'm tired of looking at ya'll. haha JanJan, Welcome to JWsound.
  7. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/crs/5349840567.html
  8. it's only a felony if you're caught. If I see one of those flying over my house it's going down. The real question is what frequency will these drones be running on? As of now most drones are on 2.4gHz and others on 5. I would also suspect that they would interfere with birds and flying insects, which yet again is another way humans are F'n up this planet in the name of commerce.
  9. I'm looking forward to the day I can just shoot down an iPad from the sky.
  10. Energizer lithium. I stopped using rechargeables (was using Powerex) once I started getting inconsistent performance out of them. Lithiums will last me all day and are reliable, which in my opinion is worth the extra cost. Although I am curious to try the Eneloops.
  11. What you guys do behind close doors is your business. LOL
  12. I think he's waiting for a change.org petition to be created so that people can vote for his return.
  13. It's times like this that I'll admit I miss Senator.
  14. I'm not that tech savvy yet but sure wish I was. Maybe this would be a good time to get some books on getting the most out of my MAC. Sorry, don't mean to derail the thread.
  15. Well there it is folks. I take my .02 back. Thanks for the info Jim and Jeff. I've already made the changes to my system and look forward to being able to work at lightning speed again without pop-ups. =) I appreciate it fellas!
  16. Yes, I guess the key is knowing what you're doing. My issue is that whenever I've updated I've had to spend more time figuring out how to get use to the new changes or figure out how to circumvent them so I can keep working the way I use to. Ultimately, these issues aren't a huge deal but when I'm parked in front of a computer for hours trying to get work done then little things like that start to tick me off. Lets not talk heresy now Jeff, I still won't go back to Windows. =) Since you seem to have a better grasp at getting around the "little changes" what do you recommend I do to get rid of that darn pop up on the right hand screen that always asks me to update update update. Most of the times when I review the update they are for programs I'll never use. I prefer not filling up my computer with unnecessary updates.
  17. Sad to say that Apple isn't what it use to be. I've had a "MAC only" mentality for some time now but every new upgrade ticks me off more and more. For example: 1. Now I have to deal with annoying pop-up windows requesting that I upgrade/update my software. I use to hate Windows OS for this. 2. The other day I tried opening an excel document only to find Apple's "NUMBERS" program opening up my file first, without asking for permission. 3. A few other settings, that I've grown use to, are either missing or replaced with some other setting I must learn. More specifically, clicking on the green "expand" button on a window now makes the window overtake the entire desktop whereas before it would just make it a bit larger. Just my .02
  18. +1000000000000 I guess he can look at the bright side. If he keeps making comments like that then he'll eventually get enough people telling him to F'off, which will then lead to him doing so, which will then lead to a thread with those same people begging for him to come back...
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