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  1. Total build cost? Can you post pics of the car folded up? Or does only the top shelf fold? Thanks for sharing.
  2. I recently did a gig in the desert and unfortunately my gear got dust/sand in it. Some of my laptop buttons and mouse pad don't work now and a few of my TRX900's won't eject the cards. So, looks like I need to tear all my gear apart and clean the heck out of it. Since I've never had to charge a cleaning fee before I figured I'd ask ya'll to see what's fair so I can hit up production. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  3. Got any pics of your house that you would like to share? I love architecture.
  4. Hmm, Several of their construction ideas aren't that practical in the real world. Still trying to see how implementing these rather EXPENSIVE modifications to a home will save energy. Don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of stuff like this. Just want to get a better understanding of how these new ideas can be done by everyone and not just those with enough residual income to buy organic everything. After all, isn't the point to get everyone "off the grid" instead of just a select few.
  5. Not trying to derail this thread but anyone know if RFID tags are being used to keep track of gear? I just made it back home from a 2 hour drive in which I had to recover a TRX that I left on set by accident. Sure wish I can push a button on my laptop or RFID receiver of some sort just before I leave set to make sure all my stuff is with me.
  6. While I was working on this truck I hired a mobile mechanic, who specializes in classics , to come over and work on the 54 Hard Top's valves and timing. Today I tackled the rear end by getting it ready for new trailing arms, cover over shocks, and panhard bar. I wish there were more hours in the day and I was 18 years old again. I would have had this done already. Bed out for easier access to the rear axle and frame. Trailing arms are mocked up. It took several tries to get everything lined up and square. Goodbye lief springs. You served your time well but now it's time to step aside for newer engineering. Rear axle was dropped and removed. Tomorrow I'll prep the axle and tack it up to the trailing arms. =)
  7. I'm back at it. This time I'm on a mission to complete all three of my "projects" before the end of the year. Although it's quite an undertaking it's been helping me relieve some stress (I relax by building things). Here are some updates on the 54 Truck. These pics were taken about two weeks ago when I was working on the front disc brake/coil over suspension conversion. Here I'm grinding down the frame to prep it for the new components. Setting up the Boxing Plates Tack Welding the Upper A-arm/Coil Over mount. Making sure Cross Member/Lower A-Arm support is dead center and level. Old school levels are great, however lasers make a world of difference.
  8. How do those crazy front wheels sound when they roll? Are they loud? The concept seems good however I have my reservations about them. My experience has been that too many parts leads to a higher chance of failure. Also, what if one of those pieces becomes uneven/scraped/damaged, then will the entire wheel vibrate now that it isn't quite "round" anymore? Again, interesting idea just curious how practical they are on all types of surfaces (blacktop, wood, concrete, gravel, dirt, etc.) Are there any online videos in which you can hear them rolling on various surfaces? The only one's I'm finding have music playing over them.
  9. +1. All I remember during that film was feeling duped since everyone kept saying how good it is. I probably should have walked out 30 min. into it.
  10. I hope they're not transmitting all that info on 2.4gHz. =)
  11. "Shameless Plug" Aside from being a sound person (secondary income) I'm a licensed Real Estate Broker/Mortgage Lender (primary income). I have access to residential and commercial listings in all of California. If this is for any length of time (year lease+) then the first step is to see what your daughter/friend's income qualifies them for, assuming that their venture will be financed. Once their debt ratios/max loan amount is determined then that info, along with their search criteria, is gathered and several property matches are found. Then, they are taken to each property so they can decide which is best. A contract/offer is signed and delivered to the Listing Agent. If the Owner likes what he sees then the lease is fully executed and bada bing they have a place. Of course, this is the simplified version of how this goes. There's a lot of paperwork/legal stuff that needs to be settled to make sure your daughter/friends get into a good deal. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  12. seems kinda pricey. I think Audio Department charged me around $65 for a repair. (replace lemo connector)
  13. total cost? Time involved? They look good. Great job!
  14. ​Yeah, I noticed you don't have much space to place anything on top. I was just messing around. =) My cart on the other hand has plenty of room so hence my frustration. =)
  15. Really nice cart! Just think it needs a sticker saying "Don't put your F'n coffee on my cart!" =P Keep those pics coming!
  16. ​I've noticed this too about female A/C's. What I don't get is why the camera dept. always feels like they're the alpha males on set? I find myself having to "piss on their leg" as soon as they start giving me crap so as to let them know not to mess with sound! Things usually go a lot smoother between our departments when I get this ritual out of the way. LOL . It's nice not having to go through all that BS though when dealing with a chill camera dept. Anyways, I do think we need more sound chicks in the mix. Sure would be nice to go to a soundie gathering that wasn't just a sausage fest. haha
  17. Regarding all this talk about weight, especially from those that down own an RX12, it's not that heavy! ….and this is coming from someone with 2 herniated discs. The chassis is already made from aluminum so anything lighter may have to be carbon fiber which will definitely increase the price of the unit. Maybe they can make carbon fiber slot covers for those of us waiting. =)
  18. Maybe this is an example as to why it's not a good idea to write down your brilliant thoughts while you're high.
  19. Funny you should ask. This same scenario came up when I visited Henchman while he was mixing a show. The problem was that the season was already in the can by the time it got to him. So, any comments to the production folks would have to wait till next season.
  20. Still no news on this. I'm extremely disappointed with Zaxcom about this. I was told, before I purchased the unit, that foam inserts would be made. Recently, I had to send my Nomad in for service and when I asked about the inserts I was told they'll get back to me. Yep, that never happened. I find it really tacky having to cover my expensive RX12 with gaff tape. I have my RX12 below the Nomad because it's the only way I can get all the cabling to fit. Both units are very snug. In fact, I just ordered smaller right angle connectors to address this issue.
  21. Wow Al, that flick sure is bad. Although, I probably would have loved every minute of it too. The "visuals" are amazing!
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