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  1. I think you're better off sticking with JW. I'm not a fan of FB but only have one for business. Seems like a lot more BS on FB sound discussions then on JW. People take a bit more time to think before they speak on this site then on FB. Just my .02 but I'm biased. FB is the devil. HAHA
  2. I agree. Great show and great job on sound. Way to go Phil!
  3. My local water district just got sued for not charging the correct rates to certain areas. The case was recently closed and the district is now increasing our monthly charges to pay for the lawsuit. How's that for water abuse.
  4. Here's another update. My 69 Riley is still with the sandblaster. They got extremely swamped with work and have had to put my specific request on the side to handle the City Job they landed. I get it, I'm just a small fry compared to a big contract. No problem, I just made sure they were adjusting their price to reflect the delay. Kinda worked out in my favor though because it freed up some space in my garage so I can jump back on the 54 Truck. I was toying with the idea of going either fuel injection or "old school" with its straight six. This was a hard decision because "old school" definitely has its charm while technology makes more sense in this day and age. So, I decided to push myself to do both on this truck. The goal is to make it look old school while taking advantage of recent car building tech. First thing I did was source a 5.3L fuel injected engine from a Chevy Tahoe. These engines, are known to be fuel efficient while producing respectable amounts of power. Their older brother is commonly known as the LS1. The difference between the two is: 1. Only 30hp 2. LS1's block being lighter since it's made from aluminum, 3. The 5.3 costing $1000 less then the LS1. Here's an LS1 Engine I was able to find a running motor from a guy on Craigslist. He said he's probably sold over 500 engines in the past 3 years. That's a lot for a guy and his Pap working outside of their garage. I can tell by his hand shake he was a standup guy so I handed over my money and they loaded it in my truck. =) With just a few minor mods the 5.3 can outperform a stock LS1.
  5. That is beautiful thing to do. Hope everything works out.
  6. More pics please. I need side view shots. Is the main cart one piece or does it break down further?
  7. that would be nice! Kinda bummed out that I have gaff tape cover the empty slots on my expensive piece of gear.
  8. It's crazy 1/2 the crap we have to hear when the camera isn't rolling. Who would have known this would have helped cracked a case. Great read. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I had this exact same issue recently. All my files were clean when played back on my Nomad and laptop. In fact, the "editor/DP/Bozo", if you want to call him that, was on set with the "Producer/dipshit" and had IFB's on. On set, they gave me a thumbs up because the scene sounded great. However, when they finally did the edit the world was ending, it was my fault, I didn't know shit, and was terminated. This was the first time that ever happened to me. In any case, they did me the favor by letting me go as it was their first time doing a "reality show" or any show for that matter. I figured it had to be in the import because I saved all my files and they play back the way they're suppose to, CLEAN!
  10. Dang! Is this life imitating art or what. How many planes did Indiana crash?
  11. CLINT EASTWOOD I usually don't get star struck. I don't know, I guess I never really did. However, there are a few exceptions to that. One of them being Clint Eastwood. I'm not saying I'd go nuts and make a fool of myself around him. I just think being lucky enough to work with him would definitely be something I would reminisce to just before I say "piece out" to this world. My father and I would watch his movies together so I guess he has a bit more significance to me now that my Pops is gone. So, if anyone is ever able to help me out and let me be on set even as a coffee runner I would FOREVER be indebted to you. Just thought I'd post this cause you never know. Thanks, Michael In fact, why not post who you're top person to work with is. After all, we may be able to help each other out "so long as we can agree to be professional" when that time comes. I most definitely would return the favor if I could.
  12. I guess my next question is who actually gets our sound reports? For example, my Nomad creates sound reports that I hand over with my files. I'll take the time to make notations if the lav or boom sucked in a certain take , or if I was able to get tone, or etc. etc. etc. The hope is that I'll save the post-sound mixer some time down the road if he/she was able to refer to my notes. Does this info even make it to you guys? Or maybe this is the case on bigger budget gigs? I don't know, but I sure would like to.
  13. I agree. I do think it would be great to hear other post-sound mixers take on this so it's not just Henchman having to defend his statements.
  14. It certainly has made me more aware and vigilant when wiring people up. It doesn't take me that much longer to make sure my ISO's are solid. If I can save the next guy from being dumped on with crap sound I will do it. That's why I initially contacted Henchman to sit in on one of his sessions. I was lucky that he was kind enough to fit me in to his already busy schedule. For that I will always be thankful!
  15. I wish I can talk in Technicolor too...
  16. I agree. Kim Kardashian needs to go away already.
  17. LMAO! JBOND, that second cat pick "hot or not" had me dying...haha
  18. Did you try Audio Department in Burbank? They're open on Saturdays for 1/2 a day.
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