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    I come from a musical family, My father was a musician, trumpet player for the Wild Cherries, and my mother was a singer in her younger days. While I was in elementary school my uncle introduced me into the film industry as a child actor to where I would gain future roles as Double for the character Jordan, the nephew, in The Bernie Mac Show for six months.
    Currently I am expected to graduate 4 months early in April 2011, as a student of Brooks Institute in the Film BFA program self-teaching the methods of the Sound Department, with hopes of earning a living as a Boom Operator or over the shoulder ENG work because I have a lot of experience with it from being in school, but always interested in learning anything Sound Department related especially Production Sound.

    Give me a hello sometime: Edblaksmith@gmail.com

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  1. Hey everyone! It has been a long while since I've posted, but hope everyone is doing well all things considered in our ups and downs of work. Here is my question: Where in Los Angeles could one find a servicer willing to burn copyright protected material to a CD. (A friend of my mothers has an audio Book she would like to publish along side her book without fear of losing a lot of profit from widespread sharing I'm guessing.) Thank you very much!
  2. Hello everyone, As we know a new face in the wireless stage is in town and some of us in the family has given it a home here in these United States. SO I would like to form this thread for us US users and those abroad to share our experiences and help troubleshoot whatever problems we may have and answer any questions that may arise. Hopefully we can avoid any problems in the field, but when we do we will know how to fix them before anyone has to "hold for Sound." Thank you!
  3. Thanks guys. I know not to expect much for 300, it's for the simple things for now until I invest into a Mac book for the bigger things in life. I'll take a deeper look into Reaper. Definitely appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic day of rest with family and friends this weekend. I am looking into getting either a new laptop or tablet, but not sure what to get for the best price around $300.00 (US). Requirements: (aside from cost effective): Universal connectivity (meaning I can swap SD cards to increase memory and import/export data from one terminal to another like hard drives or smart phones). Capable to use programs such as Wave Agent, or record to Computer type programs, Boom Recorder or similar being of of them. I apologize if I am being vague, I tend to do that. Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything am not making clear. Thank you!
  5. Upon further inspection I saw the photos of your gear. Sorry about that, was looking for a link of inventory in case bad things happen and I need to rent something quickly. I should be in Vegas for a few days this week. Mind if I stop by to say hello? (If I can)
  6. Sorry I meant Rental Houses...I can be vague sometimes. Working on it, Thanks for the link though! Might check it out when I have down time.
  7. Hey folks! Are there any Sound Houses in Las Vegas anyone could recommend?
  8. Sorry Angelo, bad bug I got from someone else. And thank you Jim and Shuubi, I should have looked the the website/internet harder. +1 on Senator. Am I forgetting anyone?
  9. I can certainly do that, I have a habit of asking vague or incomplete questions. My concern is that because I am going to completely different parts of the U.S., that the wireless systems will have a different obstacles to face in the RF arena because of different I guess you could say blocks. For example, to my knowledge, block 21 is wonderful here in La, but would have a different level of effect in say New York. It is also possible that I am over thinking things, like I usually do, but want to make sure there are steps to take and preparations to make so I know what frequencies would be my best bet when I go city to city. Thank you for asking me to be more clear. Hope you've been well. I have had a good couple of weeks, Boomed for a pilot, LOVED the rapid movements due to lack of communication and problem solving thanks for asking.
  10. Hello everyone, been some time since I posted. SO! I will soon be embarking on a fantastic Documentary trailer project about GMOs and will be going from somewhere in South Carolina, Philadelphia, and hopefully New York. I will be using Sennheiser G3s, 2 at most, in the (A) Freq. Range. 516-558 MHz What homework could you wonderful people refer me to so I run into as less issues as possible when it comes to our guests divulging of secrets and advice? Hope you all have been well, Thank you!
  11. Happy 4th! Hope all enjoy a time with friends family and loud explosive things in the night sky.
  12. Hey Grady!, I'm in pretty much the same as you, only one more year. Sounds to me what you've been doing has been right, and you have the right thought as being young and having time, cause it will take quite a bit of time. As been repeated we all have different paths to were we end up, that's one reason why I love this job!!!! Also take Michael M's list to heart, this is an industry of family and friendships. If able take as many gigs as you can, swallow that big pill of pride and work for free for a good cause, you never know who or what you'll run into. Anywhom-and-how keep reminding yourself why you are here and why you love it! Take Care, Edmond Smith
  13. Hello all, hope life is treating you well or just starting to again, Some time ago I found a way to deal with chest hair, when it comes to lav-ing, but forgot... So! Does anyone have any tips they would like to share when it comes to curly, and or straight chest hair? The sound of hair noise is much worse than cloth noise in my ears. Thank you! Edmond Smith
  14. Hey everyone! Hope you're all well or getting there. It's been a while since I posted anything, but anywhome-and-how; I'm going to New Orleans (Nyawlins) for a family reunion next weekend and was wondering, if I have the time, what kind of sites to go to, or if anyone wants to hang out and show me the town!? Thanks, Edmond
  15. Ha! Loophole. Anywhome-and-how, I do hear a lot of, ya get what ya pay for, but at the same time, you are the only person who has Sound in consideration. So the biggest issue I see is just getting the producer to understand why he needs it. A lot of convincing I imagine. It might help to show some examples of your work vs. his. There is a balance between the quality product you desire and what they offer (their arrogance/ignorance/stubbornness.) Hope the project gets the quality it deserves and if it is a good subject even more so!
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