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  1. Good to know. I've never really compared the difference in a measurable way. Thanks
  2. I wonder what the difference is between this and the emc series shielded xlr's?
  3. Yeah, I guess I'm being a little loose with my verbage.
  4. While 3.3v may not "technically" be up to spec for some mics, in practice the 4060 performs just fine. I am using a 4061 on a zmt3 as I type this and it sounds great.
  5. Thanks Klaus for the great write up. I didn't know that regen was also retuning the clock.
  6. Exactly right. I have been sleeping my zmt3 throughout the day today via zaxnet and it definitely makes a difference in battery life
  7. They took power roll out, not sleep.
  8. Also the tuning process on the Arri's happens in the background and doesn't affect normal operation.
  9. Lovely. That's pretty impressive.
  10. This is a good point. Hopefully that's 12 hours at at least 50mw + recording.
  11. 12 hours on a single battery is pretty great. I'm not familiar with the BT100 battery, and having already 2 different kinds of batteries for my lavs, I'm unlikely to want to add a 3rd. I don't really do them, but there will be shows that will need the battery life.
  12. This looks like a nice and compact upgrade to my 4 channel bag. I think the banked rotary encoders will be a great feature once getting used to using them.
  13. That looks great. I've always wanted a portable UHF receiver that I can use to check a talents wire if I'm wiring off set. Will be great for boom op monitoring too.
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