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  1. Wandering Ear

    Red Gemini erx tc issues

    2 Volts is fine. If it works, it works.
  2. Wandering Ear

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    I don't find that shaking the camera adds anything that people say it does. To me it's mostly just an excuse for not wanting to or being willing to plan good effective coverage. I'm constantly pulled out of a scene wondering "why is my pov shaking right now?" That doesn't enhance the scene, it distracts from it. +1
  3. The thread Allen points to references making sure beat detective is turned off, but the only way I know of to turn it on or off is to have the beat detective window open or closed ( cmd + keypad 8 ). Maybe there is another way that I'm missing. That hand moves Beat Detective slices.
  4. Wandering Ear

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Didn't realize that. Good to know.
  5. Wandering Ear

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Audioroot is a French company, so there may be import duties both directions adding to the price. Unless they've changed since I originally bought, the inspired energy chargers have really loud fans in them. The Audioroot charger is pricier but makes no noise.
  6. Wandering Ear

    What is your spare recorder

    I own 2 Nomad 12 bags. One with 6-8 channels of radios and an FP8 which stays on the cart most of the time, and one with 4 channels of radios that is used when I need to go mobile. They are perfect backups for each other. I also have a MixPre6 that I use for Ambisonics and sometimes documentaries, but in a pinch could work for small jobs. Good to have options.
  7. Wandering Ear

    Zaxcom ifb voting-is transition seemless

    Not that I've heard. It's a feature I like very much.
  8. Wandering Ear

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    I think (having never had to make a claim) it would be a lot more complicated than this. Just proximity to bad weather does not make the weather a cause of damage, or exclude legitimate "covered cause of loss". You are responsible for justifying the claim, and explaining exactly how the damage / loss occurred, as well as proving it is a "covered cause of loss". Falsifying that explanation would amount to insurance fraud and is a criminal offense. They can also require that a third party assess the damage or assess the value of the asset if a disagreement arises between you and them.
  9. Wandering Ear

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    Not entirely sure. I did notice a sentence somewhere about collapse from weight of snow, but that wasn't related to the above/below water protections. I had a minute before my show this morning, so I looked up the clause they quoted, on page 58 of my policy, that excludes more than just freezing temps. Freezing temps was just how I discovered it since I was preparing a journey to Antarctica, and needed to add the above water protections for my equipment. It seems even more vague than I remember. I'm guessing the last sentence would mean they will cover damage from snow if the above/below water protection is added. Thanks David. This is helpful as a comparison. I may reach out to them and see if they have an extreme weather exemption. It was a hard thing to find in my policy, and I missed it looking through several times while looking for it. If they don't have that (my policies exemption quoted in my previous post) then that may get me to switch since I enjoy venturing to the extremes of our planet. Most of the things you mention are the same with my insurance. Question about international coverage. You mention a $25K cap in Mexico and abroad. Does that apply to all countries not your home country? My insurance has a $25K cap in Mexico only, and does not covered US sanctioned countries from this list: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx Other than that my coverage is equal world wide, which is important to me as I travel internationally frequently. The other coverages you mention seem the same to me, additional charge for unlocked vehicle coverage, rental replacements, etc.
  10. Wandering Ear

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    I looked into and have added the water additional insurance, but that doesn't cover the freezing exemption I was talking about. One thing I like about Athos is they answer the phone and are very helpful when talking to. The word I got from them is extreme cold is not an option you can buy, it's just excluded. I wasn't sure if that was the same across all insurers.
  11. Wandering Ear

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    I've been happy with Athos too, without any claims. I was a bit surprised to find out when I traveled to Antarctica they do not cover equipment damage that happened below freezing temperatures. Can't remember the exact wording of the exemption. I am curious if anyone else has come across this with other insurers, as I am often working in below freezing temps.
  12. Wandering Ear

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

  13. Wandering Ear

    DPA 3mm lav mic

    Looks like a great addition to the DPA line. I am excited to add a few to my kit.
  14. Wandering Ear

    New Zoom H3-VR Recorder mic combo..

    I have serious doubts about the quality of this unit, but I'm pretty sure I will see it a lot on VR jobs. It's a cheap way to get into Ambisonics when quality isn't that important. While I wish that wasn't the case, more often than not I find that producers don't care much about the quality of the Ambisonic track, they just need something. This unit gets them that. I have no plans to sell my Soundfield or Ambeo, but I will probably add one of these to my kit for jobs where they don't want to pay for the nicer mics, or where the camera is in a position that it may get damaged (working with animals, bad weather, sports, etc). My biggest question is will I be able to buy a couple and make my money back in rentals, or are they so cheap that every company / VR camera owner will just have them as part of their kit. One good thing I think is that they focused on putting a more accurate clock in. Quite often VR takes are long, and drift can be a real problem. I don't like that phone connectivity requires an external module and is iOS only, and have never liked the zoom interfaces.
  15. Wandering Ear

    Neverclip files in post

    Neither. It's a standard bwav file, but the level will likely be lower than normal so post will have to add gain. The extra metadata just tells post how much attenuation was applied in the field, which gives post a starting point of how much gain to add if they want it.