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  1. Wandering Ear

    AES to USB/Firewire

    This is true. However Dante Virtual Soundcard is $30 and makes any combination of your dante hardware act like a usb interface. I should have mentioned that in my original post.
  2. Wandering Ear

    AES to USB/Firewire

    The miniDsp box looks great. I know this isn't specifically usb, but audinate makes an aes ebu interface in their avio line. https://www.audinate.com/products/devices/dante-avio#aes3 These are especially helpful if you have multiple devices that aren't in the same rack. You can add as many as you need, the only downside being the need for a network switch and Poe for each unit. I use the analog output version of these and really like them.
  3. Wandering Ear

    Suggenstions for ENG Break Away Dolly Extension Legth

    @MSheldon Would love to grab a beer next week!! Hit me up. I thought it was funny you posted about this the other day, I have been using my 25' extension as the dolly cable, and a 75 to run back to my cart. A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to finally make a dolly only extension so this was already on my mind.
  4. Wandering Ear

    cine RT Focus Bug interference ?

    I have found my HM to be more succeptible to RF interference than other transmitters. It's worth trying different cable options, and different grounding / ungrounding combinations of the XLR shells.
  5. Wandering Ear

    Sound Devices new firmware - w/ Auto Mute !!

    Awesome. That's a great feature addition.
  6. Wandering Ear

    Noise canceling headphones on set?

    I tried my Bose on set and found phase issues between the noise cancellation and the same noise coming from the mic making it impossible to know what you are actually hearing. This only happens when listening in the same room as the mic. I've used them successfully when mixing outside (mic inside), but in every situation, both on set and live music performances, I have found custom molded in ears with double cup construction ear muffs over the top to be the best.
  7. Wandering Ear

    Suggenstions for ENG Break Away Dolly Extension Legth

    10' should give you enough length to cover a slider on the Dolly without excess cable.
  8. Wandering Ear

    Recommendations for Recording Exercise Audio

    I've always used dual ear headworn mics for this with good success.
  9. Wandering Ear

    Stage box?

    This doc may help too: https://download.yamaha.com/files/tcm:39-328626
  10. Wandering Ear

    Stage box?

    Look into the dip switches on the back of the unit. The default setting is designed for a TF-1 console to auto connect, and for me interfered with the custom setup I wanted to use on my TIO's, including having issues with the remote gain controls. I don't have an LS9, so I can't recommend a specific setting.
  11. Wandering Ear

    Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    I think you'll find the creation of virtual microphones less impressive in use than it may seem as a concept. While it potentially could replace having to physically pan a mic, the ambisonics mic still has to be very close to the source to get the desired sound quality, and the whole process will add a lot of time and work in post to automate when the mic should be virtually "pointed" where. This extra work comes with little to no benefit imo.
  12. Wandering Ear

    Red Gemini erx tc issues

    2 Volts is fine. If it works, it works.
  13. Wandering Ear

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    I don't find that shaking the camera adds anything that people say it does. To me it's mostly just an excuse for not wanting to or being willing to plan good effective coverage. I'm constantly pulled out of a scene wondering "why is my pov shaking right now?" That doesn't enhance the scene, it distracts from it. +1
  14. The thread Allen points to references making sure beat detective is turned off, but the only way I know of to turn it on or off is to have the beat detective window open or closed ( cmd + keypad 8 ). Maybe there is another way that I'm missing. That hand moves Beat Detective slices.
  15. Wandering Ear

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Didn't realize that. Good to know.