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  1. Ooh. Is power roll back in the ZMT series? I actually miss that feature more than I thought I would since moving all my radios to ZMT's. Extra battery life is key no matter what type of sound you work in. Well done.
  2. Thanks for the info Ryan. I'm not sure hiring additional personnel makes sense for just a single scene in a day. Do you remember when re-rating kicks in? Is it after 2 hours?
  3. Is there a contract rate for Music Playback operators? I didn't see the position specifically listed in the ASA, so mostly wondering where they usually fall. Also, if a sound utility operates playback for a scene, would that re-rate them for the day, assuming the playback rate is higher?
  4. Instead of making a right angle, they chose to go with a "T" configuration for their low profile option. Having each wire come out of either side of the connector preserves the stereo separation.
  5. When the phone manufacturers decided to make the push to get away from 3.5mm trs, this is not what they meant!
  6. I'm on 2.05 and you are correct. However on 2.05 I can't route tracks 13-16 to the headphones.
  7. I am honestly not sure where my percentages fall. I try to approach each person with an "open mind" and evaluate their wardrobe and situation in the moment without making up my mind of what I'm going to do before I start. I carry a kit that has almost a dozen different kinds of adhesives, but i use topstick the most by far. It's not that it's better, I think I'm just used to it and can generally predict how it will react to a new situation. I have no hesitation to attach to skin, though I usually ask permission first. I like getting creative with lav rigs, but I think my best succ
  8. Thanks Nick! Lots of really helpful info here. Part of me is hoping that once they see the size of the 6066 they will be less worried about color, but I'll be prepared either way.
  9. I have a production coming up where they are inquiring about color matching the skin tones (a wide variety) with headworn mics. Current plan is to use DPA 6066 miniture headworn mics. I am waiting for a call back from DPA service, and I am coordinating with production and MUA. I thought it would be worth reaching out here and see if the community has experience and suggestions of best practices. Any makeup to avoid? Any specific kinds work better than others? All thoughts are appreciated. Kelsey
  10. Hey Nick, Thanks for the thoughts. We are constantly working on enhancing our workflow. I can't say in detail what we have planned, but we will be releasing new features hopefully soon.
  11. Thanks Doug! It's a lot of work, but has been fun too.
  12. I wanted to take a second and share what I've been up to during the shutdown. Thinking about how things were going to change as productions started back up during a pandemic, I began working on a new software service with a partner to help support productions get back to work remotely. The service is called SetStream. https://setstream.io We are a cloud based streaming service that enables productions to stream from set to clients in real time (averaging 200ms delay world wide). Being a web browser based solution, anyone who has been granted access to log on by the p
  13. Many of those USB extenders are USB over Ethernet CABLE, not over switched IP. They work great, but require their own dedicated cable and can't be extended over fiber networks etc. I use USB and HDMI over ethernet in my studio regularly. What you would need is USB over IP. I have only played with that via software setups, but there are print server hardware that would be worth testing. Something like: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004ZMYCRG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_RSyqFbD6RMCB4
  14. I run Dante for live broadcasting and in my studio. Besides a few unusable updates, it's been a great system for me. However I find less use for it on sets. I still use it when doing playback etc, but for wireless if I were to rebuild a new system I would likely do RF over fiber instead of Dante. I'd rather keep the equipment on the cart and be able to clip an antenna on set whenever I needed. The only reason I haven't invested in this system so far is I find I'm generally always able to be within range of set. Couple that with a trend towards smaller crews and I feel I am often gett
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