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  1. I bought the JBL soft bag and it's great. Padded, well built. Backpack straps that hide in a pocket when not needed and a cable pocket on the front.
  2. I bounce back and forth between production and post. The biggest challenge I find is scheduling, and as I get busier in production I end up having to turn down the post jobs to the point that I don't do very many anymore. I find post schedules to be much more fluid and require a lot more flexibility. It's all commercial and corporate in post for me, which is different than feature length projects. I do feel that mixing in post makes me a much better production mixer, and is really worth it.
  3. I have a short XLR cable with a 3rd order filter built in made by Rycote. I think it's called the Tac!t. Not sure if they still make it, but it's worked well for me in the past.
  4. Hey! That's great news (sort of... ). I forced my phone to forget the BT connection and it hasn't turned off in 2 days. I'm fairly confident this is the culprit. Although it's annoying, at least it's easy to avoid now that we've confirmed the cause. Support told me the product team was considering adding the ability to disable that feature, but it won't be until end of the year likely. Hopefully they come through. Thanks helping me confirm this.
  5. This looks great!!! I love my DPA 4098's, and I'm sure I'll love this too.
  6. Do you folks use bluetooth and the phone app with this speaker? I have suspected for a while that it may be related to the bluetooth connection. One thing I discovered today after it turned off twice in the morning, was that all the lights were off except the bluetooth button, and I was able to wake it back up by connecting to it with the JBL app. Now I'm thinking that the auto power save only kicks in when it's connected to my phone. I've got a week more on this show on the stage, so hopefully I can do some more controlled testing and get to the bottom of it. If I have to ditch that app to make it work, I don't mind.
  7. For me, this would be a set and forget device, so I might not even use a screen. I would probably just VNC in to make changes. That being said, a small touch screen could be a nice addition, or planning on just using my phone as the interface (via vnc). Either way it would be low resolution, like 640x480. Thanks!
  8. That's great Bouke! Any chance of a linux compatible version? I'm thinking throw this on a raspberry pi with a single channel interface and you have a small hw delay box powered by DC power. Thanks
  9. I haven't broken any yet, even in the snow. It's also nice that they close to the inside, so even if you forget to clasp one or two, the case keeps everything contained.
  10. This is my favorite case for tapes and small lav accessories. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B089M45T8N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I went searching for a delay box for a series of live vr shows to get us up to 2 secs, and I never found a suitable small unit. I ended up always stacking delays, sometimes combining an fx bus and output delay on my console. I am still looking for a good solution for my regular sound cart which relies on Zaxcom recorders instead of my SQ5 console. I use a dbx with my console system, but it's rack mount and ac powered which doesn't fit well with my primary sound cart. Is the Behringer shark still made? When I search for it I come up with a lot of product listings show "No longer available".
  12. This is good to hear. Maybe there is an issue with my unit, and not a software problem. All in all I love the speaker, and it's sound quality and volume are great.
  13. Not yet, but I've been really slammed with work so I've had limited time to dig around.
  14. Support told me the product team might add the ability to turn it off in a firmware update, but sounds like that couldn't happen until later this year. This is what I got from support originally: "I know that there is a auto standby on the Eon Compact, but what we have been unable to confirm is that the threshold for that is. I can confirm that it is 20 minutes of operation below the threshold it will fall asleep." "With regards to a possible solution, if the paging system has a way to incorporate a short tone or chime, the speaker has a 3-4 second recovery from sleep. If the chime was loud enough to wake it, then a page could be made after power restores to the microphone." - Obviously not a workable solution for me. "the only reason we knew it was a feature and not a bug is because of the internal documentation available that records it." - AKA it's not in the public manual which frustrates me! I'm not really sure the auto standby is what I'm experiencing either. The power off I experience doesn't seem to be scheduled, it seems random. If it was shutting off after 20 minutes of no sound, then it should be off every day after we come back from lunch, but that's not the case, it's usually still on and working. Sometimes it will turn off 2 or 3 times in the morning, then run all day without interruption. Some days it runs all day with out ever turning off like I want it to. Part of me wonders if it has something to do with my phone bluetooth connection to the speaker for the control app, which I only use occasionally. I wrap this show in a few more weeks, so I can hopefully do some more controlled testing later this month.
  15. I recently purchased this JBL for on set work and it's pretty fantastic! https://jblpro.com/eon-one-compact It's been mainly a VOG with occasional playback. Clean sound, lots of volume, and designed to sit on the floor angled up in a monitor profile. I haven't tested the battery life (reported at 12 hours) as I usually just run a stinger and XLR from the directors monitors, so the battery only plays for short scenes or while moving around. One issue I've been having is that sometimes it seems to turn itself off and I can't figure out why. Support told me there is an auto power save mode (not in any documentation!) but it should turn back on with signal. However I'm using a phantom powered mic directly in (Shure MX412D), and phantom also turns off so the mic goes dead and can't produce any signal to turn it back on. Any one else using this speaker and experiencing the power downs? The JBL carry bag is great too. All in all this is the speaker I've wanted in my kit for many years.
  16. I did a full series of workout videos with the DPA 6066's and I was really impressed. The new style dual ear mounts were really solid, and I especially liked that I could change the boom length. This allowed me to pull the mic back behind the mouth a bit. It looked better on camera and had less issues with breaths / wind / noise during high exertion / cardio work.
  17. A lot of the sound of a piano is resonated from the sound board and not just directly from the strings. When close mics inside the body are picking up too much action noise (or are being seen), try placing mics underneath the piano to capture the resonance of the sound board. I've had good success in the past using DPA 4098's inside on the plate pointed up at the open lid. In addition, room mics will help a lot smooth out the close mics, even if the room doesn't have the best acoustics.
  18. Ooh. Is power roll back in the ZMT series? I actually miss that feature more than I thought I would since moving all my radios to ZMT's. Extra battery life is key no matter what type of sound you work in. Well done.
  19. Thanks for the info Ryan. I'm not sure hiring additional personnel makes sense for just a single scene in a day. Do you remember when re-rating kicks in? Is it after 2 hours?
  20. Is there a contract rate for Music Playback operators? I didn't see the position specifically listed in the ASA, so mostly wondering where they usually fall. Also, if a sound utility operates playback for a scene, would that re-rate them for the day, assuming the playback rate is higher?
  21. Instead of making a right angle, they chose to go with a "T" configuration for their low profile option. Having each wire come out of either side of the connector preserves the stereo separation.
  22. When the phone manufacturers decided to make the push to get away from 3.5mm trs, this is not what they meant!
  23. I'm on 2.05 and you are correct. However on 2.05 I can't route tracks 13-16 to the headphones.
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