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  1. Inspired by Jonathan Lalouz, I decided to try out the Condor bags for a smaller setup. Here you can see the 633, with a Soundbags Dashboard, two SRs, and an AudioRoot distro. In the pocket to the left is my Comtek Tx, in the pocket to the right is a G3 that I’m temporarily using as a hop, and in the front pouch is my eSmart battery. There really isn’t a lot of room for anything else. I had to have all my cables custom made for low profile harnesses. I really like this setup, and it does what it needs to for about 80-90% of my bag work. I have an V2 Dashboard, I understand that the V3’s are lighter than these. This setup puts the weight in one place as opposed to dispersing it throughout a larger bag, so it feels heavier when lifted by hand, but can easily be worn with just a strap without killing your shoulders/back. It is also so compact that it can fit into just about any kind of standard sized case. As nice and small as this is, I like what @RadoStefanov is doing with the same bag for his Nova OneUnit.
  2. That’s what I thought we were going to be using. The person that hired me was not in the least bit technical, so I showed up and the AC gave me the rundown after expecting that I had been informed on what we were using and the workflow. The DP had a couple of first gen Tentacles that wouldn’t sync properly, and these cameras had a hard time reading their TC. I use the new Denecke JB-1’s but didn’t have the right cables because nobody has ever asked me to run TC into a DSLR. But we used the DPs tentacle cables and everything worked flawlessly after that.
  3. I just did a shoot with probably one of the most ridiculous setups I’ve ever seen. We had three pocket cameras, and they wanted TC in on the audio jack because they can read it as LTC (which is a pretty cool feature), but seriously, at what point do we just go back to using ENG cameras?
  4. Remote Audio makes these cables. I saw at one Trew LA just yesterday
  5. Get to know the mixers in your area and let them guide you. Don’t undercut them, and they will help you.
  6. JonG

    HHB Dat

    Aaaaand now the big irony: a band I used to manage 20+ years ago has their master DATs and wants them transfered. Anybody have one of these that they’d like to pass on to an archivist by circumstance?
  7. I’m not in 941 just yet, but I’ve been licensed ever since our own Jeff Wexler expressed that we all should be, so with the help of Bill Ruck, I’ve been licensed since 2012.
  8. I keep a 702T in my kit specifically for ambiance, sfx, and maybe a bag drop in a car. You really can’t beat the exceptional quality and features of these machines, and you can get them dirt cheap used from Gotham at the moment.
  9. The only groom dry enough to play host to a cmit would be a mummy, and those aren’t easy to come bye. I wonder if your issue isn’t moisture but maybe phantom power. We can’t really help diagnose your problem without more details. What are you plugging it into? Not all mic pre amps provide full 48V. Could you have your mixer set to 12V PH? However if moisture is the culprit, you either live in a tropical region, or your groom has an humidifier on in the closet. That would prove convenient for his cigars.
  10. @Jim Rillie thanks for the tip. It’s a lot better for sure. I wish that they had included some quick release clips underneath like my Petrol has. It makes detaching the bag a lot easier when you don’t want to take off the whole thing, just the bag. I’m still figuring out how everything works on this, there’s a lot of things hanging off of it and it’s really a lot less I titube than I had imagined. But once it’s on it definitely takes the load off so to speak.
  11. Same. I’ve been using the $100 Petrol harness that came out in about 2012, but it hasn’t been working so well for me as of late. So I got the k-tek without trying it, just trusting that the brand was good, and discovered that it takes a long time to take on and off. When I work jobs that require a harness I want to be able to get in and out quick. Or at least be able to get the bag on and off quick. I don’t feel like that’s really possible with this one. I’d love to hear some real world comparisons between the two from some people that have really battle tested both.
  12. Meet with the other local mixers, charge what they charge, and good luck. Nobody likes an undercutter, and clients won’t respect you either, and will likely try to hack down your rates further if they see you are charging less. Just play ball and be a good rep for your area and you’ll do fine, assuming you are pleasant to work around and do a good job.
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