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  1. JonG

    Most common microphones on set?

    I hope you are using something like a Sound Devices MP1, MM1, 442, etc. as your mic pre. I see a lot of ADR studios using Avalon 737s with Neumann u87s, and then I know why you can often times spot the ADR in films! Definitely look into the sound reports to see what people are using. Common lavs would be from DPA, Sanken, countryman, VT, Sennheiser, and others. Common boom mics are offerings from Sennheiser, DPA, Schoeps, Sanken... and then lower echelons like Rode, AT, and some of the newer Chinese knockoff companies trying to pass for legitimate manufacturers. I hope your incoming work will pay for the mics you need. Nearly all these boom mics cost between $1000-$2500, so to have everything, you’d be spending tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. All conversations are worth having so that the information may live on
  3. That’s amazing. I’ve been listening to some podcasts where people are having to go back and remaster DATs and are really having a hard time of it! On a side note, I just did some vinyl transfers and the cleanup and remastering was a breeze thanks to recent technological advances. I remember cleaning up M&E stems that came from tape about ten years ago and that was rough!
  4. I recently worked on a German documentary that sort of focused on the integration of analog and digital things in society, and the folks were big analog buffs, so I brought out a Nagra III for them to play with. They loved it, hopefully it made it into the doc!
  5. JonG

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    When the Zaxcom ERX system came out, no one else on set was using wireless devices outside the Sound Dept other than the occasional Follow Focus, but those were usually VHF. It was never a problem to hard wire video monitors or focus by hand. Now everyone has a device in 2.4 or 5 gHz, and even with a 100mW amp on my IFB100, I often times need to be within 10 feet of the receivers in order to cut through the mess without having to use external amps and special antennae. The other thing is that cameras have gotten so small that an ERX takes an exceptionally large amount of real estate, whereas before, the camera folks were stoked that it was a hop and a lockit all in one. I certainly see the potential benefit to this new stereo transmitter system, but given the headaches of the spectrum it uses, I think for my own personal workflow I’d rather stick to alternate systems.
  6. JonG

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    Yawn. Another 2.4gHz device. I don’t know about you folks but the majority of sets I work, there are so many things using these frequencies from camera, video village, etc. That anything I bring on set gets blasted out of the air. Which is why I’m looking for a different camera hop system to move away from the Zaxcom ERX system.
  7. JonG

    The Last Kingdom

  8. JonG

    The Last Kingdom

    It always brings a smile to my face when I hear dear old Wilhelm!
  9. JonG

    The MCI JH 416, the other 416

    Their tape machines sound really good tho
  10. JonG

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    I’ve had a number of green posties come at me for this sort of thing, and often times it is someone pointing the finger so people don’t notice their own lack of experience. There often isn’t anything you can do about that. But for the benefit of the doubt, a short technical letter with references may be a good course of action.
  11. JonG

    Where is the Senator?

    I saw him at some sound event a few months back but not recently.
  12. JonG

    The Last Kingdom

    Anyone else on here find the ambiant female yelling that is consistent and constant throughout this show misplaced, cliché, and highly distracting? I thought it was kind of a cool design element in Gladiator, but nearly every “epic” period piece since then has had this and it’s become a bit of a “paint by numbers” sound design choice IMHO.
  13. JonG

    SE Electronics Se8

    While it is not a *super* cardioid, I have seen that a few notable mixers use mkh8040, Neumann 184, and Schoeps mk5 capsules, all of which are cardioid (the mk5 being switchable with a cardioid option), however those mixers are often using some of the best boom ops in the biz. In my earlier years I would carry the older se1a cardioid mic in my kit to use as a plant (and on one occasion as a spare/backup boom) and found it to work/sound quite well. Give it a try and share what you think!