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  1. JonG

    beyerdynamic mc 736

  2. I’m upset to hear that they don’t service the mk6. I have one and love it.
  3. Thank you to those who have replied. I’m currently using two R1a’s in 944 with an SMV 941 and IFBT4 944. Everything works great. I suppose I’ll add a couple of IFBlue to the mix to extend the usefulness of this setup. Thanks!
  4. I’m also curious about this. I just got into a 944 IFB r1a setup, and since they’re very hard to find, I may be looking into supplementing receivers with IFBlue.
  5. https://analog.nagraaudio.com type in the serial number on their wesbsite and do a search
  6. This seems to be business model for a lot of companies. First they sell clear copycats of existing products, then introduce a couple products that seem to be their own, but are still cheap and poor quality, and after a while they are somehow awarded respectability. I believe a certain Chinese company has an mkh416 ripoff available that people are now turning a blind eye to. Just like when Behringer was making identical mixers to Mackies.
  7. I had heard during the summer that production would resume in November. However I haven’t heard if it ever did or not. I did notice that some of the usual suspects did get a small amount in stock so maybe it’s on a smaller scale run.
  8. JonG


    I’d ask them to avoid getting moisture on your electronics, and maybe remind them that if those electronics didn’t work during a take because of their steaming, production might not look on them favorably.
  9. Knowing the camera would also help determine which mic might work best. There are lots of options for DSLR mounted mics these days, but if you are using say a Sony FS7, that opens up possibilities for short shotguns and the like, whereas you may have a more difficult time on a Red camera, because all mounting options have to be added on, and their form factors are usually not very ergonomic.
  10. Very cool. I was really on the fence about getting an 888 or 833. I have a 788T and 633, and for years now they have served me well on the cart and in the bag. These days, I’ve been doing much more small track count bag work, but wanted a bit more flexibility than a 633. Between the 833 and 888, there wasn’t much advantage over a 788T in terms of inputs. But I need to keep a low profile, small bag 90% of the time. So I went with the 833. This plugin gives me the option to be able to expand that other 10% of the time without having to bring a second recorder out.
  11. I’m anxious to see if anyone can implement this midi mapping to allow the CM Labs MotorMix controller to work with the 8 series. I have one and it’s awesome. You can get them cheap and daisy chain them together to have more channels. Beats buying a whole new control surface if you already own one.
  12. I think that the title Chef Ingénieur du Son is the most correct title in French. That’s what I was taught when I studied sound in France.
  13. One thing that many people new to audio don’t understand is that you have to have a strong understanding of audio before getting into location sound. Kind of like understanding engineering before building a house. What we do is a specific niche industry, under the umbrella of a larger science. Very specialized. You really should get your audio engineering basics down before getting into a specialized field. Like it’s been stated before, doing your homework is key. This is not just about learning the gear, there’s a lot more to it than that. I went to audio school and got a degree, then spent years reading this forum, and other resources before I ever dared becoming a voice here. But some people think that they can just take a shortcut and ask for all the answers in one go, not understanding that there is so much more to it than what they think. They generally get upset when told that there is no shortcut, that putting in the work is the only way to truly learn. That’s why we are able to make a living at this, because you don’t just learn it over night or with a couple of questions answered. If it were that easy it wouldn’t be considered a skilled position.
  14. I think it is important to get this right. I had a friend miss out on an Emmy because production credited him as a Sound Recordist instead of a Production Sound Mixer. I’ve also heard that even some production insurance companies are sticklers for official titles. I know that if your equipment is paid to you via a box/kit rental from payroll, as opposed to a “sound equipment package rental” invoice, they won’t insure the equipment and deny a claim, because a sound equipment package rental is not a box rental or a “kit”. I’ve even spoken to payroll companies about this, and they say the same thing, that sound equipment is not a box rental, and to not list it as such, but to invoice the production company directly. Sorry to get a little off topic, but for the sake of the conversation I figured I’d add to the discussion.
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