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  1. Yes. Pro-Tools is the standard professional tool used by pretty much everybody, and you will be expected to be able to accept and deliver Pro-Tools sessions. You can have a very good career if you don’t ever learn Cubase. But you have to know Pro-Tools inside and out. I always purchase a non subscription license and skip a few generations before upgrading again. PT tends to be about $500, so I don’t think it’s out of the question to run te same system for five years before upgrading. I have a laptop with v7 and a Mac mini with v10 on them, and have a copy of v2018 on my main workstati
  2. I’d say stick with your rental house job for at least a couple years, make contacts, and then shoot for doing boom and utility work later on. I’ve seen that be a winning formula that works well for a lot of people, with a lot less struggle trying to make it as a sound mixer from the get go. At the end of the day, not having to purchase equipment, and going up against the already established mixers in your area, is a lot less of an uphill battle. You can still do post on the side, which I encourage. Get extremely proficient with pro-tools and izotope rx for a start, and let your customers know
  3. Try them out and make your own decision. Everyone that posts here is going to give their own opinion which isn’t really going to steer you in any helpful direction.
  4. Me thinking about what Lectro’s cooking up.
  5. A cheaper option would be to get boxes that convert your mic/line level signals to be sent over a cat5/6/7 cable. That way you don’t have to spend so much on audio cable that people on set will inevitably step on and break.
  6. It would be cool if this were available on r2r for those of us who use this format in our hifi systems. There is a fair amount of pure analog music available on r2r but it is mostly jazz and classical. Commercially available pop and rock tapes made 30-60 years ago are generally expensive and fragile.
  7. Two lithium AAs last about three days if you’re powering down during down time.
  8. +1 I’ve been using this setup for years, along with a comtek in the return so I can talk to the boom op. Everyone I’ve worked with loves this setup despite it being more than just a plug on the pole. I boomed for a mixer a couple of years ago who still insisted on hard wiring. I wouldn’t mind but today productions move so fast that there’s no time for wrangling the cable, moving to the next location, setting up, and still being able to watch rehearsal and check for shadows. It’s worse when your gaffer never seems to anticipate a boom flying overhead and consistently do
  9. Is there any news on where to register your frequencies? I know that you used to be able to use Spectrum Bridge but their site seems to be down.
  10. I think that you should consider what you need, do a little research, and see if you can get a used premium machine vs a new budget machine. A lot of SD 7 series are going for pennies on the dollar on eBay, and they are by far some of the best machines out there for what you described you need. My biased opinion. Do be aware that there are a lot of people who will blindly advocate their own preferences, regardless of circumstance. By getting into audio, you need to be able to do a lot of research on your own, in order to get an informed opinion. Plus, you’ll learn something in the
  11. I mainly use a wired keyboard, but like @S Harber I also have an older iPhone that’s dedicated to clwifi. Not sure how Lectrosonics figures into this question tho.
  12. I mixed a film last year where the majority of the time, it was boomed with an upgraded cmc4->cmc5 by Pete Verrando. I usually use mk41s but in this instance, the majority of the film was in a very confined space, so I needed to use a polar pattern that would have a wider patters and no back lobe, so I used an mk4. I thought it sounded fantastic and was very pleased with the results. Unfortunately I can’t share the files, but if you are trying to make a comparison between the two capsules, I would say that if you are talking about a manufacturer of this level of quality, you have little to
  13. I keep all that in my car, including some survival goods, since I commute quite a lot.
  14. @drpro they have a lot of products, is there a specific one that you like?
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