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  1. JonG

    Large Boom pole case

    OneTigris Fishing Rod Case Bag Organizer Carry-on/Backpack extra Extendable 10" (47IN) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MY5FSR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TCSWBbGNR5JER No longer available but it gives you an idea. I keep my 16’ and 14’ Loon poles in there. They both have wings at the bottom, but you could probably fit three wingless poles inside. I like the idea of having one case for more than one pole. I used to bring two or three booms on jobs and having each in their own case was very cumbersome. This case even has pockets and pouches, and I can fit a denecke TS3 sized slate, and a number of other items in the front pouch as well. Really handy for being mobile.
  2. JonG

    Large Boom pole case

    I used the boom tubes in the past, and when checked with luggage and other production cases, I found them not to be particularly good at protecting your poles. The DIY PVC tubes are much better for that. In my case, the other production cases wedged my boom tube while being shuffled around and actually ripped off the latch and the top became completely disconnected. The boom slid partially out and was snapped in half by other pelican cases, only staying attached by the internal coiled cable. By some miracle the boom stayed inside the open tube all the way to when it was retrieved. Luckily it was a K Tek and they took care of me (and production upgraded my pole without knowing it too Now I use a soft case by Gator that holds two poles because you never know. I just carry it on and give the airlines a hard time if they don’t like it.
  3. JonG

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

  4. JonG

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    Humidity is more of an issue for mics with interchangeable capsules. That said, the fancier the mic, the more delicate it is. So regardless of which of these you choose, you’ll still need a 416 as a backup.
  5. JonG

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    I own 11 boom mics. Which one is better? It depends.
  6. JonG

    Setting Levels with Lavs>Mixer>Recorder?

    Look up gain staging. If you don’t know this, audio is not going to be kind to you.
  7. JonG

    IFB question for the masses

    I’ve run into camera douches trying to get my rental by owning their own lockits, recorders, wireless, you name it. My answer is no, plain and simple. And if they insist or work something out with production ahead of time, I bill them anyways. It’s not the camera guys place to be doing that, and even with flimsy excuses like “clean signal” or in one instance wanting a smaller lockit (they had tentacles and I have mozegear tig28s, so not much of a difference!), it is still your department and your rental. Production wouldn’t have it if you undercut any other department and brought out your own gear for them to use so they shouldn’t be doing it to you. Bill them anyways since you’re going to be the one operating.
  8. JonG

    Camera Hops

    Any thoughts on this system? I like how small it is, but how does it sound? Is it reliable? Seems like this just came and went without anyone noticing. Probably because it was over priced for “introductory ENG”, that’s my guess.
  9. JonG

    Camera Hops

    @Dalton Patterson very compelling. These are priced the same as G3s but are true diversity, and are available in the new block 90. This is the sort of inexpensive solution I have been looking for. The only thing I don’t really like is the size. I really wish that someone would figure out that we need hops, they need to be small, robust, reliable, and are able to operate on frequencies other than our talent wireless. I’d really love digital transmission too, but one can only dream. The idea of using Lectros, Wisy’s or Zax seems like too high of a price point for myself. But who knows, that may change down the road. What else are people using?
  10. JonG

    Camera Hops

    @joinwooHK Yes you are right. That is why I am asking people what they are using AND WHY. Please share your thoughts.
  11. JonG

    Camera Hops

    Understood sir!
  12. JonG

    Camera Hops

    @thenannymoh why wouldn’t you use G3s for primary audio on camera? I used them for reality shows back when clients just wanted a mix to cam and no multitracks, and it sounded fine. Those shows went to broadcast and won the production company emmies. Granted they don’t have the range that Lectros or Wisys, but they aren’t bad for this purpose. Those of you using Lectros, what are your talent frequencies vs. your hop frequencies? What are your plans for the future? What do do people think of the older Audio Ltd. EN2 series? They look small enough to be great for today’s tiny cameras. How’s the range on them? Any problems with them at all?
  13. JonG

    Camera Hops

    Very compelling arguments on all fronts. I’m anxious to hear other people’s options as well!
  14. JonG

    Camera Hops

    I’d like to revisit this old but still very relevant subject to see what people are using. I started out by using G2/3’s, which worked fine for the most part. I then used the Lectro 100 series units because I thought that they might be a good solution, but scrapped that idea when the Zaxcom IFB100/ERX2TCD system came out. Hop and sync in one box? Awesome. The problem with that system is that the IFB100 has a fragile antenna and can’t be anywhere near other devices in your bag such as a Comtek transmitter because it bleeds a squelching sound that is very nasty. The IFBs are rather large, poor build quality, and if you don’t get the Audio Dept mod, then you’re using a Y cable to come out of the mini jack which will put stress on the connector and cause it to break. The worst part about it is that it operates on 2.4gHz. This wasn’t awesome when it came out but it worked ok. That was before every other person on set had some wireless device competing for the same frequencies. Now it seems that if I get any more than 10 feet away from the camera, it starts experiencing dropouts. Since there are no other hop/TC systems that I’m aware of, I am looking to re think things and move away from the Zax system. I’m happy that Denecke joined the world of the micro sync box. But what about the hops? Well I still have my old G3s, but I’d love to find something that operates outside of my talent wireless spectrum (470-23). I like the idea of the Lectro VHF IFB system but the only transmitter available is a base station. What is is everyone else using, and how are you preparing for the eventual big squeeze in the UHF spectrum (in the USA) once 600mHz is no longer legal? I’m looking at size, affordability, available frequencies, output power, power options (battery, battery eliminator, etc).