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  1. Me thinking about what Lectro’s cooking up.
  2. A cheaper option would be to get boxes that convert your mic/line level signals to be sent over a cat5/6/7 cable. That way you don’t have to spend so much on audio cable that people on set will inevitably step on and break.
  3. It would be cool if this were available on r2r for those of us who use this format in our hifi systems. There is a fair amount of pure analog music available on r2r but it is mostly jazz and classical. Commercially available pop and rock tapes made 30-60 years ago are generally expensive and fragile.
  4. Two lithium AAs last about three days if you’re powering down during down time.
  5. +1 I’ve been using this setup for years, along with a comtek in the return so I can talk to the boom op. Everyone I’ve worked with loves this setup despite it being more than just a plug on the pole. I boomed for a mixer a couple of years ago who still insisted on hard wiring. I wouldn’t mind but today productions move so fast that there’s no time for wrangling the cable, moving to the next location, setting up, and still being able to watch rehearsal and check for shadows. It’s worse when your gaffer never seems to anticipate a boom flying overhead and consistently does the laziest work that they can! luckily I was able to convince him to let me go wireless, and things ran a lot smoother.
  6. Is there any news on where to register your frequencies? I know that you used to be able to use Spectrum Bridge but their site seems to be down.
  7. I think that you should consider what you need, do a little research, and see if you can get a used premium machine vs a new budget machine. A lot of SD 7 series are going for pennies on the dollar on eBay, and they are by far some of the best machines out there for what you described you need. My biased opinion. Do be aware that there are a lot of people who will blindly advocate their own preferences, regardless of circumstance. By getting into audio, you need to be able to do a lot of research on your own, in order to get an informed opinion. Plus, you’ll learn something in the process.
  8. I mainly use a wired keyboard, but like @S Harber I also have an older iPhone that’s dedicated to clwifi. Not sure how Lectrosonics figures into this question tho.
  9. I mixed a film last year where the majority of the time, it was boomed with an upgraded cmc4->cmc5 by Pete Verrando. I usually use mk41s but in this instance, the majority of the film was in a very confined space, so I needed to use a polar pattern that would have a wider patters and no back lobe, so I used an mk4. I thought it sounded fantastic and was very pleased with the results. Unfortunately I can’t share the files, but if you are trying to make a comparison between the two capsules, I would say that if you are talking about a manufacturer of this level of quality, you have little to worry about. Now, if you were trying to put lipstick on a pig by using a budget setup, that would be a very different story!
  10. I keep all that in my car, including some survival goods, since I commute quite a lot.
  11. @drpro they have a lot of products, is there a specific one that you like?
  12. I’ve been using the iPad mini mount from Triad Orbit, and have been pretty happy with it. Ideally I’d like something that can mount onto one side of a rack and fold/extend in and out so that I don’t have to install the whole thing every day, and then have a separate place to store it. Here is a link to their iniversal tablet mount: https://www.triad-orbit.com/product/iorbit-universal/
  13. I like these pull out monitors but I can’t understand why they are so expensive. Couldn’t someone just put an inexpensive computer monitor in a rack chassis for less than half the price of one of these?
  14. I’m installing a Mac Mini into my cart, and am now faced with the question of monitors. I have dual 7” Marshall video monitors for my camera feeds, but now I need something for the Mac. Currently I am pondering which kind of monitor to be using, how to mount it, and if possible, leave it hooked up but maybe foldable, so that I don’t have to install it every time I want to use it. My current setup has all the “guts” of my cart in a rack mount case. Please share photos, links, and useful information. Thank you!
  15. I’d like to revive this thread. Sadly, nearly all the links above no longer work, and I’d imagine that there are more options available today. I think that having computers on sound carts is becoming ever more frequent, so we may as well get used to the idea of this being a continual hunt!
  16. I will mirror what @Dalton Patterson said. You should really get a mentor before jumping the gun. I’ve seen a lot of people join the union in the past few years that really had a long way to go before they should have joined. And joining the union doesn’t guarantee that you’ll ever work a day on a union set, so know that you will still likely be mostly doing the same sort of work that you are if you do join.
  17. Don’t get into Dept. Do market research in your area. Talk to local mixers. Don’t under cut them. You are entering an industry that has rules and rates. Learn those before you worry about gear. Rent from other mixers in the beginning, you’ll make better friends and connections, and you’ll get to know the different pieces of equipment. And don’t be afraid to say no to low ball jobs or jobs that may be dangerous, or above your skillset.
  18. I would definitely be interested in a step by step walk trough on this. I own a lot of Nagras, and use them, but my tape stock varies a lot and the Nagras are set up differently.
  19. No this guy had it upside down half the time, and was twirling it around. You could tell someone just handed it to him as a prop and didn’t explain what to do with it. Plus he’s not plugged into anything, no cable coming off the boom. This would be from 1996, unlikely that he’d be wireless.
  20. Here's a good one from the show DCI Banks
  21. @SonicBoomPole you can find manuals online just by googling, and parts are mainly available on eBay.
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