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  1. I didn’t take pictures but I just watched a couple of movies where mics were totally positioned wrong and it really made me laugh. One was the Dalton Trumbo biopic and the other was the Chess records film. Both show side address mics repeatedly being pointed at the source as if they were top address mics. Not to mention that some of the mics pictured had not been invented yet in some cases. I thought it would be funny to start a thread for people to post a screen shot whenever they see something like that!
  2. This can be a good tool or a loaded gun like it’s been said. Just remember that if you opt to use it, probably best to only use it on your mix track and leave those ISOs alone. Certainly useful in live scenarios, to check to see what can be done in post, and also WHEN the need for a clean mix track/camera scratch track, or clearer IFBs are necessary (although for the latter, I feel like allowing the director/client to hear exactly how noisy their location or camera might be, can actually help your case for going about production WITH should in mind and with less of a “fix it in post” attitude). And also remember that we are in this for the business, not to give things away. I know many non scrupulous folks out there will throw this in like they’ve already been doing for so many things without charging appropriately, thinking that this will give them another leg up. But really you’ll just be giving away the goat and giving production another thing to start expecting from everybody for free. So so let’s just try to remember that how you run your business will affect the industry for everyone else.
  3. Very well. It truly does sound great. On the last film I did, our DIT actually wanted his photo taken with it, he was really geeking out! I think they sound great. A well maintained Nagra will have a very low noise floor, and if it were a problem, it could be easily batch cleaned. Being in the same room as a RED camera is a lot noisier than working with a Nagra. I actually did a film a couple of years ago that wanted me to roll on a Nagra and I couldn’t hear any perceptible noise floor. I recorded the ISO’s and mix track to my 788T like I normally would, and ran the mix track out of the Nagra and into the 788T so I could do a side by side comparison of the mix track from my board directly to the 788T and the same board mix to the Nagra then to the 788T. Aside from the delay from the playback head, the main difference was that certain mojo you get from tape. Someone mentioned warmth earlier. Warmth is usually associated with harmonic distortion. Given that tools in our trade are designed to be as clean as possible, I’d say you’d be experiencing very little harmonic distortion on a Nagra unless it was poorly calibrated and over modulating tremendously.
  4. You really think the CL-9 is your least coolest piece of gear? As far as control surfaces go, it’s pretty great. I like it a lot better than the CL-12, and even the new one doesn’t have some of the features of the 9.
  5. It’s a 5422 eight channel mixer, modded with direct outs, phantom power switches on every channel, cleaner S/N ratio, higher dynamic range, and a boom op comms section, among other additions. Dugan, Denecke, and other greats all had a pass on supping this up from stock.
  6. My Neve mixer that was used by a veteran Sound Mixer on a bunch of great shows! I also have his Dan Dugan hot rodded Nagras 4.2 and STC!
  7. I used to run a Dorrough meter on my cart. I made a cable to connect it to my DC distro in place of the AC adapter and it worked fine.
  8. This is why I have never been a fan of the rigid bags that have been popular the past few years, and have stuck with the simple PortaBrace bag that initially came with the 633, or moved to a Condor bag for a smaller footprint.
  9. Rebuilding/wiring my cart, watching a ton of documentaries, FaceTiming with friends. I got my guitar out of the closet, we’ll see if I go for it! Cooking of course, and trying to avoid Facebook Lets keep good conversations going here!
  10. If they’re getting dropouts from being a little removed from the teradeks, they could also be fighting with each other in the frequency realm. Unfortunately most camera people don’t understand anything about wireless technology, and will continue to bring more and more wireless devices on set that will keep stepping on your gear. It’s a losing battle for us I’m afraid. You can try to educate them, maybe talk to someone above them about the issue, but you yourself need to be well informed beforehand. It sounds like maybe you need to do a little more homework before bringing it up. What I would do: A: set up my wireless with sharkfins remoted closer to the talent and pointed away from the cameras. B: try to convince any stationary cameras to go hardwired.
  11. Condor Deployment Bag (Black, 12 x 6 x 5.5-Inch) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003W96GG8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6DGtEbXFM9QNF
  12. +1 Ive done this too and it works perfectly fine.
  13. Off the top of my head, I’d say an easy solution would be to get an NP cup terminated for Hirose and an LMC AC cup adapter. I’m sure there are other options but this is what I used for years when I wasn’t using a PSC AC/Battery source.
  14. If you recall, when the 6 series rolled out, the 633 was initially not supported for the CL-12. The reason was basically because it is a bag mixer, and if you want to mix with faders on a cart, you should get a cart mixer. I would say that it would have been smart for SD to consider that MAYBE someone out there would want to buy two 833s (principal and backup) to primarily use in a bag, but with the use of the long forgotten C-Link, could gang their two machines together and use a CL-16 for those projects that come around maybe not often enough to justify also buying an 888. Just my thoughts, but I feel like a lot of bag mixers out there can identify with this scenario. It’s perhaps a missed opportunity for SD sales if CL-16 implementation for the 833 and C-Link weren’t abandoned.
  15. JonG

    Camera Hops

    @jwill since I started this thread, the DCHT was released, and it really ticks a lot of boxes for me. I’d like to eventually migrate over to that system, just waiting on a few things right now. I got a chance to beta test your setup and it is really something. Question to you tho: what do you think of the levels from the M2R? I kind of felt like it was a bit low. I think about cameras like the Alexa that are line level only. I’ve never been able to get -20dB tone on an Alexa, always about -26/-28 from other hop systems I’ve tried, which isn’t the end of the world but annoying that it’s low. I like to think of myself as being very thorough, and getting low levels on cameras hurts my pride!
  16. Three things about this control surface: 1- The mixpre pots. Couldn’t go for more pro looking pots? 2- The Rec/Stop buttons all the way at the top. I hated that about the CL-12. Absolutely love where they are on the CL-9. 3- I hope the comms buttons aren’t merely toggles like they were in the 6 series, performing different functions depending upon the menu you are in. Please be dedicated comms like in the 7 series.
  17. I hope your transition is smooth. Please stay active in our community. All the best.
  18. If they have a published email then I think it’s ok to contact them. I’ve been contacted directly on a number of occasions and I wasn’t bothered by it. But if you have a reservation about it, then contact them using the messenger service of the site.
  19. @jawharp please follow this up. I’d be very interested whatever you come up with. I’ve been toying with the idea of using my old iPhone 4S for my cl-WiFi but with it being so small, I’d really love to be able to use something else on a larger tablet, preferably not wireless.
  20. @Trey LaCroix yes this is true. I suppose it’s not the SixPack’s fault lol. But you can output AES from Wisycom receivers and have it come through the SixPack. Maybe the (hopefully forthcoming) Lectrosonics SR”D” will output digitally, so we can take advantage of fewer AD-DA conversion points.
  21. I’m very happy that they came out with this. I’m hoping that it won’t get in the way of transmitters mounted with a dashboard, though now I’m upset that the PSC SixPack doesn’t output AES when using Lectros. But sadly, this feature should have been standard in all their mixers as it was in the 7 series. I do believe that there needs to be a way to remote this device as it will certainly get in the way of other devices in a bag, as mentioned before. Can we hear from someone at SD to know if this is possible?
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