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  1. @Philip Perkins maybe we can persuade these folks to send us a demo unit and we can have a Bay Area Nagra party
  2. I’ve seen these QGB IIs available on eBay. I think that they are a third party device. I’ve thought about getting one because I’d like to record on 10” reels too, and it doesn’t look like I’ll ever own an original QGB unless I spend big $$$! If you have a source, I’d be interested
  3. For production mixing, where you are making a mono mix, or some ENG type of setup like boom on the right, Lav mix on the left, having more panning options than hard left and right isn’t that useful. I’d say that it has been implemented because as time goes on, more features are added by default. What I don’t understand is how some newer machines don’t come with all the same features as some of these older machines. The fact that the 788T has ambient time code, mic/line/aes on all channels, a hard drive, and various other options keeps this a relevant and competitive machine imho.
  4. I’ve got a bunch of Schoeps mics that I purchased used. Some I’ve had for a few years and some I’ve had for less time than that. Overall it’s up to how they were treated, but my rule of thumb is that I test them before buying. Schoeps makes incredibly high end mics so as long as they’ve been well looked after, you may struggle to hear the difference from one from the 70s vs. one made today.
  5. I’ll throw my site into the ring. Feedback welcome: http://SoundDept.org
  6. I agree with @The Immoral Mr Teas That everyone else should know about sound and how their departments can affect sound. I just wrapped a feature that probably won’t ever see the light of day because of decisions made by the DP. Sad because it was Oscar material. In the end, the post team will say that the sound was bad and blame me, but the camera was noisy, the follow focus was noisy, the lights were noisy, literally everything was noisy. I know post pretty well, but I don’t know how they can clean up that mess. Not possible to do ADR, actors were flown in from Africa and other places, and the budget was of course all used up by the camera team. Google “open letter from the sound department” for more clues into how everyone on a film has responsibilities regarding sound.
  7. Anything in an audio engineering 101 class: signal flow, gain structure, acoustics, basic electronics, soldering, different kinds of mics and polar patterns, and since this is for production sound: wireless basics.
  8. They’re both $100 mics. Get both of them.
  9. I keep one as a ready to go MS recording bag, but have it also ready for car rides or interview days. I also have a 302 to pair with it and yes, it sounds amazing. I’d never sell it.
  10. I’d like to point out that you can get nearly an entire day out of a Lectro um400 if you use a lithium 9V battery vs. alkaline or rechargeable. In my experience, when doing some doc work that really had no down time, that was a valuable asset. Though the batteries are more expensive, I’ve always been able to find bulk deals from eBay sellers at about a dollar a piece based on 100. Just do the planet a favor and recycle them once you’re done.
  11. JonG

    New SD 833

    If only they’d have had all six inputs on the 633 be mic/line/aes. Man that would be a hard machine to replace. But as it stands, I keep having a hard time justifying moving to an 833 with really very little difference in features, and the problem of power consumption. I do a lot of doc work and travel gigs and like it has been said before, being able to pack light has been a big asset. To think that I’ll need twice as many batteries and possibly another dual charger to do the same work. I’ll have to keep weighing out the pros and cons while all the early adopters find all the bugs!
  12. JonG

    New SD 833

    It’s disappointing that a machine that is essentially doing the same thing should draw so much more. The great thing about the 633 regarding power is how little it draws, and for me personally, coming from a 788T, it was a huge deal for me. With my 788T rig (complete with 6-7 411’s), I always kept 7 NPs available to get through the day. When I got the 633, my need was cut in half. And when I switched to eSmart batteries, it was quite a rare thing if I ever switched out a battery at all. Moving forward, if I decide to get an 833, I have to reconsider how many batteries I bring with me on travel jobs and the like.
  13. JonG

    New SD 833

    Resurrecting the thread to get some real world power draw experience. We never got those questions answered. Doing an average gig with an 833 and two SR receivers and boom, what was your battery life like for? 98wH eSmart battery: 71wH NP battery: Other battery type: People who have been using their new 833s for more than a week that are coming from 633s would be best suited for this question. Thank you
  14. @jozzafunk I’m using my Alexa cable from Remote Audio
  15. I’ve always gotten pretty insane range on these. I bought a backup, and when I tried using it, had extremely less range than normal. Turns out the antenna was malfunctioning in some way, because when I tried the rubber ducky antenna from my main 216p7, it functioned as normal. @Trey LaCroix your problem may be as simple as needing a new antenna.
  16. Here’s the audio input info. Not available in the manual, the DIT on the project I’m on had to request it from development.
  17. Inspired by Jonathan Lalouz, I decided to try out the Condor bags for a smaller setup. Here you can see the 633, with a Soundbags Dashboard, two SRs, and an AudioRoot distro. In the pocket to the left is my Comtek Tx, in the pocket to the right is a G3 that I’m temporarily using as a hop, and in the front pouch is my eSmart battery. There really isn’t a lot of room for anything else. I had to have all my cables custom made for low profile harnesses. I really like this setup, and it does what it needs to for about 80-90% of my bag work. I have an V2 Dashboard, I understand that the V3’s are lighter than these. This setup puts the weight in one place as opposed to dispersing it throughout a larger bag, so it feels heavier when lifted by hand, but can easily be worn with just a strap without killing your shoulders/back. It is also so compact that it can fit into just about any kind of standard sized case. As nice and small as this is, I like what @RadoStefanov is doing with the same bag for his Nova OneUnit.
  18. That’s what I thought we were going to be using. The person that hired me was not in the least bit technical, so I showed up and the AC gave me the rundown after expecting that I had been informed on what we were using and the workflow. The DP had a couple of first gen Tentacles that wouldn’t sync properly, and these cameras had a hard time reading their TC. I use the new Denecke JB-1’s but didn’t have the right cables because nobody has ever asked me to run TC into a DSLR. But we used the DPs tentacle cables and everything worked flawlessly after that.
  19. I just did a shoot with probably one of the most ridiculous setups I’ve ever seen. We had three pocket cameras, and they wanted TC in on the audio jack because they can read it as LTC (which is a pretty cool feature), but seriously, at what point do we just go back to using ENG cameras?
  20. Remote Audio makes these cables. I saw at one Trew LA just yesterday
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