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  1. any soundmixer experience The Emmys reaching out for sound editing nomination? If so, what did you do..
  2. waiting patiently on this setup.
  3. I think I just need is the Upside down L bracket. I can screw or Velcro the LECTRO SR bucket.. However now I'm worried that the XLR input may be blocking.
  4. James can I join you in purchasing some plates from BEC? I'm also based in LA. I want to get 4....
  5. Ayip12

    Ambient V-Slot

    Currently I s there anything that can be powered by Anton Bauer? I would like to use this for an Amira.
  6. Thanks for this article. Just had a discussion bout this with a PM.
  7. Any of you have good experience with freqs in Korea? Which lectro block did you use.
  8. Especially reality tv, personality plays a big part. Occasionally, your looks as well. superficial world we live in huh!
  9. I'm looking for a um400a block 26 if anyone is interested in trading for a um400a block 20. In my opinion, block 20 is the best for LA
  10. this is the best.... http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip
  11. good time to buy used SMQV's....anyone have block 470's, 20's or 26's
  12. All my cables are done by "money", at Wilcox sound. I probably spent over $1000 on repairs and specialty cables. Actually the ten trams 50 lavs That I'm selling money fixed them all.... $175/each
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