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  1. Ontariosound

    T-Powered Hypercardioid Condenser Mic

    Don't forget the thick brass tube that the older MKH's had surrounding their circuitry. Quite the RF barrier. I own an MKH 435 as well, sweet little mic. Looks as good as it sounds.
  2. Ontariosound

    C300 Timecode Anomoly

    I too have been seeing the External/Internal timecode indicator on the display screen jumping rapidly back and forth on the Mk ll. Does not do it with Ambient Lockit boxes, only my RX 200's. No complaints from post.
  3. Ontariosound

    One man crew - video/AUDIO system advice needed

    Hire a proper sound person. We can help with carrying gear and driving.
  4. Ontariosound

    Thanks Tyler Wade

    Tyler was always a pleasure to deal with. I knew him since day one there at Trew Toronto. Tyler might be responsible for training half of the sound people in Toronto. We have 4 times as many as 15 years ago and most were kitted out by Tyler. Can you imagine how many "how does this thing work ?" phone calls he took ? All the best in your new venture T Wade !
  5. Ontariosound

    788 lock up

    My 4.5 year old 788T SSD crashed for the first time ever the other day near the end of a 30 minute, 7 track "take" on a lifestyle show. I had a new Sandisk Extreme 120 MBPS card in for the first time. Not Extreme Pro.... Had the high pitched squeal and the "cycle power" warning come on the screen. The NP1 was still solid, but I switched to a new NP1 and restarted the machine, took a minute to pass audio through to my snake and to the camera. Waited until the status LEDs went green on the HD and CF indicators. Then started recording. Lost some content obviously, and continued on. Next day phoned SD and the tech advisor said that I should replace the SSD as they only have a finite number of read and write cycles in their lifespan. Whatever. Installed a Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD and a new Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB card. Will format the SSD more often in the future.
  6. I feel that the director should be taking a good deal of the blame for the low quality of the location sound. The soft, almost romantic delivery by the host. Those quirky body gestures that do not mesh with the script. The super wide shots that never cut to a medium close up during those walk and talks. It almost feels like one of those shows where the DOP says in pre-production that he owns a good wireless mic and he will take care of the sound.
  7. I have a hard time watching Cosmos : A Spacetime Odyssey. We know that the location recordist was stuck with only being able to use a lav on most of the shots. And with such a soft voice and intimate delivery, a studio engineer would have trouble getting a decent level from a U87 placed one inch from this chap's lips. He kind of hushes himself after every word which would be very frustrating on set. Not thrilled with the directing either.
  8. Ontariosound

    BBC Viewers Complain About 'Mumbling Actors'

    It is part of today's acting ethos it seems. Kind of a way to seem cool even if the character or actor is not. I always start to feel mildly ill when the tiny lip smacks and tongue/teeth noises are the peaks on your level meters on Day One of production....
  9. Ontariosound

    Post Production Mixer Needed

    Janine says that there is some money for post audio. I did not work on the project and only know that it is a dialogue driven piece.
  10. Ontariosound

    Post Production Mixer Needed

    There is some money in the budget and the film does not need any SFX or much music. Easy to edit and mix I would guess.
  11. Hi, a friend of mine is a Post supervisor for a small feature here in Ontario, Canada. She is looking for somebody interested in editing dialogue and creating a mix for this film. Not a lot of money but (overused term alert) it is a good stepping stone. I have heard some rushes and the location dialogue sounds quite good. Please contact Janine at janine.oloman@gmail.com
  12. Ontariosound

    Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    I was using one of my 8060's for sit down interviews for a few weeks. Decided to put up an 8050 just for the heck of it one day and was shocked by how much quieter it was.
  13. Ontariosound

    Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    Not thrilled with the self noise of my 8060's.
  14. Ontariosound

    Sound Devices 664

    I would pay an extra $1,000 for a weatherproof 664. Why does Sound Devices not offer this as an option ?
  15. Ontariosound

    Shooting past wrap time.

    There is one person on the callsheet that can keep the day on schedule. Your DOP. More often than not they overcomplicate nearly every shot on lower budget productions. And have their a** kissed while pondering... The wrap party will be a thinly veiled coronation of the camera department of whom you will probably never hear of again. We do a job. And a surprisingly thankless one at that. Stand your ground.