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  1. A solution looking for a problem ?
  2. Palmer PDI -03 is an industry standard and sounds superb. I have two, for stereo tracking or duelling leads.
  3. Adam, you asked many questions but did not share the repair info that took place at Sennheiser. A simple phone call to the Service Department there could give you the info about what was done to your mic and potentially help others on this board.
  4. Looking for a Boom Op August 19 to September 16. 20 shoot days. Non Union. Please contact Angelique at 403 991 2390 to discuss.
  5. Waiting for this information as well. Will pull the trigger (Mastercard) when this feature is available.
  6. 2.5 Amp current draw. I know there is a lot of technology going on inside (and the display). But that is a lot of current draw for the advertised "bag" use.....
  7. I just received my MZF 18db @ 70 Hz filter. So far so good.
  8. Thank you Parker for this post. Was booked for a six day shoot that normally uses C300 Mk 2's. 12 hours before anticipated calletime I contacted the DOP just to ask a few questions. Turns out he was bringing his EVA 1 ( return on investment and some convincing of the producer obviously). Your heads up helped me right off the bat on Day 1. We sound people are kept in the dark more and more. Gotta be proactive to the point of pestering.
  9. Perhaps you are in a little over your head. FYI if you are involved with any RED camera shoot be prepared for many technical issues. And sound will be pushed far down on the list of priorities.
  10. Yet another reason for only sending the Boom channel to the camera. If they don't like the sound of the Boom (rarely if ever), send them the Lav track afterwords.
  11. For long guns I have the 816, 70 and 8070. Been 5 years since any of them have been plugged in. It seems that it is 8060's or straight to lavs. The multi camera wide shots are just too wide for the boom. And there are few guys who can properly use a long gun anymore.
  12. Don't forget the thick brass tube that the older MKH's had surrounding their circuitry. Quite the RF barrier. I own an MKH 435 as well, sweet little mic. Looks as good as it sounds.
  13. I too have been seeing the External/Internal timecode indicator on the display screen jumping rapidly back and forth on the Mk ll. Does not do it with Ambient Lockit boxes, only my RX 200's. No complaints from post.
  14. Hire a proper sound person. We can help with carrying gear and driving.
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