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  1. Looks Great Kelsey, I Built a similar slightly larger version. Vertical hand truck as a frame, and wooden skeleton around it.
  2. I forgot to roll once, it was My first day on a DOC in Haiti, filming people unloading planes of relief supplies. Though I would be fired for sure. since that day in 2010 we have filmed at least 5,000 Hrs of film without a release date in sight... needless to say, nobody even noticed.
  3. What are the dates and details? I could possibly work as a local. Though I am not Union
  4. Thank you guys for the responses, I am going to try and run some tests tomorrow.
  5. I am on a Live event shoot and we need all of the cameras to be in sync for Multicam editing(no sound). The DP wants to roll the cameras at 59.94fps. I will be mounting Denecke SB-T lockit boxes onto the cameras. 1.Is it possible for the RED to record video at 59.94fps, while also stamping the file with a 29.97fps timecode from the SB-T? 2. if it is not, what is the best option to be able to make sure all of the REDs are in sync with frame accuracy? 3. Also, the video is being recorded in Camera, and NOT live streaming, do I need to send the Cameras GenLock? Thank you Jordan
  6. How can you tell if a producer is lying? Their lips are moving
  7. No coaster under the redbull... its going to ruin the finish on that table
  8. I go to Haiti about ten times a year, the company I go with uses their own kit, but I carry it, and we have never had a carnet, you will have no problem getting into Haiti with the gear, it will only be when you land back into the united states. I have only had an issue once or twice, and they just warned us. and on those trips we were trying to come through customs with 20+ pelican cases. Just Keep your kit looking low key and you will be fine. obviously a Carnet is the smarter route, but I never really pushed for it since it was their gear and they specifically didn't want to do it. Bring sun screen and hand santi. Im headed back down around March 10. maybe we will run into each other
  9. I also ran into the same problem yesterday, it was when I had to boom under some practical florescent lights in the ceiling, very high frequency hum. switched to my 416 and the problem was gone.
  10. Petrol PS601 or PS602, plenty of room for everything, the 602 is a bit bulky, but the extra space comes in handy for run and gun shows
  11. this is hilarious, me and my friends made this video back in school, before we knew anything about production audio, I am the black ninja!!!
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