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  1. I don't get it. What's so bad about Britain deciding to leave the EU? The EU appears to be disintegrating. The Euro is a mess. Why call the people who want to regain their sovereignty a bunch of old bigots? My gut feeling is this will be good for Britain once things settle down. I wouldn't want to be on the attached to the EU when all the PIGS countries start going bankrupt. I'm just asking questions. There just seems to be a lot of hate aimed towards "the Leave" side.
  2. Hi Dan, No, both 416 mics are 48V. I was hesitant to ask this question on the forum since it's a somewhat subtle problem. It could be simply my own ears... But maybe some other mixer out there has the same "feeling" about his or her 416 and 552 combo. Thanks again for everyone's civility and help. Adam
  3. Hi Vasileios and Paul, Thank you both for your responses. Phantom power is on and set to 48V. The channel is set to mic level as well. It's more of a background "hiss" issue... The mic works, and if the sound levels I'm recording are high enough, there is no issue. But if someone is talking quietly it sounds unusually "hissy". It's hard to explain... In comparison, the lavs sound fine (Sanken COS11/Lectro 211) and I can crank them up if need be with little to no "hiss" issue. I even tried running the 416 through a UH2000D end plug transmitter and the mic sounded great. And I co
  4. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem... I recently got a 552 and I'm finding my 416 shotgun mics sounds like crap with it. Both of my 416s sound really weak and need a ton of gain to sound ok. But with the extra gain I'm getting a lot of hiss. A bad signal to noise ratio I suppose... My 8050 mic sounds fine with the 552 and the 416s sounded fine with my old 442. I've tried different inputs, switched XLR cables etc... But both 416s sound bad. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Adam
  5. Hey Eric! Those are all excellent suggestions... thank you. I'm going to borrow a 442 (so I can feed it instead of my low quality camera) and do some more comprehensive tests. My gut feeling was that the AT 1800 series isn't quite good enough to send high quality audio to a camera. A good guide track, yes... Thank you for everyone's input... looks like I'll try to upgrade down the road or rent in the short term if needed. For what it's worth, when I'm done testing, I'll let people here know what I find out. Adam
  6. Hi there. Has anyone used the AT 1800 dual wireless system as a camera hop? In particular, an AT 1820 system (two end plugs). I am using a SD 302 for a mixer. I know it's not ideal, but it's the best I've got at the moment. I've done some basic tests with it and am not really overwhelmed by the sound quality. There seems to be a fair amount of "noise"... but I was feeding an older camera (GL2) using a beachtek. Is this system simply not good enough or am I not using it properly? Has anyone used this system much? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.
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