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  1. Hey Matt, Was up the walls and out in the elements so wasn't paying full attention to the blue light. Ill keep an eye on it. Ill check the power down when i'm home.
  2. Hi, Recently on a shoot the time code on my SD 633 kept resetting to 0.00 every time the machine was powered off. Even though i had entered the time of day and jammed the camera. Not sure why as usually it holds it for the day. Anybody know what might be causing this? Or rather how I guarantee it stays..
  3. Howdy Y'all. well arrived in GA and enjoying some wonderful weather, coming from Ireland it's absolute heaven. A lot of the travelers are back for the golf but are proving a very difficult community to crack, but that's for somebody else to worry about, I just put up with sound issues and helping out as much as I can. thankfully the radios are going grand and so far no trouble. sadly wont get to Atlanta but many thanks for the kind offers, I'd love to shoot the sh1t with some local soundies. maybe next time.. thanks to all for the tech info.
  4. Many thanks Whitney, great info, now i can relax a bit.. @ Sjons37.. we are shooting a doc on some forth generation Irish Travellers... so go all the way to America to film "Irish" folk but i dont think they have ever been to Ireland .. should be interesting but really just delighted to be back to the States, i love it there..
  5. Hey Guys. Just wanted to check what radio frequencies / blocks are safe to use in the state of Georgia and Tennessee? Im ( very luckily ) heading out that way for a 3 week shoot from Ireland and was wondering if i can still use my ch38 /Block23-ish (606 to 630 MHz) freq radios or do i have to rent something more suitable out there? Ill only really be using 2 or 3 max at any time.. Also do i need to acquire a license? Any help is appreciated, Gray
  6. Well the card worked out with out any issues. Firmware is up to date. So that's all I can do for now. And keep reformatting...Thanks for the help everybody..
  7. Many thanks for the help Jesse.. Ill reformat everyday and regularly check the cards for errors.. I received the Kingston in the post today.. Formatted in 552.. Put new Firmware on to card and put into 552 but Sven hasn't recognised the new file so maybe its already latest Frimware on 552. Mixer is less than a year old. Reset Factory settings also. Ill do some tests today and keep my fingers crossed for the gig tomo... Haven't had nerves like this in a while..going to be a mess tomo as im already in the cold sweats.. Also ran Disk Utility on my previous card and there see
  8. Still waiting to hear back from Sound Devices Tech Help. Bought the Kingston 32GB Card Derek is using for the time being..( thanks for that Derek and everyone else... good but sad to know i'm not the only one with the problem. ) Hope it arrives before the next big job....
  9. Hey Derek, Thanks for the feedback. Still aiting for a response form SD tech support. Can you recommend the SD card you are using now?
  10. Wow great stuff lads, thanks for the knowledge. I'll get on the SD asap as I think the mixer is less then a year old and still under warranty. I'll post a sound clip after work for any future reference, or anybody with a similar issue..
  11. Not every time, that's the weird thing. I'm in Ireland so sound devices is a last option..
  12. Yup it's all over the final Wav unfortunately.. Very unsettling as it seems happens randomly. Bad news really
  13. Hey Guys, I have been using my 552 on a few jobs recently and listening back to a few files a crazy loud noise, resembling radio interference cuts in for a few seconds and nearly deafens me. It's not there monitoring in real recording time but is there when I listen back. Which is terrible news as I can't rely on it for work now. It's nothing to do with radios and I'm only booming and it still happens.. Anybody had a similar experience? I don't think it's a corrupt SD Card as its happened with two cards now. Could it be A faulty mixer / Wav writer? I'll try and post an example late
  14. Hi Robert, Im operating in Ireland and i have never heard of anybody getting busted, but that's probably cause they are all using within the Ch69 but moving to Ch38 with the digital change over, so it was all "legal". Everything else is supposed to be swallowed up by the Digital TV Change Over / DCO. After that apparently there will be a low hum audible across CH69. I know a few using Lectros on block 23 as that is ch38 here, at 100mW and they are ok. I have been wondering about using the 216MHz Comteks in the UK/Ireland. I think its the freq that listening devices ( for the hard of hea
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