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  1. Can you use an ifb 100 as a stand alone recorder and if so how do start recording ?
  2. So it appears to have been a multi level issue. 1st. The a7sii that was feeding the flame only feeds 59.94 out of the hdmi output according to the DP. So he was telling me 23.98 and I was matching that with the erx. Because it was actually 59.94 into the flame it would not jam to 23.98. Once we figured that out I switched to 29.97 and it would jam temporarily and then lose code just as quickly. After turning off auto TC function on the Erx it held code, all though if the cable was bumped on the erx it will still lose code temporarily and the rejam almost as quick. Not sure if this is a bad cable, bad jack on my erx or just the limitations of a 1/8" mini connection. I have a new cable on the way and will check with a different erx as soon as I get a chance. Does anyone make a locking 1/8" to bnc and will it lock down on the ERXtc3 ? Thanks for the help ! The unrecognizable frame rate warning on the flame was when I was still feeding 23.98 but had turned off the auto TC feature. Thanks again. !
  3. It jams directly out of the 788 . I also tried turning off the auto tc function on the zaxcom and it did not help. I will try other options when I get time to trouble shoot more. The flame is new to the DP and he is not quite up to speed with it either. More to come....
  4. yes the atomos saw the code it just said it was unrecognizable frame rate and would not jam code
  5. I'm having an issue getting time code from my zaxcom ERX into an atomos Flame. The flame has the updated software to sync thru the BNC sync connector. When jamming the flame claims the time code is a different frame rate. Both are set at 23.98. The flame jams fine from an F55. Time code is fed from my 788t thru a trx900CL shows up fine at the display on the ERX. Any thoughts ?
  6. I own the 788t with a SSD and have noticed the RF issue. I have 2 blk 19 SRa's and when using them in the bag it will show RF when the 788t is on. It goes away when the the 788t is turned off. When I outboard my SRa's to pouches on my petrol bag it also goes away. My question is to anyone who has a Quadpack from lectro. Will the quadpack help reduce that RF and improve the SRa's performance? Thanks for the info
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