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  1. Thanks John; that´s a better idea I would tell I need to place a 10kOhm on each positive and negative poles, and after then, just a 100Ohm across both.... but this set will change my phase... Is this correct?
  2. You are right fellows; I´m trying to plug a line into a mic input. You know Red cams only accept mic... So definitely I´m needing attenuators
  3. Thanks John seems that´s exactly what I´m trying to do. Just plugging a mic into the red cams line jack input i.e., or into any other line input. Sorry Peter I tried to explain myself easily but I don´t get it right often. I need to build the barrels on my own, no chance on using mixers or boxes 40dB would be the proper attenuation then?? Thx in advance
  4. Looking for some advice so I can plug a mic to any line level only input; there are different settings out there.... Using 10kOhm & 100Ohm resistors seems to be one of the most common but I am not shure if it is the right choice for me Any help? Cheers!
  5. Thx guys; now I know a 761k should work I´ll try I little harder. I did exactly the same as Boomboom with another BDS output, and I just didn´t wanted that to happen again
  6. I would´t ask If I hadn´t found any issues concerning these connectors. Qrx100 is supposed to use Switchcraft 761K, but for the Qrx 235 I just found S761, and there are several different models. The same happens with the IFS: the 100 series use a little different model than the 200, I know it cause I tried to use the same and does not fit. Or maybe these little changes only take effect on different SNs or countries... This kind of things I´m thinking about and I just wanted to share
  7. Just wondering which are the right references for this conectors. I need to build some spares cables. Thx in advance!
  8. Thx Jack & Justin. Everything is working fine
  9. That´s all I wanna do Justin; sorry for my mistake; I was wiring all the tla´s set ant just thought that BNC was an audio TC IO, so I started looking for a diagram to atenuatte the signal. Too many things on my head at the same time...
  10. Now that you ask I see I was obviously thinking like using an audio input for TC but for sure the BNC IO is TC only IO so.... just pin 1: shielded, pin 2: hot???
  11. Hi everybody; guess I´ve missed something ´cause I just can´t find the diagram for Ifb 200 BNC TC I/O; guess I´ll use some pads??? thx guys
  12. That´s exaclty what we need Thx guys we´ll check it out this very morning
  13. Hi there! I just found that the only way I have to sync sound and video it´s a recorded audio tc on a camera audio channel. The camera is a Sony FS 700. It generates and record TC but does not have any TC I/O. I have to meet postproduction crew tomorrow and I wonder what they can do if I record an Audio TC signal on a camera channel. They are editing with Final Cut Thx in advance!
  14. After some days recording with the LAs surrounded by flames during long periods I have to tell you that they are doing really great. Everyone in the crew is really excited about what why can get thanks to the Zaxcom gear. The shooting is going really fine and I would like to thank you all for your friendly advice. I´ll let you know more details as soon as we face more situations. Just to tell you one the coolest things that I didn´t expect; once I got rid of wind and clothes scratching on the lavs, the capture of sound is so clear that I am even editing ambient sounds and other effects directly from the lavs, f. e. chainsaws, sirens, and radio transmisions. BTW; on the LAs I´m using Countryman B6s. Cheers
  15. Great Justin: you where right; pressing 6x down arrow in the lock screen took me to the factory menu, then I jumped to the extended menu thx!
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