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  1. I have always found Sennies to be a lot more sibilant to the point where I can't use them now without being totally distracted by it
  2. Thanks Richard, yes the puppet was on green screen. Definitely catch up then Mark
  3. Just completed a new one in fact! http://soundo.com.au/showreel
  4. I shot with the F65 and had no audio issues at all Impressive looking camera
  5. Ian Grant's contact details for custom cables audiocablesqld@bigpond.com
  6. I am hoping it is long enough! Haven't tested it yet. Cost around $130 in Australia custom cabled
  7. Ian Grant made it up for me Justin, he makes a lovely cable
  8. A novel approach to documentary filming that I recorded interviews for last year. To maintain the annonymity of the participants, all interviews were recorded as audio only and the story cut together, then re-enacted with Muppets! http://www.abc.net.au/iview/?series=3410451#/view/28077
  9. I was a Sennheiser user all my career until I bought a pair of 7506's last year. Now I have 3 sets of Sennies on standby in case of a failure but think I will never go back. I find the Sony's gentler on the ear and certainly less fatiguing.
  10. 2 words "wow" and "flutter"
  11. I think this is telling of the level of skill he is after... "For the sound, we will use a boom mike, with a special connection directly into the camera (so we do not have to edit the sound seperately)." A special connection? I usually call it an XLR mic cable!
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