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  1. I have always found Sennies to be a lot more sibilant to the point where I can't use them now without being totally distracted by it
  2. Thanks Richard, yes the puppet was on green screen. Definitely catch up then Mark
  3. Just completed a new one in fact! http://soundo.com.au/showreel
  4. I shot with the F65 and had no audio issues at all Impressive looking camera
  5. Ian Grant's contact details for custom cables audiocablesqld@bigpond.com
  6. I am hoping it is long enough! Haven't tested it yet. Cost around $130 in Australia custom cabled
  7. Ian Grant made it up for me Justin, he makes a lovely cable
  8. A novel approach to documentary filming that I recorded interviews for last year. To maintain the annonymity of the participants, all interviews were recorded as audio only and the story cut together, then re-enacted with Muppets! http://www.abc.net.au/iview/?series=3410451#/view/28077
  9. I was a Sennheiser user all my career until I bought a pair of 7506's last year. Now I have 3 sets of Sennies on standby in case of a failure but think I will never go back. I find the Sony's gentler on the ear and certainly less fatiguing.
  10. 2 words "wow" and "flutter"
  11. I think this is telling of the level of skill he is after... "For the sound, we will use a boom mike, with a special connection directly into the camera (so we do not have to edit the sound seperately)." A special connection? I usually call it an XLR mic cable!
  12. Did a shoot last week with a Scarlett that sensibly had a PIX 240 attached which gave me the chance to provide "Proper" audio as well as jam the PIX with code which in turn jammed the Scarlett. Long way round but seemed to overcome some of the issues
  13. I discovered the same with a lav mic I was rigging close to the Nomad. I think Zaxnet is the culprit but obviously once it is removed from the vacinity it is no longer a problem
  14. I just read another of Hockwork's threads and was not entirely convinced I understood a word of it!
  15. I think we should be thankful for their lack of commitment to pro sound. It means more work and more gear rental for us
  16. It is the very familiar Sony audio bridge. XLR in and 5 pin or mini out. It only takes analogue - no AES and yes timecode in is BNC
  17. Did a shoot on the F65 this week. Recorded sound to the camera with double system backup which in the end wasn't requested. Post was happy with sound off the camera. I jammed at the beginning of the day but we only shot until lunch so I didn't get a chance to check drift but all in all it seems like a reasonable beast of a machine. We shot outdoors so noise wasn't an issue but I did notice considerable fan noise after it hears up
  18. Lemac Australia MELBOURNE 2 Griffiths Street, Richmond VIC, Australia 3121 T: +613 9429 8588 F: +613 9428 3336 E: lemac@lemac.com.au View Larger Map SYDNEY 14-16 Punch Street, Artarmon NSW, Australia 2064 T: +612 9438 4488 F: +612 9438 3399 E: sydney.reception@lemac.com.au View Larger Map BRISBANE Rentals: 5 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills QLD, Australia 4006 Sales: 37 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills QLD, Australia 4006 Same building, different addresses and entrances! T: +617 3252 9777 F: +617 3252 9877 E:brisbanesales@lemac.com.au View Larger Map
  19. And he is a lovely guy! I had him ride around in my car with me while we were shooting the One Night Stand in Dalby this year. The performance he gave on that night was awesome as well
  20. A nice little production that involved recording all stereo atmospheres for each location
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