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  1. jerryray

    Lectro repair

    Just a reminder we are open for repairs. Also if your spouse is a Nurse or first responder we offer discounts. Factory authorized www.lectrorepair.com
  2. jerryray

    Lectro SRb Issue

    John, take the top screws out remove the board from the housing, there are two connectors that connect the two boards together. Squeeze the boards and make sure that those connectors are seated firmly that's all you can do on your own.
  3. If any SRB or UCR 411 owners are in the New York area, we can do a one-day firmware update on your equipment. Authorized lectro service. please call for details. www.lectrorepair.com trying to help people, if the sysop has a problem you can delete this post. Oops, forgot to mention this will bring your firmware to a level where you can use an NU mode transmitter properly.
  4. Is this available after the webinar, missed it.?
  5. Are you running Line level out? Like 0 DBM?
  6. Wonder how they will behave once they are in a RF field, shutdown?
  7. Try Never dull And ALWAYS remove the batteries after use.
  8. Just a FYI So you lose 5.5 db for 50 feet, RG213 would be 3.3 db, 9913 would be 1.8 db
  9. Did you try a different 416?
  10. Was the mic on the transmitter? If so try a short jumper. Also check the ground screw on the 416 near the xlr.
  11. FYI, the NY Factory service can do SRB upgrades to.
  12. I did not see any booms, the set is closed in. Fishpoles could work, but I think it's all RF. At least the indise sets.
  13. Here at the lectro authorized shop in NY we are at 2 days. You cand find us from the Lectro web site
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