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  1. Jose Luis Diaz

    Delivering files from multiple recorders

    I worked this week end with BWFmerge v1.0.8 and everything was OK. Original Poly files were recorded by a SD788 and a SD744 connected via C-Link (RJ12 cable) Merged poly files were accepted by the editorial team without any problem or comment.
  2. Jose Luis Diaz

    Neumann KMR 81i and Humidity

    Ok, I got it. Thanks so much for your comments.
  3. Jose Luis Diaz

    Neumann KMR 81i and Humidity

    Hi, I'm a post production sound person. A friend of me is wanting to buy a general purpose mike but mainly for production sound (Dialogue). She is thinking in a Newmann KMR 81i. Somebody told me that this mike is not good for locations with lot of humidity. She has a documentary work in a few weeks a head that will take place in a hot rain forest. Any of you have experience in such conditions with this mike. Thanks in advance. Jose Luis Diaz
  4. Hi, I've done all my last feature films with RED cameras running in real 24fps and TC was 24fps in both camera and sound recorder. No problem at all. All those movies were edited in FCP with a real 24fps Time Line. Sound post was done at the very same 24fps. Both FCPs and ProTools had 2 computer displays, no NTSC/PAL TV sets, so they could play perfectly well QTs @24fps. Once image was locked a transfer at 25fps (yes, PAL) were asked. Then digitized. That QuickTime was conformed to 24 fps (speed change) with Cinema Tools. So a one to one relationship between negative frames and QuickTime frames was obtained. The very same amount of frames in the neg were found in the QuickTime movie. No problem at all.
  5. Jose Luis Diaz

    CF cards as deliverables

    We do post at real 24 frames.
  6. Jose Luis Diaz

    CF cards as deliverables

    In my country, Argentina, sync is done into Avid or FCP. CF is the normal way to deliver production sound from the set. Normally we have at least 3 CFs of 4 GB. The most popular recorder here is 744. José Luis PS: Forgot to add that normally we work at true 24fps, not 23.976fps. Our country is PAL. 50 Hz main.