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    Theatre sound designer and sound effects recordist. Old now, but still working! based in London, UK, but peripatetic, so could be anywhere. Surround sound recording a speciality.

    SD788T, 744T, 702, MixPre-6
    Soundfield ST450
    Assorted Schoeps, Sennhesier, Neumann & DPA microphones and Rycote windshields.

    Member of the AES, The Institute of Professional Sound, the Association of Sound Designers (UK) and The Theatrical Sound Designers & Composers Association (USA). Occasional writer of columns for Live Design on-line magazine, author of a couple of books on theatre sound design. Married to a wonderful 'cellist.

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  1. soundmanjohn

    Vintage airplane recording experts?

    I probably have something or can find something: depends on what exactly you need and when you need it. John
  2. soundmanjohn

    R.I.P Frank Serafine

    That's very sad; he was helpful and constructive when I started producing effects libraries and I use his material all the time. A great loss.
  3. soundmanjohn

    The enduring magic of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop

    And now the BBC is selling off Maida Vale studios, so that's another piece of history down the drain, probably to be replace by an apartment block with apartments at prices only affordable by the very rich. In another odd twist, the BBC also sold off the old Television Centre, but three of the studios that the building contained have now been reclaimed and re-fitted as - yes, T.V. studios. It's an odd world. John
  4. soundmanjohn

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    My lectures are very odd indeed! Actually, Niles put his Companion hat on top of the hat he was already wearing and still managed to look cool: an extremely nice chap, I thought. (We did have to give the gowns and hats back after the ceremony, though, so they can use them again next time,) Thanks for the congrats, folks. John
  5. soundmanjohn

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    Receiving a Companionship at the Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts last month. Sir Paul turns up every year and greets every graduate personally: 250+ this year. I got this honorary thing for still being alive, still working and giving the odd lecture to the students. A fun couple of days, although being platform-bound for nearly three hours whilst 250 graduates filed past was a tad taxing, but at least I didn't have to kiss/shake hands with them all, like he did. Oh, and the psychedelic sneakers bottom left belong to Nile Rodgers, who got his award at the same ceremony. John
  6. soundmanjohn

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    James Corden isn't the only one who gets to muck about with Paul McCartney in Liverpool. And I got to wear a silly hat.
  7. soundmanjohn

    Abisonic Microphones

    I'm not a huge fan of the Ambeo, for various reasons, but there's no doubt that the combination of ease of use, price and hyperbole has made it the go-to mic of choice for a lot of VR work. A Rycote BBG works well with it and for more severe weather, there's a Rycote Cyclone with a mount to fit. The SPS200 also fits the bill, but is pricier, although once the Rode version appears, I suspect that the SPS may quietly disappear. However, you should note that both these microphones use a generic A-B conversion program and the Ambeo version is not that accurate, in my view. Len Moskowitz's TetraMic comes with individual calibration files for each microphone and is, to my ears, more accurate in terms of imaging and much better in terms of frequency response, although this can cause problems with location work as the mic is sensitive to cable and handling noise. This has been addressed with the new OctoMic, which uses a much more robust connector for the microphone. Both mics use an Ethernet Balun (like the InstaSnake stuff) for providing power and signal over long distances. The OctoMic produces pesudo second-order Ambisonic signals post processing (2nd Order horizontal, 1st Order vertical) and requires eight channels of matched, low-noise preamps: the Zoom F8n and the Sound Devices MixPre 10T are perfect matches. I can fit all the bits and pieces that I need into a small Sachtler bag, with an AudioRoot BDS and two Remote Audio MEON 98Wh batteries and work all day.
  8. soundmanjohn

    Abisonic Microphones

    I had an ST250 that Soundfield modded for me with a polycarbonate array holder as an experiment to see if the effects of extreme temperatures on the different metals of the capsule and the clamps could be negated. (Mine used to go out of alignment from time to time and this was an effort to stop that happening.) It seemed to work quite well and all was good until an officious security chap at an airport refused to let me take it on board as hand luggage with the rationale that it could be used as an offensive weapon. Despite very careful packing in my checked baggage, it arrived in New Orleans in a tangled masss of broken polycarb and capsule cables. As it was a one-off, it had to revert back to the usual holder, but with a modified cable that could provide a 12v supply to the heaters whenI wasn’t running on mains power. My SPS200SB got some reasonably heavy-handed treatment, but the built-in Cinela Zephyx coped well with that. So far, my ST450 has behaved well under duress and both my TetraMic and OctoMic from Core Sound have been pretty much bomb-proof. For long-haul, mics travel in protective cases; easier with the Core Sound mics, because they’re tiny. While I had the Ambeo on loan from Senneheiser, it didn’t strike me as being particularly fragile and was being passed around to various testers in a simple plastic case with a bit of foam for shock protection. Anything else I can help with? John
  9. soundmanjohn

    Hello… again!

    Hello Allen, long time no see! Exciting times in the Metric Halo world at the moment; just waiting for the software to emerge from B.J.'s brain. Also a MixPre-6 user, so looking forward to hearing your ideas. All the best, John
  10. soundmanjohn

    Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    And, joy of joys, Len Moskowitz has announced the OctoMic - a second order Ambisonic mic with eight capsules (the ninth channel is derived in software) which will make life even more complicated, but the audio will be better with a larger sweet-spot and better localisation. I'll be getting mine in the spring of next year, along with an SD MixPre-10.
  11. soundmanjohn

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Latest firmware (1.2) allows four channel linking for the MixPre-6, so FOA people (like me) are happy! Thanks for listening SD. John
  12. soundmanjohn

    Trade Shows and Expos

    SoundPro is a very small show in London, but aimed pretty squarely at sound recordists. Lots of nice people to chat to, gear for sale and on demo, the odd lecture or two. On October 7th, free to get in, just register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/soundpro-2017-tickets-36857450627 John
  13. soundmanjohn

    Making Waves - KickStarter documentary on cinematic sound

    Backed it, thanks. John
  14. soundmanjohn

    Field Recording Equipment Case

    Case Design will also do custom inserts for Peli cases, I believe. Also Maplin do a Peli knock-off for about £50: not sure if it'll be large enough for the windshield, though. https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/large-high-impact-case-with-pre-cut-foam-interior-n14gr
  15. soundmanjohn

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Got my Stuart Torrance low-profile loom for my MixPre-6. A thing of beauty as always from Stuart.