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  1. I was on holiday: doesn't everyone take their kit with them on their holidays? Also that was iteration number 3 of the ST250. The first was 007 which was a bit unstable, the last was 047, which went on forever. There was another one in between, but it was basically a noise generator. Early days, early days... Nice catch, thanks. John
  2. "I remember a seminar with Bruce Swedien twenty years ago, where he called M/S - "Maybe Stereo". " Ah yes, this is the chap who likes to use Blumlein pairs, but doesn't use figure of eight microphones for them. Regards, John
  3. Perhaps I also need to be clear about what mics I use to record sound effects: I have a Soundfield (ST450) and a Core Sound Tetramic, as well as a DPA 5100, pairs of 4061s and 4060s, various Sennheisers, including a pair of MKH30s, assorted Schoeps, including MK8 and MK6 capsules, four Neumann KM184Ds and a Sony ECM-MS5, so I have a wide choice in how I record effects. However, what I mostly don't do is state how I've recorded the material that I release as commercial effects recordings. I know that my work is used in radio, TV, film and theatre productions all over the world and so far nobody has complained about phase issues on anything that I've produced. What I don't do, is provide un-decoded raw M/S tracks or B-Format tracks (although that's about to change, thanks to a resurgence in interest in Ambisonics.) So I think my question is how do you tell the difference in stereo sound effects recordings between the various methods used to record them? Regards, John
  4. You're welcome, but if you don't get that MKH40 quickly, I might just pick it up myself. That's an insanely good price. Cheers, John
  5. And these: http://www.quoka.de/hifi-audio-tv-video-foto/boxen-lautsprecher-kopfhoerer/c7265a144020172/sennheiser-mkh-40-p48-sehr.html http://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/892012676.htm?ca=12_s There you go: I've found your set-up for you within your budget. In fact, if these prices are genuine, you could buy the MKH30 and Rycote, and the MKH50 and the MKH40 for just under €2,500. Happy recording. John
  6. You could be part way there by buying this second-hand set-up: MKH30, plus Rycote, plus cables: https://www.bblist.co.uk/item.php?item=53547 Then all you need is the Mid mic and these can sometimes be found used on various sites. And it's probable that Rycote will sell you the bits to convert the old elastic suspension to a Lyre set-up for very little money. It's difficult to see the exact mount, because of the BBList overlay, but I upgraded my similar stereo Rycote for about €30. Regards, John P.S. For reasons that no-one has ever satisfactorily explained to me, some Sennheiser mics are quite a bit cheaper in the USA than they are in Europe. The MKH50 retails for just under £1,000 before tax in the UK and about £750 in the USA. Oh, just noticed there's a Sennheiser MKH8090 wide cardioid on ebay uk as a buy-it-now for £595, which might make a nice mid-mic for that set-up. Ebay Item no. 281874786890
  7. For a lighter and weirder look at the history of cinema in a parallel universe (Terry Pratchett's Discworld), I can highly recommend his book Moving Pictures. Featuring Vincent Tugelbend (can't sing, can't dance, can handle a sword a little), Theda (Ginger) Withel (stage name Delores De Syn), Gaspode the sentient dog and CMOT Dibbler, hot-dog entrepreneur and aspiring producer. Here's an extract on the approach to sound: "Sound! That was the problem. Alchemists toiled in sheds all over Holy Wood, screaming at parrots, pleading with mynah birds, constructing intricate bottles to trap sound and bounce it around harmlessly until it was time for it to be let out. To the sporadic boom of octo-cellulose exploding was added the occasional sob of exhaustion or scream of agony as an enraged parrot mistook a careless thumb for a nut. The parrots weren't the success they'd hoped for. It was true that they could remember what they heard and repeat it after a fashion, but there was no way to turn them off and they were in the habit of ad-libbing other sounds they'd heard or, Dibbler suspected, had been taught by mischievous handlemen. Thus, brief snatches of romantic dialogue would be punctuated with cries of 'Waaaarrrk! Showusyerknickers!' and Dibbler said he had no intention of making that kind of picture, at least at the moment." All the best, John
  8. I use an MKH40/30 setup in a Rycote stereo windshield for some of my effects recordings and get consistently good results, even in very wet conditions. Mono compatibility is the obvious plus (it's just the M mic) but it seems a pretty robust and fairly compact set-up. As far as the Schoeps MK8 is concerned, I'm reliably informed that the capsule is slightly asymmetric at some frequencies, although it's never bothered me on indoor M/S set ups. I don't have the necessary mounts to try ORTF in a Rycote, but might give it a go next year when I have some more time. Regards, John
  9. Odd, I posted a reply yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared. (Ah, I see - two original messages.) I've heard good reports about this company: http://www.sound.co.uk/ especially regarding facilities and anonymity for celebs. Regards, John
  10. This one has a good rep: http://www.sound.co.uk/
  11. Sound effects sale going on here: including my stuff. http://www.asoundeffect.com/huge-sound-effects-sale Thanks, John
  12. If anyone in the UK is interested, there's a fairly clean Nagra 4.2 on ebay with a BIN of £499. (It's not mine and I have no knowledge of the seller.) Ebay No. 321923287522 There's also a Nagra IV-D with a starting price of £150 and a BIN of £450 with no bids so far. Ebay No. 191740541237 Just FYI. John
  13. But this clip features Sam Kelly, also sadly deceased, but a really lovely man. Regards, John
  14. The DPA info page is here: http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/Mic-University/FAQ.aspx John
  15. Surround very much depends on the end-user experience required. If the end result is an immersive visitor experience, then surround from a rider's perspective can be effective, with sweetening added from other sources. I'm considering having a 'torso-rig' made for exactly this kind of thing, so that I can strap the rig into planes, cars and roller-coasters, etc. The 'neck' will consist of a standard mic mount, onto which I can put a Soundfield or a DPA 5100, a Neuman KU-100 or a Sennheiser Esfera System, all of which I have access to. The torso will have a cavity into which my SD788 can be strapped securely and monitoring will be via Wi-Fi. I know it sounds nuts, but it's something that's been at the back of my mind for a long time: if I do manage to get it done, I'll post pictures. Regards, John
  16. Told by security at LHR some years ago that I couldn't take my Soundfield ST250 as carry-on "because it looks like a grenade and you could use it as a weapon." Fruitless argument ensues, security is adamant. Soundfield goes in checked luggage, arrives in New Orleans with the capsules detached banging around inside the mic body. John
  17. Warning to vegetarians: meat-related content. Yes, that's exactly what they were doing. They belong to a farmer friend of ours who supplies the local farmer's market and I can assure you that they're very happy and well looked-after. The boars and sows provided a better selection of grunts and squeaks, but were also much more interested in the Rycote, which needed to be kept well away from the senior boar. I should add that he had a lot (and I mean a LOT) of balls... John
  18. True, but they were remarkably quiet, curse their little curly tails. Mostly they just stood and stared at me. My wife says they recognised one of their own. I'm not sure how to take that...
  19. Do you know, in over thirty years of using wireless microphones in many different situations, I've never had it happen to me. Just lucky, I guess. Regards, John
  20. Whilst attending a production of Macbeth for a youth theatre company in a multi-space venue, with the three witches kitted out in low-end wireless mics, I was witness to the following: 1st Witch: When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? 2nd Witch: When the hurlyburly's done, When the battle's lost and won. 3rd Witch: (futz, fizz, crackle) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wedding breakfast of Paula and Frank. Let's have a great round of applause for the bride and groom... Maybe not a problem for Karaoke, but it got the biggest laugh in a production of Macbeth that I've heard since a blood-drenched Peter O'Toole wandered on stage at the Old Vic to utter the line: "I have done the deed." Regards, John
  21. In the UK, under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979, the onus is always on the retailer, not the manufacturer, to replace or effect a repair to, an item that was faulty on delivery. The retailer then deals with the manufacturer: it's his problem, not yours. However, it appears that consumer protection law isn't quite as simple in your country: see here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/2/ That said, in my opinion, if the unit was faulty on delivery and you can prove it, the retailer should replace it and take the matter up with the manufacturer, no questions asked. John
  22. Simon, If it's running, Audium is an interesting hour or so on a Friday night: http://www.audium.org/ P.S., I scored a used (although you wouldn't know it) Neumann DMI-2 portable from, of all places a Guitar Center store in Colorado. A friend brought it back to the UK for me. I paid £410 including tax and shipping. Very versatile little unit.
  23. Hugh, A UK field recordist called Jez Riley French modifies standard telephone pick-up coils which work pretty well, by all accounts. Recently, he's been in a fairly bad car accident and is scaling back his operations, but he may still have some in stock that he can send out. His web-page with examples is here: http://hydrophones.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/induction-coil-pick-up-now-available.html
  24. Yes, understood, but what I still don't get is the reference to a Blumlein pair that doesn't use figure-of-eight mics. Is it just a 90 degree crossed pair of anything? I'm not taking a poke at his skills, just at the terminology. Confused of London.
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